92+ Brainy Status for WhatsApp That You Love

People who are born with extraordinary abilities or intelligence are a gift to our society. Civilization has become advanced, but most of its residents don’t.

Hence, we have brought some WhatsApp statues related to intelligence and brainy people that you can share with people and make them aware. Following are some Brainy WhatsApp statuses and Messages. 

Short Intellectual Brainy status and messages on brainy

-Brainy people never believe in making stupid mistakes, only smart ones. 

-Well, life is too short to think about people’s opinions. 

-In reality, the clock exists, not time. 

-Brainy people don’t believe in doing something without payment if you are skilled at it.

-Having a brain is the real beauty, not wearing makeup, morons!

-You can catch my word because I am not using it. 

-If you learned nothing, you can teach nothing!

-Leaving thinking about your next day; instead, start thinking about the NOW!

-If you fail to accept yourself; then, you are a serial killer who killed his real self. 

-Don’t judge brainy people. They are sassy enough to be on your butt. 

-General advice alert: Confession might be good to relax your soul but not for your career. 

-The only dilemma with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.

-Smart people are crazy, liked only by people who are crazy!

-Your stupidity reveals if you chose beauty over understanding. 

Safe tip: Avoid making mistakes that you can’t Google and replace with the thing misplaced. 

-Nobody hates anybody until the person does something boring.

-Making fun of you is the last thing I wish to do. The fact is, it’s still on my list!

-My tip is to find a lover who can transform your life, not only your relationship status. 

-You can learn from your mistakes; hence, you are gonna learn infinite things today.

-People must help mark out, scrap, and end redundancy! 

-Smartness alert: People don’t die because of bombs. They die because of explosions. 

-Problems admire me a lot because I don’t have the solutions. 

-A wise, brainy person nor lets worries eliminate from his mind neither does he let go of hope. 

-In our miserable life, there’s no fireflies to guide our path but only us. 

-Human beings are the only creature who can figure out a way to get rid of problems. 

-If you are brainy enough, your miserable life is going to be okay!

-Your smartness and aptitude are something that nobody can ever borrow or steal from you. 

-Our intelligence is what assists us in accomplishing all of our biggest dreams. 

-Don’t be a lucky person; instead, be an intelligent one. 

-Life holds interesting turns. We can never expect anything but to survive with our intelligence. 

-In life, our position isn’t fixed. We have to withstand it with intelligence and plan. 

-An ordinary person may get stuck between reliability and happiness, yet an intelligent one always picks happiness. 

-God had not given us life to waste but utilize them with the brain. 

-If you wait for people’s validation on how great you are then you are not the brainy one

-Brainpower is a valuable gift until you realize how dumb people around you are. 

-Self-intellect isn’t something you can buy or achieve through training – It’s a gift!

-People with intellect don’t care about it, and people who don’t have, don’t even want it!

-Isn’t it artistic – in society, some have the intelligence, and some don’t?

-Everybody was born with a brain, but some of them know how to run it. 

-Brainpower doesn’t make life easier! It’s the person who knows its use. 

-Brainy people sometimes face problems too because they don’t think straight. 

-Being brainy never made my life easy and better, but being wise with brainy did. 

 Witty brainy Status And Messages

-I can beat brainy people in running and they can beat me studying.

-Life can be cruel but not as cruel as the so-called cool kids have been to brainy people 

-A nerd thinks that their brain is the most beautiful brain in the world.

-I know I have intelligence but I don’t know where I’ve kept it.

-If you did something stupid at first and it worked but does it mean it wasn’t stupid.

-Stupidity of normal people is far more entertaining than the brilliance of brainy people

-It is better to be wise than smart but for brainy people, they are all the same.

-You can learn many brainy things from Time but unfortunately time is a murder of people.

-If you can’t impress them with your brains then shock them.

-A brainy people’s life is so much better than a regular people’s life

-Brainy people have so many ideas but my ideas don’t like to stay in solitary confinement.

-Intelligent people will use their brains to remain silent when stupid argue with each other.

-There are two faces shown by brainy people, one for the intellectuals and one for the opposite.

– The best thing about debates with brainy beings is that they come at you one at a time.

-The difference between stupid people and brainy people is that the former has no limits.

-I always choose to stay silent in front of intelligent people and they think I am brainy

-No matter how brainy you are, you can’t stupid people that they are stupid.

-Genius people take science seriously whereas regular people take life seriously.

-There are two kinds of people one who is brainy and one who believes in astrology.

-Sometimes I feel thankful for not being an idiot

-Let the brain do its work buddy, your heart can think later! 

-Sharp thoughts are a reflection of a powerful mind 

-I choose to speak with my brains ON. So I may speak less to you.

-Never judge me on what I say. My intellect can sense treachery! 

-The moment your heart steps in, your mind shuts off. Please never let that happen! 

-Our brain is stronger than we can even imagine 

-No computer can match the intellect of a powerful brain! Brainy people are blessed. 

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