91+ Betty Boop Quotes and Sayings

Betty Boop is one of the famous animated cartoon characters by Max Fleischer; popular back then in the 1930s is still spry, full of life, and appositeness.

It reflects audacity, valor, courage, and boldness with a pinch of sassiness. The character was flirtatious and seductive yet classy and elegant.

So in this world of social networking and social media, these Betty Boop quotes would echo your hardiness and your fearlessness in this mutating world.

Here are a few samples and illustrations for you to use to show your dauntless and enthusiastic personality.

Betty Boop Quotes and Sayings

-Betty Boop is a daredevil to counter any evil!

-Be volatile like mercury, and be sassy like Betty Boop!

-Being calm and quiet is perfect when you are stuck with someone DESPICABLE.

-Floccinaucinihilipilification = worthless = YOU

-Be the princess of your thoughts, as others are slaves to you!

-I am unreserved for those who are sincere.

Betty Boop Quotes

-Flicker and glitter, leave behind the shitter!

-My mother asked me to stay away from strangers as she was suspicious of me and worried about me.

-How come my shit and your face CARBON-COPY!

-No Entry for ASSHOLES!

-Shine bright like the sun; let others feel the heat.

-Be sharp like a diamond to slit, apart from the weaker glass.

-Don’t study history! Be the one to create it.

-You are the sole proprietor of your thoughts and actions.

-Fly like a bird, chirp for being heard!

-Cuteness is the weapon; use it wisely.

-Be dangerous and explosive like RDX!

-If you survived then, you will survive now as well!

Betty Boop Quotes

-People leave. But be thankful to them because they stayed because they stay not as long as they could but as long as they should.

-Sister, your make-up is too costly to cry over and ruin it!

-Let your words be sharp and the wing of your eyeliner sharper.

-Be like the tint of your lipstick, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!

-Love can be like a dagger to stab you.

-Be a bitch so that dogs can be loyal to you!

-Withstand your haters, to burn them with jealousy.

-Be emotionless in this petrifying world.

-Understand others, then make a move!

-Have a crush on others but just love yourself!

-Let others not take your decisions, be your own decision-maker.

Betty Boop Quotes

-Be pragmatic; face criticism!

-Make your mother your buddy and save yourself from being betrayed.

-This world is just a hoax!

-Do not be sincere in this fraudulent world.

-Yes, I m a bitch; this should be none of your business.

-Excuse, for how much did you sell your self-respect?

-In my world, I prosecute trespassers!

-I am a bitch, for those bitch about me at my back.

-You are a diamond; just wait for your smith to know your real value.

-Be sassy for the crowd but subtle for those who value you.

-Make your big brother your best friend and not your bodyguard.

-Beauty is the ideal jewel of time. It is tender like a spring flower.

Betty Boop Quotes

-Love is life’s greatest gift. The heart’s most cherished treasure.

-Make new friends, but do not forget your old ones. For the new is silver, and old is gold.

-Be a puzzle and wait for the one who solves you.

-If you say I’m tangled, then I am skeptical about your capabilities.

-Hey, you may find me hysterical if you are a stranger to me but not if you love me.

-Tantrums are a vital part of my personality.

-Accept me with my craziness, else be free to leave.

-If you find me weak, then you need treatment.

-I prefer silence with bogus people.

-If you say I don’t understand, then first check whether I want to or not.

-I favor music over people, as I can delete it whenever bored.

-Listening to music is the best way to be happy and gay.

Betty Boop Quotes

-If you cannot love your family, then you are futile.

-Be bold, be maverick.

-You are a non-fictional superhero who is here to end the devil.

-Be lethargic in this stereotypical world.

-No considerations for trivial ones.

-You and I are like burgers and fries; we complete each other.

-It’s lucky to have a sister, but you need one to understand that.

-My brother and I are like “Doraemon and Nobita”!

-I’m classy and sassy and difficult for you to understand.

-Predictability and I, are two opposites.

-Love is blind, but not me.

-Be oblivious to me, and turn a stranger to me.

-There is a plethoric difference between you and me, I’m positive, and you are negative.

-Be careful of your words when you speak to me.

Betty Boop Quotes

-Those judgmental fellows don’t know; I don’t care.

-Think before you speak because you don’t know this world is hypercritical.

-I don’t give a shit about the one who is a hairsplitter.

-Be a favorite of those who care for you rather than paying attention to the ones who are worthless.

-Hey, mama! Thank you for being there with your shoulders to support me and hold me tight in tough times.

-My love for you, permanent or temporary, it all depends on you!

-Shopaholic, that’s me! Come in if you are interested in shopping as well.

-If you ever be arrogant to me, that day will be a goodbye!

-Time is precious just like you; give it only to those who are dear to you.

-Be scarce! Don’t be available to all.

-Love might be holy, but I am a big atheist.

-Treat me good, and I will treat you better.

-If I love you, don’t take me like a Barbie doll to play with because it takes no time for me to turn into Annabelle.

-Never make regret trusting you, else you would regret meeting me!

-Dare make me cry, then see your life turning into a lake of sorrow.

Betty Boop Quotes

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