How to Avoid Procrastination (Speech – 500 words)

Procrastination is something we all have done more or less, and it is a bane of every student’s existence. We know that we have to do it, but we do not want to delay. Putting off our undesirable projects and assignments aside is easy, but when the deadline comes, we have to go through all-nighters and stress comes with it as a sidekick. Completing your work at the last minute is not a great thing cause most of us can not show our best work or talent in a hurry. Here are a few steps to beat your procrastination easily:

Get your work organized. You need to know what your assignment needs in order to complete it successfully. Start to use the calendar to manage dates and keep yourself alert about deadlines. Remember one thing if you want to become successful then procrastination will only ruin your future plans.

Do not set your goal very high first set simple goals which you can achieve with little effort and increase your limit with time. One of our reasons for procrastinating important tasks is because the task seems hard and dainty than we thought. It’s a lot easier to get started with a simple project than a harder one. You will get a little more confidence after completing them so it will become easier for you to encourage yourself and go for a harder one instead of postponing it and doing it at the last minute.

Create a routine or timetable or schedule for yourself.  After you set your goals, it is time to make a proper schedule. Set your own deadline for your work a little earlier than the actual deadline. Break your tasks into small chunks. For example, while preparing for a big exam break your syllabus into small pieces and set a deadline for every piece. This way it will be better and easier to cover the whole syllabus 

 Distractions actually make it harder to get rid of them as much as possible no matter what it is. It could be your mobile phone, the noises of the neighborhood, your dog, your sister or your own thoughts. Try to concentrate and tell yourself that it is not a time to have random thoughts or You should start shutting your phone off or closing the door of your room to keep the dog out. Try listening to slow music or any white noise to omit their constant chatter. It will change your study environment too or if it is simply impossible for you to do those things listed up then go to a local library, and there is nowhere more appropriate for studying more than a quiet and peaceful library. 

Now you know how to work yourself out but remember it is also important to take a break in between your task or you will lose the courage. Take a 10-15 minute break to freshen your mind up, and it will give you better energy to start a new one.

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