210+ Emotional Status for WhatsApp That You Love

Our emotions never fail to baffle us and there are days when we are in awe of our own emotions.

We all feel a little emotional sometimes or others, and it is hard to put our feelings into words.

If you are running short of words to describe your emotional state, here is a list of WhatsApp statuses for you.

Emotional Status for WhatsApp

  • My emotions know no bounds whenever I watch romantic movies.

  • Confounded by my own emotions, it’s difficult to understand my heart. 

  • I feel emotional whenever I watch rusty autumn leaves fall.

  • Riding through the waves and surges on my own emotions. 

  • My emotions make me a human being with depth. 

  • I wish I could throw away my emotions in the gurgling waters. 

  • My emotions are like air bubbles, both fleeting and scattered. 

  • Sometimes my emotions make me feel as if I am riding a Ferris wheel. 

  • As a brave soul, I am not scared of my emotions. 
  • Take me to the mountains and let me express my emotions in echoes. 

  • Sinking in my own emotions and hoping to rise again with more zeal. 

  • I take special care of my emotions; I know their power. 

  • I am a flurry of emotions, a mess difficult to explain. 

  • Some days are invested with more emotions and feelings. 

  • I wish I could color all my emotions with hues of ecstasy.

  • Controlling emotions is overrated; I let them flow freely. 

  • There’s something euphoric about getting lost in the wilderness of my emotions.

  • The emotions you resist every day will continue to persist

  • Just let it go and breathe into the sea of emotions.
Being Emotional Quotes

Emotional Message For A Best Friend Getting Married 

Your best friend getting married would be one of your most life-changing moments. You might not get to spend as much time again with her as you both used to. They might not be with you all the time like they used to be. And just imagining it is really painful. Here are a few emotional messages for your best friend getting married.

  • Oh, my best friend! I can’t write this without being emotional. You are married so now we won’t be able to spend so much time together. But let’s make the most of what we get.

  • I love you so much, my dear best friend! Firstly, congratulations on your wedding! It tears me up when I think that you would now not come to hang out in your free time.

  • I am usually not an emotional person, but today don’t even try to stop me from crying my eyes out. Firstly, I am going to miss you like crazy. Secondly, congratulations on your wedding! Last but not least, remember I love you so much!

  • Congratulations on your wedding, my dear best friend! I am going to miss all the fun times we had! I love you so much!

  • Oh my, you are married now! We won’t be having so much fun ever again! I love you so much, and congratulations on your wedding!

Shutting Down Emotional Quotes.

Sometimes it gets hard to talk or socialize, so you decide to shut down completely, and maybe sometimes a shutdown might help. But remaining shut off is dangerous too. So here are a few emotionally shutdown quotes for you.

  • Sometimes when I get so sad, it feels so tiring that I decide to shut down completely.

  • I could go for days without any contact with people once I run out of energy after being under any kind of stress or pressure.

  • I wish I could be more socially active than shutting off the world for a while.

  • When you get too sad, you can’t cry, so you just decide to shut down the world.

  • When you are not emotionally alright, there are going to be constant breakdowns, and you are going to need to shut down for a while.

Rebuilding Love After Emotional Damage Quotes

It is never easy to get up once we are stomped upon. Knowing that this would never be easy and still trying to get better every day is great! Maybe even amazing! You are a true fighter. Here are a few messages about rebuilding your love after being emotionally down.

  • You trying to get better is progress. Focus on the process and forget your end goal.

  • It is okay to have breakdowns sometimes. Learn to be more kind towards yourself, as you have gone through so much.

  • Loving yourself after being shown that you are not enough is hard. But once you start to love yourself, you will think you are everything you need.

  • It must be hard to carry all your worries, and it only gets heavier and heavier. Learn to let go of some and try to love yourself more.

  • Once you accept all your insecurities and flaws, no one could ever love you more than yourself.

Emotional, I Miss You, Brother Quotes.

Having a brother is sometimes frustrating but them being in your life is always a huge blessing. You might have gotten used to being with your brother so much that once he moves out, you feel your home empty. Your brother doesn’t barge into your room anymore. He doesn’t steal your candies anymore. But there’s a void in your heart. So here are a few messages for your brother.

  • No matter how much we fight throughout the day, you are still my brother. And I miss you a little extra today!

  • Though I am glad you will no longer steal my candies, I wish you were here. I miss you so much!

  • I miss you a little differently today as I don’t have anyone to fight with. Come back soon so we can start a new fight.

  • Though I used to hate you for barging into my room and keeping it open after you leave, I rather prefer this to not having you at home. I miss you so much, my dear brother. 

  • Having at home was fun, come soon. I miss you so much.

Moving WhatsApp status on being emotional 

  • Love is chaos, and with chaos comes powerful emotions

  • You can feel the emotion, and that is why the most beautiful things are felt, not touched.

  • Empathy invokes emotion, but it also invokes our humanity.

  • Don’t worry; you’re not the only emotional fool alive

  • Sometimes, my emotion comes in between my responsibilities

  • Being rigid is good, but being too rigid can hamper emotions

  • Love makes my heart melt, and emotions make my heart alive

  • Every emotion leaves behind a residue of pain that we have to live with

  • Being emotional from time to time is a good way to let things flow

  • I think it’s tragically beautiful to experience emotional sorrow

  • Pain not only makes us emotional, but it also makes us feel alive
Being Emotional Quotes
  • I just want to isolate myself when I feel emotional

  • Live and let the emotions in you live as well

  • Emotional chaos is the state of being that I fear the most.

  • Play by the strength of your emotional state and come out victorious

  • Sometimes we hit back, and sometimes we are emotional

  • We are humans, and being emotional is in our blood

  • The motions that you don’t express will never die.

  • The less emotional you are, the more dead I feel.

  • The bright side of feeling emotional is that you are still alive

  • Emotional things are something that we have to deal with in our lifetime

  • I don’t know why I become dramatic when I am in my emotional state.

  • To feel emotions intensely is not a sign of weakness 

  • We emotional suffering more, but we do love more as well

  • Within the emotional state, you can dream wider and fly higher

  • Unintentionally, I am always at the mercy of my emotions

  • Life gives us great lessons on how to let go of our emotions.

  • We need to learn how to deal with our emotional pain.

  • Time doesn’t heal our emotional pain; we just grow.

  • The world is full of chaos. It has no place for emotions.

  • We write each chapter of our emotional life as we grow up.

  • I never apologize to anyone for showing my emotions.

  • Sometimes, being emotional is a blessing it helps you grow in life.

  • We must leave behind our emotional baggage to start a new life.

  • Your partner must be emotionally fulfilling to you.

  • To be in a relationship, you must have emotional maturity.

  • I  was too emotional and sensitive to be in a toxic relationship.

  • You cannot force them to be emotionally attached to you.

  • You become dangerous once you rationalize your emotions.

  • You should learn how to regulate your emotions.

  • Through our emotions, we can give a healthy response.

  • Emotions are the best way to communicate your feelings.

  • To get rid of our emotional pain, you will have to struggle.

  • You realize a lot when you let your emotions go away.

  • Incredible change takes place when you learn to control your emotions.

  • Let go of the old and create space for new emotions.

  • To heal a wound, you need to dominate your emotions.

  • You will be happy when you learn to sway your emotions.

  • Your willpower won’t make letting go of your emotions the hardest part.

  • Gather your emotions to start over, all again.

  • Holding onto your emotions is the easiest way of hurting yourself.

  • Just like the water, you must let your emotions flow.

  • Give yourself opportunities to turn your negative emotions into positive ones.

  • We must never allow our emotions to overpower peace of mind.

  • Sometimes, it’s ok to pretend that we are emotionally stable.

  • I hope I never become the reason for someone’s emotional pain.

  • Once the heart gets too heavy, let your emotions come out as tears.

  • Each day, promise yourself to be emotionally stable.

  • It’s difficult to hold on to your emotions while listening to a sad song.

  • Learn to be the master of your emotions and not a slave.

  • Pleasant emotions make our life happy and healthy.

  • My emotions are too complex for me to handle.

  • Emotional awareness brings power to our lives.

  • I trained my mind to be stronger than my emotions.

  • Show your emotions only to those who value them.

  • Men are emotionally unavailable compared to women.

  • Don’t take me for granted; I am not emotionally challenged.

  • Learn to decode the emotions of your life.
Being Emotional Quotes


What human emotion am I quizzing?

This quiz is basically a set of questions that will be thrown at you for you to answer. They ask you questions based on what things you like and prefer. After processing all your answers, it will tell what kind of emotional person you are.

Why am I so emotional?

It is nothing wrong with being emotional. It is just that you take things to your heart because you feel things too strongly. So being emotional is not considered weak if it is one of the best qualities to have, not at all times, though.

Can you sue for emotional distress? 

Yes, you can sue someone for emotional distress if it is intentional. In addition, cases like physical or sexual abuse or harassment can be sued.

What age does a man emotionally mature?

A man usually matures after his mid-thirties. However, according to research, a man doesn’t mature until he is forty.

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