92+ Audi Status for WhatsApp That You Love

Audi is a dream car model for many people in this world. The models like RS8, A6, A4, R8 V10+ are something car lovers die for. To showcase your love for an Audi model, you can share the following words dedicated to the strength of an Audi in WhatsApp status. 

Audi Status for WhatsApp

-You prefer rings on your finger. I prefer four rings in my car. 

-Audi is what I desire. 

-Did you say you don’t like my Audi, Bae? Well, then, we cannot be together. 

-Without my permission, you better not touch my Audi. I can even shoot you!

-A neon-colored Audi is a good distraction for me. 

-The tint of an Audi means a lot to me. 

-Million-dollar advice: Work hard and get an Audi. 

-Your hobby is buying a lot of cars. My passion is to get an Audi. 

-If you ever crave to know what thrill means, go, get & drive an Audi.

-Four rings on my red Audi represent my pride!

-My ultimate goal is to obtain an Audi R8 V10+. 

-It is not an ordinary car. It is my Audi, my pride.

-An Audi can easily beat other supercars on track!

-Life is way shorter for driving any ordinary car. Better drive an Audi. 

-I don’t believe in driving random supercars. I instead equip myself with an Audi. 

-You focus on casual boring cars, and I desire for Audi RS7. 

-I think it’s never late to think of buying an Audi model. 

-Do you just want a supercar but not Audi? Well, you are wasting your money. 

-Audi is the ultimate example of dynamics, sportiness, and energy. 

-The strength of an Audi expresses from its noise. 

-Your vision without enthusiasm seems like an Audi without four rings.

-You can buy an Audi with your money, but you must have a passion for driving it. 

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-They said can you buy happiness? I said, yes, why not? I bought an Audi. 

-The day when I woke up dreaming of Audi, I started working hard until I see it. 

-I always got zeros on my exam papers. Now I want four zeroes on my car!

-An Audi is enough to smoke your rivals out by creating burnout. 

-I can never have enough strength? Wee, I can remember driving an ordinary can and then getting an Audi R8.

-Loud, angry, and hungry – That’s an Audi. 

-Keep calm, hold your seat. I am driving my Audi. 

-Either you hate this guy or love him. Watch closely. He has an Audi R8.

-By working as a slave, you can buy a Chevrolet, not an Audi. 

-I started with my dream, worked on it, and ended up with my Audi.

-Next goal? Another Audi!

-General advice: Dreaming of an Audi does not cost you anything, but buying it does. Start working!

-I just blindly adore the RS badging in my Audi.

-I used to dream about my car day and night. So, I am now driving this Audi all time. 

-Audi gives you the actual thrill, fun, experience, and most importantly, adventure. 

-With an Audi 3000, you can burn anyone out!

-Hustle more, day and night, until the exhaust note of your car roars. 

-Zeros on exam sheets were not impressive, but zeroes in a car are impressive!

-Audi manufacturers don’t just sell cars. They sell dreams with comfort and class. 

-My only key to lifetime happiness is grabbing an Audi with the shade blush red!

-Who drives an Audi to travel? I drive Audi to experience the horsepower.

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-All I ever wanted to do in my life was to own and touch those four rings.

-My desires are limitless and it’s constantly changing but my desire for Audi remains the same

-My Audi throws tantrums at times like my wife but this one I can’t ever let go.

-If bliss is looking at Audi desirably then a greater bliss is buying and driving it.

-It’s been 3 years since I had a girlfriend and I miss rejecting her proposition of driving my Audi.

-If the world runs out of people who love Audi then that means I am dead.

-Audi will always remain close to my heart and the audio it makes when starting will remain close to my ears.

-My Garage is there to care for my Audi and my Audi is there to take care of me.

-I am really emotional about my Audi and if someone hurts my Audi, I question their Audacity

-Just because I have an Audi I feel like living life king size 

-If you really look at it, my brain is also a part of my Audi. Although a smaller one but it is.

-My Audi and I share a special relationship and our relationship also goes through regular servicing.

-My list of priorities in life is shaken to the core ever since I bought an Audi.

 -I just can’t believe I was that guy who was not in love with Audi.

-Audi is that hot girl with an attitude you want to impress.

-No, My hobby is not buying Audis rather my hobby is buying the best cars.

-You desire a lovely girlfriend and I desire a lovely Audi so we’re not the same bro.

-When the engine of my Audi starts I feel my heart beating faster with excitement.

-Humans belong to different races and the humans who buy Audi loves to race

-I have very little faith in humanity but I have full faith in my Audi.

-I don’t really know if men are attracted to me or my Audi.

-Once I felt like the Batman when I was getting out of the Audi.

-Always remember that the Audi you bought is unique just like everyone else’s

-Any car can look glamorous as long as it has four interlocking rings in it

-Money can’t buy happiness but with money, I can buy Audi which is the reason for my happiness. 

-He/she who says their partner comforts them greatly has never sat in an Audi

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