A Speech on “Should Assist Suicide Be Legal?

Death is part of life, it arrives in everyone in mysterious ways. For some, it might be a surprise, shock, and unexpected, whereas for a few people it might be a decision taken with the closest family or physician.

These kinds of death assisted at the presence of a physician or researcher with the complete decision of the whale family due to certain medically non-fixable disease or conditions occur are called Euthanasia. This practice of ending one’s life intentionally just to relieve them from the endless pain and suffering all over the world has different laws and procedures. 

Euthanasia is of mainly four different ways, of which physician-assisted suicided are carried out only as one of the last option if it is required. Here the patient would not be in a stage to reply or explain the pain he is undergoing and might have higher chances that they could continue to be in bed, motionless for the rest of their life.

This form of assisted suicides, known as mercy killing in many countries, is a form of letting them be free from their miseries. Assisted suicide should be made legal for those who are terminally ill, and the right should be granted to them and their family to let them leave this world much more peacefully and with dignity. It allows them to skip from the insufferable pain, high financial expenses for their family, and helps them to close their book of life with a happy ending chapter. 

Today the world has improved in various ways, which includes many inventions and techniques in medical fields also to continue to support the life of a human to a maximum extent. There have been very rare occasions where miracles have also taken place. Doctors come across terminally ill patients who ask for drugs that could end their suffering and pain, those are known as lethal drugs which is also a form of assisted suicide.

In my opinion, the laws should legally grant such terminally ill patients the right to get these drugs to die peacefully without much struggle and pain. 

A patient who was struck out the chances of coming back to normal life has surprisingly come back to alive stages. So, that is a slight chance for terminally ill patients also, but keeping them in life support for years could be harsh over the patients and their families’ psychological, physical, and financial state.

The life of a human being is very expensive, only one of ten people in a hospital could afford the price to prolong the leftover life. Whereas the others struggle hard but never worry about it until their loved one is alive. After their death, the hospital bill would be cruel to the family members.  

Assisted suicide will be a blessing showered upon the highly terminally ill patients because that is in their best interest, they lived a happy life and will be sent off happily with all the good memories they once lived.

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