A Speech on Benefits of Communism!

Communism is a political, social, philosophical, economic idea and also a movement whose main goal is to establish the communist society. It is a school of thought that also includes Marxism.

Some communist theories can be, 

Abolition of the property system and usage of all of land to public purposes, a heavy progressive income tax, it gives emphasis on the abolition of all rights which can be get by the power of inheritance, the confiscation process of the properties of all immigrants and rebels of the country, providing equal liability of all to labor. It also gives importance on the abolition of the clear distinction between town and country, free education for all children etc. and many more.

Communism is a strong political ideology that suffer from large-amount of public condemnation. Still some countries like North Korea, Cuba and China are continuing the practice of communism in its new forms, it has been accepted by all over the globe that state controlled economy is another name of failure. However, this communism has still some benefits, like-In a communist regime, all people are being treated as equal regardless of their education, financial stability, and legal rights, in the eyes of the government. Economic differences don’t categorize people, a situation that can abolish crime and violence.

In a Communist system, people have the rights to get jobs. Because the government has all the means of production, the government can also is able to provide jobs for at least a good number of people. Everyone in a communist country has the right to get enough work opportunities for them to survive. Every person, however, must perform their part for the economy, to receive proper amount of pay and incentives.

In communism system, every citizen is required to work their very best in order to receive best benefits. This creates an opportunity to participate and to help in the economic growth.

In communism, there are many specific laws, and rules in offering resources and many chances.

In the communist societies, everyone is created and are treated as equal. This means that everyone can have the chance to work hard equally without stepping on each other’s backs. All the work, responsibility, and also all the rewards obtained are shared equally among the citizens.

In a society of communists, the idea of cooperation allows for healthy communistic systems. Meaning, the communist societies are very effective in distributing the resources properly even in various localized areas. This is a very important benefit, especially in times of problems and also in emergency.

Communism is a political thought based on the good aspects of sharing of efforts and sharing of various resources. Therefore we can say that communism has many benefits.

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