A Speech on “Should There Be a Ban on Smoking in Public Places?”

Good afternoon to all the young minds present here today. Today I will be talking about whether there should be a ban on smoking in public areas. Over the years count of smokers have increased. They not only risk their health but also affect  the health of people around them.A strict  ban from smoking in public will help to reduce the risk of getting prone to serious chronological ailments and cancer.

People smoking in public can influence the younger generation in a negative way, especially children in their growing ages. They learn by seeing things around them and try to copy whatever they see and as everyone is aware this habit is addictive and cannot be stopped until one has decided strongly to stop. Not just kids,children in their teenage get influenced easily and find it smart to smoke and adapt to it. Women exposed to this smoke very frequently can affect their reproductive system which will make them more difficult to conceive a child.

Studies have shown that smoking in public can cause severe health issues to infants , the severity can lead to Infant death Syndrome. It also says this outcome is applicable for a pregnant woman if she is continuously subjected to second hand smoking   directly affecting the fetus. Also causes more premature deaths.

Non smoker exposed to second hand smoking has high chances of developing coronary heart diseases and also lung diseases even if  one is subjected to breathing a lower amount of smoke .It interferes with the functioning of heart and blood multiply the possibility of heart attack.  It can be the beginning of lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases like increased blood pressure clot formation and sometimes damage to heart muscles and peripheral arteries. Can also cause  Autoimmune disorder,when our immune system malfunctions and it attacks the healthy tissues thinking it to be an invader.

Younger generation tends to attend restaurants, pubs  very frequently to hang out with their friends more, at such places it is an usual habit for smoking out casually, making everyone around exposed to secondhand smoking. This as a result can increase to become prone to cardiac arrest, also including everyone working in the closed space like the singer who is there to perform for their customers or servers who are there to help their customers with order  everyone will be affected. 

Remembering the fatal effects caused by smoking in public, I would like to conclude that smoking should be banned in public places. It might be a person’s choice on whether to smoke or not which cannot be changed by someone else, Limiting them within their own premises and prohibiting smoking in public places can help to control the  effects which can also save a lot of innocent people from dying.

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