Bachelor Party Invitation: 150+ Funny Wording Ideas to Write

The Bachelor party signifies the last day of being single, and on this day, we celebrate our bachelor life’s last day and enjoy with all our hearts and joy as from the next day, we are going to be a part of a new family.

A Bachelor party comes once in a lifetime, and we make sure to celebrate it in such a way that it is worth it.

What to write in a Bachelor Party Invitation?

  • Tell them that you really want them on your special day
  • Talk about the priceless memories you have created together 
  • Let them know that you are blessed to have them 
  • Mention the theme of the party, if any 

From the very next day, we step on to the next stage of adult life, that is marriage life, and hence, to make it a bit more special, here below are some wordings, you may use:-

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Bachelor Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Bachelor life is something that should be enjoyed at all costs. This is one of the most fun and turning points in everyone’s lives.

Everyone learns a lot through their mistakes during this time, enabling you to proceed further in life and not make such mistakes.

Therefore, it would be best if you enjoyed every moment of it as this gives you a feeling of freedom and independence, lest you explore more about yourself.

Therefore, a Bachelor party ought to be something different and quirky.

Here are a few Best Bachelor Party Invitation Wording Ideas:

  • Time for (name) to be mingled, so let’s celebrate the last day he is single 
  • Let’s party and get our hands dirty at the bachelor party of (name)
  • Last day before (name) loses his freedom as a bachelor, let’s make this day special; we invite you to celebrate our friend’s last day of singlehood
  • Let our friend choose which drink and booze will get us high; let’s celebrate the bachelor party of (name) as he says his singlehood goodbye
  • Come and party like hell, and give your singlehood farewell, since from tomorrow, (name)’s going to be a husband as well
  • Party till your energy runs out, as our friend (name) is going to be mingled and no longer single
  • Make our friend’s day memorable by sharing your love and wishes as we enjoy the last day of (name)’s singlehood
  • Bachelor party for our friend  who’s going to be a groom tomorrow, let’s a party like there’s  no tomorrow 
  • Enjoy all u can at the bachelor party of (name) who’s  going to get married tomorrow
  • Let’s give  our friend (name) a day he shall remember through his married  life since from tomorrow his owner will be his wife
  • Enjoy all you can, celebrate the last day of being a single  man, join us and offer all you can
  • Get out of your formals and get in suits and jackets; come for a toast  on our friend (name)’s last day for being single
  • No matter how many days since  today shall pass, let’s give our friend  (name) the most memorable party of his life
Bachelor Party Invitation Wordings

funny bachelor party invitation message

  • Drink to your throats and enjoy to fill your hearts as it’s the bachelor party of (name) 
  • Give  (name) such a party he can’t  deny, so he shall remember this day forever from every day that passes by
  • Empty your wallets and fill up your heart and celebrate (name)’s last day of singlehood
  • Let’s make a day so special for our friend (name), so he remembers it throughout his married life  since tomorrow
  • Lets for one day, not be shy to get high as we celebrate the bachelor’s  party of (name)who’s going to be a groom from next day
  • To your  singlehood, give  a farewell, part as hard as u can, as (name) is no longer going to be single
  • Come join us on the toast for our friend (name)’s last day of being single so join us at the bachelor party
  • A day to enjoy since it’s your last day of freedom, so come celebrate the bachelor party  of (name)
  • Shed your money on drinks and beer; what others say, don’t even care. It’s the last day of your  freedom, so make it count in your life
  • Let’s enjoy the last day of our friend (name)’s singlehood and make sure he remembers this moment throughout his life, so let’s enjoy his bachelor’s party 
  • Being single has its own benefits  and since its the last day of our friend to be single, let’s spend it in a special way
  • Oh, come to join us and  have some fun as we celebrate  the bachelor’s party of (name) 
  • From tomorrow awaits you the formation of a bond, yet till today you’re free, let’s enjoy all you can and with lots of food and tea
  • Last day you spend alone since tomorrow your marriage awaits you, we’ll make this day special  for you as we give the best bachelors party to you
  • Never can you enjoy  as much as u can today since for being single, this is your last  day; let’s make it special by celebrating your bachelor’s party all-day
  • Your reign as a single  warrior ends today as from tomorrow  your going to be a king with a queen, so let’s celebrate  the last day of singlehood 
  • Such an occasion doesn’t exist; enjoy it until crossing  limits; its the bachelor party of (name), so you’re  welcome to enjoy this day
  • let’s celebrate  and enjoy the last day of freedom for (name) and laugh  our souls out at the bachelor party of our fellow friend 
  • Sometimes  life should be enjoyed with all your freedom, so let’s enjoy the last day of freedom for (name), our friend, so let’s enjoy till the day’s end
  • Hurry up, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy and have fun since the bachelors party of our friend (name) has begun
  • Let’s call a day off from all work and let’s enjoy together as it is the bachelor’s party of (name) and let him enjoy all he can
  • No need to get tired from work; set your soul loose; it’s the bachelor party of (name), so let’s enjoy with  some booze
  • Occasions like this come very few, since from tomorrow our friend starts a life which is new, celebrate the bachelor’s party like there are very few
  • Life is a stage, and its time to play the enjoying role; it’s the bachelor’s party of (name), so let’s enjoy all we can

Bachelor Party Invitation Text

The Bachelor party is a toast to everything that has been done and how well you have spent all these years.

Bachelor lives are such lives that let you understand that every moment of life that you have spent till now was just a part of your decision, but now they will affect not only you but also the one with whom you are willing to spend the rest of your life.

A Bachelor party can never be fun without friends and everyone who made every second of your bachelor life a bit more memorable.

Here is a few bachelor party invitation text that you can send to revisit your bachelor life:

  • Before our friend becomes a married man, let’s spoil him with all we can come to enjoy at the bachelor’s party of (name)
  • Leave all your  work and tension, and lend your  hand to enjoy the bachelor’s party of (name)
  • After the day’s work, let’s have a good time, as we celebrate the bachelor’s party of (name) and make it a memorable time.
  • What’s our future  we are not certain, but what we can do is celebrate  our present, come enjoy the bachelor’s party of (name)
  • Our friend is getting married tomorrow, so let’s enjoy all we can today, so we can erase all his sadness and sorrow.
  • Without friendship, there’s no love, and without happiness, there is no life, so let’s enjoy with our hearts the Bachelor’s party of (name)
  • Let’s sing what our heart feels and does what our mind desires as it’s the last day of singlehood for (name) so let’s celebrate it all together.
  • Let go of the sadness, get wet in the rain of joy as its  the bachelor’s party of (name), come, and let’s enjoy
  • There can be moments of both sadness and joy so let’s contribute  to the moment of joy for its the bachelor’s party of (name) come, you’ll do enjoy 
  • From tomorrow our friend’s single life will end, so let e joy so much today that the joy for him shall never end.
  • Enjoy your last day as a single  man, come to the bachelor’s party of (name), and have as much fun as you can
  • A day like this shall never come again as our friend turns a husband tomorrow so let’s enjoy it at our friend‘s bachelor’s party.

Funny Bachelor Party Invitation Wording

Bachelor life can be enjoyed without worries; you must be sure of your decision and prepare yourself accordingly. Bachelor life is like that precious moment of everyone’s life that you can spend without thinking much about its consequences.

A Bachelor party is one of the most exciting things one has to offer, and it consists of nostalgia and all those people who made a part of your bachelor life a bit more enjoyable. This party is not like a regular party.

Instead, it is something that is for reminiscing all the memories that you have spent together.

Here is a few Funny Bachelor Party Invitation Wording:

-Hey, There, Guys. I invite you to my Bachelor Party at (place) at (time).

-You all know that nothing could have been possible if you were not there, and here is to give a toast on it on (date) at (time).

-I can never stop writing about the memories that we have spent together. I am very fortunate to understand that every part of my life will be incomplete without you. So I would gladly invite you to my Bachelorette on (date) at (time).

-It is said that life is nothing without friends, and you people proved it at all costs; therefore, I would be delighted to see all of you on (date) at (time).

-Bachelorette is fun only because of friends, and today the most fun thing in my life is all because of you guys. Without you all, my Bachelorette will be incomplete. So come to (place) on (date) to mark this occasion.

-Friendship, when done with people of your vibe, then goes on for a long time, and this is what you all have proved to me in every situation and at every step of my life, so do come to my place on (date) at (time).

-I have never imagined a step of my life without you guys. This bachelor party is giving cheers to every moment of fun we had together, and to every wrong decision we made as a team, so remembering those moments does come on (date) at (time).

-You all have proved to me what it is to have friends who support you throughout every phase of your life, no matter how good or bad it is, and how is it possible that I will not invite them to my Bachelor Party? So do come to (place) on (date).

-I had never thought I would be able to get such amazing friends who would be there for me through my rough, bad patches of life and the happiest ones. So do come at (place) on (time).

-You all know very well that I will forever be incomplete without you guys, and how can I spend the happiest days of my life without you guys? So do come on (date) at (time).

Funny bachelor party invitation message

Friends are the only reason life is composed of fun and frolic. When you don’t have friends, your life eventually turns out to be boring; what is a bachelor’s life without using most of the moments together and making every moment worthwhile?

A Bachelor party is all about how you will embrace your new phase of life but all with a happy smile and reminiscing all the memories you have spent in the past.

A Bachelor party is about having fun and realizing that life is full of rollercoaster rides, and you need to make every moment worth it.

Here are a few funny bachelor party invitation messages:

-Guys, let’s again have all those fun before I step into this new phase of life. Do not forget to join me on (date) at (time).

-Those unique and private conversations that we always were are hilarious and cannot be shown to everyone, so in memory of those events, do come to my party held at (place) on (date).

-How can I forget you all at this critical phase of our lives? So let us have our foremost on (date) at (time).

-Life is nothing when you do not have friends who will insult you as well as love you with all their might, and when it comes to friends, you people are my priority, so to give a cheer to our friendship and my bachelor life does come on (date) at (time).

-Have you guys ever thought I would be the first to marry among the group? It is happening, and to mark this event, I would like to invite you to my bachelor party cordially. 

-I cannot wait to share the last part of my bachelor’s life with you guys, and you cannot even imagine how I have planned everything. So I invite you all to my place on (date) at (time).

-Since our teenage years, all of us have been together, and now when it is time for me to get married, how can I let go of all of you? So I invite you all to my bachelor party on (date) at (time).

-Bachelor life ought to be fun only because of friends, and that has been possible only because all of you guys have been with me throughout, so to pay my tribute to this strong friendship, I would like to invite you guys on (date) at (time).

-Life is nothing but a rocky ride, but the passengers with whom you share these rides make this moment worth it, and similarly, for me, it has been you guys who have been with me throughout as a token of my love for you. I have organized a bachelor party at my place on (date).

-You guys made me realize my strengths and helped me push myself to the most incredible heights, and we as a team have achieved great heights, and now how can I forget you all on this happy day, Do come to my place on (date) at (time).

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