A speech on “Is Being Good Looking Important?”

Beauty is generally defined as “the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. Mathematics has proven that any object proportioned according to the Golden Ratio could be stunning. In a world where “lookism” is widely common these days, it is hard to wish for good looks, and even more hard to maintain it. Beauty does not mean just the outer appearance, it can be the attitude, behavioral quality, and character. It is no hidden matter that people with a reasonable attractiveness get their romantic partners easily. Even being a normal individual, our choice will also be the same; to have a crush on a good-looking, person. It’s simply a universal truth.

However, there are more perks of being a good looking person other than a romantic partner, such as;

Good looking people might be smarter and confident. Research shows that people with a perfect symmetrical body do achieve better scores. They are also optimistic and self-reliant to speak up when necessary. They are active more often and also never fear to fight back when they are wronged. 

Good looking people might be judged as honest, trustworthy, and happy. There are very few people who don’t use make-ups and other cosmetics products. To an extent, it is fine to use them even by the good looking ones, but it is believed that people who wear make-up might not be as genuine and trustworthy as they seem to be. This could be a misconception because wearing a few lipsticks won’t make them less trustworthy. Instead, they are more likable and qualified. This category of people are more likely to be happier and successful; might even find their perfect one in a short period.

Good looking people are more likely to be hired for a job or even tend to make more money. Smarter and handsome looking business owners always take a step ahead in the business market. The face of a brand can make a huge difference in various fields. People with such good looks are often selected quickly for any job interview, but studies have proven that this could only work with certain positions according to gender. 

Good looks work well in politics. In a political election, a good and pleasant looking candidate (male or female) always does better with the polls than an average looking candidate. This is because they are to be the face of the nation. 

Even though science shows that beautiful people are healthier and children or babies tend to identify their beauty and tend to stare at them longer; it doesn’t have to be true that they are the ones who are always being treated and granted well with all their wishes. No, that’s not true. Even good looking people have their issues like limited jobs, social rejections, jealousy, never being credited for their talents, negative impact over income, and even loneliness due to short-term stable relationships. After all, beauty also has a price to pay, nothing comes for free.

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