100+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes & Status for Whatsapp

When you complete a year with someone or something, the moment to be celebrated is regarded as an anniversary. The day is special, and hence we have created a list of the best WhatsApp statuses that you can use on the day; here they are

Love Anniversary WhatsApp status

  • A sudden rush of excitement runs through my spine whenever I think of our Anniversary. 

  • I want to live a long life, so dance with you on every Anniversary. 

  • I choose roses over diamonds for our Anniversary. 

  • My anniversary favorites are a bouquet of pink roses and a box of heart-shaped chocolates.

  • Loving the magic of our anniversary night with music and fairy lights. Happy Anniversary!

  • Planning a garden party with candles and fairy lights for our Anniversary. 

  • The memories of our Anniversary inspire me for the rest of the year. 

  • Our Anniversary has proven how beautiful it is to hold onto things. 

  • Buying high heels for our splendid anniversary night. 

  • I write plans for our Anniversary the whole year in my journal. 

  • Purple is the color of royalty, magic, dedication, and our Anniversary.

  • Our Anniversary seems like a tryst with love and romance.

  • Waiting is an art; I wait with peace and love for our Anniversary. 

  • I need a magic carpet that can take us on a world tour on our Anniversary. 

  • Things that survive through the vicissitudes of time are worth celebrating, like our Anniversary.

  • He never fails to bedazzle me on our Anniversary.

  • Our Anniversary is our moment of love merging in a single sensation. 

  • Desiring a fresh start on the eve of our Anniversary. 

  • Daydreaming about the surprise gifts, I will be receiving on our anniversary night! 

  • I wish I could arrange stars and write “I love you” in the sky on our Anniversary.

Cute and witty Anniversary WhatsApp status

  • I hardly cry anymore, and because of you, I laugh a little more. Happy Anniversary!

  • For me, our Anniversary is all about staying at home.

  • Kudos to us for being married and celebrating our Anniversary

  • Please help me. I am really bad at counting our marriage anniversaries.

  • On this Anniversary, my heart wants you and, of course, some cheesecakes.

  • Happy Anniversary to the cute little panda I am married to.

  • I love bears, so that’s why I share a marriage anniversary with a hungry bear.

  • It is not ironic that our Anniversary coincides with Halloween.

  • Anniversary101. Don’t try to surprise your partner when he/she is sleeping.

  • From a boy to a man and from 1st Anniversary to last, I’ll always love you.

  • On our Anniversary, I promise to annoy you for the rest of your life.

  • Can we celebrate our dating days on the eve of our Anniversary?

  • I know society won’t accept me if I don’t surprise her on the Anniversary.

  • Anniversaries honor togetherness, but it also celebrates tolerance and tenacity.

  • I forgot that I had married my girlfriend. Is it really my first Anniversary with my wife?

  • Work anniversaries are real when it concerns important people.

  • My parents are a living example of eternal love. Happy Anniversary, my creator.

  • I’ll always love you for having our separate bathrooms. Also, Happy 3rd Anniversary.

  • This Anniversary is all about congratulating you guys for defying marriage statistics.

  • I promise to surprise you with anniversary gifts when we’re old and wrinkly.

  • The only problem on our anniversary day is deciding where to eat.

  • I’ll always celebrate our Anniversary together because the police investigate the spouse first.

  • Is it okay to find anniversary gifts in a grocery store? Just asking for a friend.

  • Today marks one year of a disastrous experiment I did on our Anniversary.

  • Even though the marriage was a real eye-opener, Happy Anniversary to you, love!

  • On our Anniversary, promise me not to snore again at night.

  • All I want as our anniversary gift is you. Just kidding, give me gold.

  • For me, Anniversary is all about going on a candlelight dinner with you.

  • Happy Anniversary baby. Now please do the dishes!

  • You will always be in my belly because that is more spacious than my heart.

  • Happy Anniversary to my boss in my house, my wife!

  • Finally, we made it to another year of tolerating each other. 

  • It is difficult to understand women, yet we made it to 3 anniversaries.

  • Happy Anniversary to my Hubby. Where is my treat?

  • Marrying your best friend is the best thing ever. Happy 1st Anniversary.

  • On our Anniversary, I promise to annoy you for the rest of our life.

  • Congratulations on your Anniversary; keep fighting like Tom and Jerry.

  • A successful marriage is between a blind husband and a deaf wife.

  • Are we still married? I can’t believe it. Thank you for tolerating me.

  • Happy 50th Anniversary to my baby with grey hair. You are beautiful.

  • Happy Anniversary! Keep sharing your last slice of pizza with me.

  • Happy 25th Anniversary to the old love birds.

  • My parents are the perfect pair. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  • Happy Anniversary to the funniest guy I have ever seen.

  • As every Anniversary goes by, you win my heart in thousand different ways.

  • Getting married to you was the cutest thing I ever did. Happy Anniversary!

  • Celebrating our Anniversary together reminds me that you kept the promise.

  • Sending love and best wishes to the naughtiest couple on their Anniversary.

  • A long-lasting love results in so many anniversaries. Happy 40th Anniversary.

  • For better and for worse, congrats on your Anniversary.

  • Thanks for being patient with me for so many anniversaries.

  • We both are crazy about marrying each other and celebrating our 1st Anniversary!

  • Dear husband, you married the most beautiful woman. Happy Anniversary!

  • You are better every halfway. Happy anniversary love!

  • I feel blessed to celebrate every Anniversary with you.

  • You have loved me as nobody did. Happy Anniversary to us!

  • We started dreaming together, and here we are now celebrating our Anniversary.

  • Even after 20 years of marriage, you look beautiful. Happy Anniversary.

  • Happy 2nd Anniversary to my partner in crime. Love you!

Happy Anniversary Whatsapp Status in English

Want some amazing wedding anniversary wishes to wish your husband/wife on Whatsapp? It would surprise your life partner and would fill them with a lot of happiness. So here are a few wedding anniversary wishes for your husband/wife.

  • I always get those butterflies whenever you look at me, even after years of marriage! Remember, I promised you to love you till my death, and I always keep up my word! I wish you an amazing wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife!

  • I am so glad you are my husband/wife! I am more than glad and feel so blessed every time I wake up to you. Your love always provides me with the warmth that I always need. I wish you a very happy and amazing wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife!

  • I can never be enough thankful and grateful for being married to someone like you, baby! You make my life easier by just being in it! I wish you a very happy and amazing wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife!

  • It’s been so long since we got married, but it feels like yesterday! Love you so much that I could travel to hell with you! Wish you a lovely wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife!

  • I loved you the moment I ever laid my eyes on you. Now we are married, and I can’t believe you are my husband! I wish you a wonderful anniversary, my dear husband/wife!!!

Happy Marriage Status for Whatsapp in English?

Looking for some amazing happy marriage status for your life partner to put on your status on WhatsApp? Well, don’t you worry! We have got a few of the best wedding anniversary wishes you could use! So here are a few wedding anniversary wishes for your person.

  • I could spend my entire life with you and also my next life with you. I love you till death! Wish you the happiest wedding anniversary, my dear lovely husband/wife!

  • So excited to create a beautiful life with you, my darling! Your love is for me, and I’m so grateful for it! Wish you a wonderful wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife!

  • Never did I imagine I would find someone so perfect for spending my life with. You have changed me for the better and always loved me at my worst; I can’t ask for anything more! I wish you a wonderful and very happy wedding anniversary, my amazing husband/wife!

  • Wish you a wonderful wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife! Let’s celebrate our special day with some nice wine and dining!!

  • Wish you an amazing wedding anniversary, my perfect husband/wife! Spending time with you has been my favorite part of the day! Doing simple things like running errands is so fun for you. You make my life so beautiful with just your presence. Know I would love you till my last breath!

Anniversary Quotes

Want to make your husband/wife feel special on your wedding day? That is so amazing and so thoughtful of you to think that way! These wedding anniversary wishes could maybe come close to what you feel towards your partner. So here are a few wedding anniversary quotes you could use.

  • Not everyone would have been so blessed as me to get someone like you to spend my life with. Wish you a very happy and amazing wedding anniversary, my love!

  • I absolutely cannot imagine living my life without you! I’m really glad to be spending my entire life with you. Wish you a very happy and wonderful wedding anniversary, my love!!

  • Today is the day my life changed for something even more beautiful! I wish you a very happy and wonderful wedding anniversary, my love!

  • Not every day is so beautiful but also amazing with you, darling! I wish you a very happy and amazing wedding anniversary, baby!

  • I can’t even dream about spending a day away from you. I wish you a very happy and amazing wedding anniversary, my love!

Happy Anniversary Status for Whatsapp

Your anniversary is a very special day for both of you to celebrate the day you tied the knot that would never untie until your last breath or even after death. You could wish your partner a very happy wedding anniversary to make their day! Here are a few wedding anniversary wishes you could use.

  • I can’t articulate how much you mean to me, my darling!!! I wish us a very happy anniversary, my love!

  • Wish you would know today, the day we got married, is the happiest day of my life! I wish you a very happy and amazing anniversary, my love!

  • I wish you a very happy anniversary day, my darling!! Not a day goes without spending my time with you at that moment, and I look forward to spending it with you.

  • I wish you a very happy anniversary, baby! Today is the most special day as today we vowed to each other to love no matter any circumstances.

  • We might not be so far if we didn’t fight for ourselves! Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary, baby!!!!

Wedding Anniversary Status

Your wedding anniversary has to be celebrated as today you have both tied the knot forever!! So make your partner feel special on your special day! Here are a few wedding anniversary wishes that you could use. Also, if you are looking for wedding anniversary wishes to put on status.

  • Having you as my life partner is one of my biggest blessings! I love you so much, darling! Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary, baby!!!

  • I am so glad that you are my person to call! I love you so much! Wish you a very happy and amazing second wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife!  

  • Wish you a delightful wedding anniversary, my love! I thank god every day for you! I love you so much, my dear husband/wife!

  • Even Romeo and Juliet would be jealous to see the love we share! Wish you a very happy and wonderful wedding anniversary, my dear husband/wife!

  •  The day that I didn’t know so much happiness and love would enter my life! Wish you a very happy and amazing wedding anniversary, my love!!


What is the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary?

You could gift your partner a photo frame of your both’s favorite picture. You could gift her a beautiful painting if she’s someone who appreciates art. You could also give her jewelry.

What anniversary do you upgrade your wedding ring?

There is actually no special anniversary that you should get your ring upgraded. However, you could upgrade when you feel like it or when you achieve something great in your life.

What to do for your first wedding anniversary?

You could take your partner on a nice date or maybe gift them something that they would be really excited about. You could go on a vacation and have fun, and there’s no way a vacation could go wrong!

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