A Speech on “What Is the Average Age to Get Married”

It is well-known to all of us that those of younger ages get married later than their elders did marry. 

But not all the areas are interested in following this trend. In Utah, for example, the couples are interested in tying the knot barely some years after their graduation, while, on the other hand in New York, one can frequently see that the citizens wait for their 30s to take the initiative of marriage. Based on the findings of PRB, (which gave the results by relying on the data collected from 2012 to 2016), we’ve extracted the average age of marriage for every state of America.

By the rule of mathematics, people should tie the knot between the ages of 28 to 32, if they want a stable marriage and without any trace of divorce. They can feel satisfied for at least the first five years of their married life.

Some researchers suggest that marriage at the age of 28 to 32 at least has more stability of continuation than the other ages. The chances of divorce increase in the marriage of ages like the early 30s or 20s. They are not old enough to understand the duty and responsibility of the lifelong relationship of their lives.

They are not mature enough to make various kinds of adjustments in habits, goals, and also their lifestyles.

In Alabama, the average marriage age is 28.1 for men and 26.4 for ladies, but this is also one of those states which has a big number of divorce rates also.

In Alaska, men get married at nearly 28.7 whereas women are of 26 years, but like Alabama, it also has good divorce rates.

Men in Arizona marry at the age of 29.5 and women at 27.5.

It is proven that no age is perfect to marry-until the couples are mentally prepared for a lifelong relationship. Actually, it should be the maturity level or the eagerness of the individual to share their life with another person honestly.

It is good to marry when a person is ready to take on some mature responsibilities for their new family and new life as well. You are ready to marry when you think that you are capable of carrying some heavy duties.

When you are financially stable, it is a good time for you to get married.

There is no perfect age for marriage, as no one can tell you the exact time to marry to have a happy and satisfied married life. It is up to you to decide the perfect age to marry as per your mental and physical preparation.

Marriage requires a lot of commitment and hard work, and therefore it does not matter the age of a perfect marriage. If you try your best, try to do the right thing, and give enough space to your partner then it is more likely to work in a good and fruitful way.

Thank you very much today for your precious time and attention.

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