A Speech on How to Break a Bad Habit

What is a habit? It is a regular activity which you do in a daily basis and really hard to give it up. Habits can be anything from planting trees to biting nails. Some of them are good for your body or environment or society like gardening and some can be harmful like smoking. It takes a really well determination to break a habit and we should never stop trying to give up when it’s a bad one. 

The first thing we need to do to break a bad habit is to understand that it is a bad one. Switching off the light when you are leaving a room is a good habit (unless there are people in that room) but biting your nails can bring no good from that hence we can call it a bad habit.

1st we need to find out when we tend to do that, what time it is, is there any specific situation, is it a reaction of another activity? 

Let’s say you sleep late every night. After noticing the same thing for 3 to 4 days you realized that you sleep late because you watch videos. So we need to change the time of that work or simply need to quit the habit at night. We can replace the habit with something else like reading a book or counting sheep is an evergreen way to fall asleep. After changing the reason of your bad habit, eventually you will be able to change bad habit as well.

2nd we need to focus why we need or want to change our bad habits. Find out what are the harms it’s doing to you and your surroundings. When you will realize that it is affecting many other things you will get motivated. For a reminder you can write down your reasons and can stick them near you desk, fridge and the places where you will be able to see it frequently. Seeing the list several times in a day will remind you why you want to quit the habit. 

Ask your friend or partner to help to get over your bad habit. Ask friends who are with you most of the time. They can remind you and can divert your mind from your habit like smocking. If you and your friend both want to quit smoking in that case it would be easier as it might be easier to deal with the issue when both of you are facing each other.

Practice mindfulness. Think actively about your thoughts, feeling and deeds. When you start practicing thinking clearly it would be easier for you to avoid the habits. You will find other options to replace your bad habits. Exchanging your bad habits with good ones will make the procedure smooth and fast. 

Start taking baby steps at first. Little by little things will change one big step at time can bring failure to the whole thought process. 

Try leading a life full of things you love like reading books, eating healthy and lots of mental peace. Every bit of positivity will help you to achieve your goal.

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