201+ Breakup Status Ideas for WhatsApp That You Love

When a relationship ends, it takes away with it all the comfort and loves that a person was habituated with.

Breakups are part of life with modern relationships’ ever-changing and dynamic nature. Here are some of the amazing WhatsApp statuses for breakups.

Emotional breakup WhatsApp Status

-I planned my life ahead with you, and this breakup shuts me down now. 

-When you are in love, you always fear breakups. And when in a breakup, you fear to love! 

-All I ever wanted to do was hold her hand and dance, but now she’s away, and I can’t have her anymore. 

-When the heart is bleeding without any surgery on it, know that it is a breakup

-Breakups are tough, but no one ever said anything related to love was going to be easy!  

-The most joyful face can turn as dead as ashes of ruin in a breakup 

-Love comes with no disclaimer, or else every person would have tried to avoid breakups by following the guide

-Your breakup is not a result of your mistakes; it is your partner’s biggest loss in life!

-In this world, the most painful event is a breakup. Not always with a partner but it can also be with your parents too!

-When I lost her in love, I was broken. Breakups break even the calmest person alive.

-I found the lost stars in her eyes, but now she isn’t with me, and the stars are all gone forever. 

-The passion of love is what turns into the pain of love when breakups surface in a relationships 

-Love will make you happy but also be prepared for the worst because breakups are also a part of love. 

-In life, the most disturbing feeling is when someone breaks up without giving a closure 

-Every living being should focus on building their relationships better; there is no point regretting after a breakup. 

-Make your relationship worthy today before you or your partner breaks up tomorrow! 

-Not every love in this world is set to finish the line, but that doesn’t mean the love was any less! 

-Breakup caused me to attempt suicide because the only place where maybe I can reunite with her is heaven. 

-Let the emotional toll of a breakup not blind your efforts to win your love back! It isn’t late; go get her/him! 

-Breakups? I call it ending a habit because when in a relationship, your partner soon becomes a habit of yours that is hard to live without. 

-When life tosses a breakup at you, fight it back with twice the love! 

-Tears do not seem to stop since the time I started living this life without you, my love. 

-I never realized I was so addicted to you unless you broke up with me. 

-Love is addiction, and breakup is DE-addiction! 

-The world falls in love, but only lucky ones get married to their love, while the rest break up and become strangers 

-It was a week back that I couldn’t think of a morning without you, and now we are strangers. #breakupsucks 

-So it is proved that when love ends, it only leaves us with grief and nothing else.

Positive Breakup WhatsApp status

-The past is in the past, and the future awaits you to step out and create magic again! 

-The one who left was never meant to stay. 

-If you are still crying about your breakup, head out and see that the other person is already out on dates! 

-You were dumped as your partner wanted to make you sad and disturbed. Be happy and motivated; it will defeat his/her purpose while you win! 

-Your past doesn’t define you, act for a better future and make better relationships that last till the end 

-Next time I am in a relationship, I will be dating only for marriage 

-Sorry, I just had a breakup, and I am now only in love with beer! 

-Your past relationship was never meant to work, which is why it is in the “past.”

-Do not compromise and be an option to someone whom you treated as your priority 

-Now that you are single again, chase your crush! Maybe you had the breakup for something good to come 😉

-The worst feeling is when you see your loved one with someone else after a breakup. But it doesn’t feel that bad if you are with someone else, too 😀

-Move on; she already did! 

-Hold back your pain and focus on your next! Crying at your ex is a waste of time! #breakuplessons

-What’s gone is gone forever and was never meant to stay! Accept and move on. 

-Breakups happen; it is no big deal! Imagine the grief of losing your parents. That would be real sadness! 

-Of all the hardships in the world, you choose a breakup to make you cry? Your tears need a better reason to come out! 

-Now that you have broken up, you can live your life the way you want rather than the way your partner wanted to shape it!

-Good things happen in life just after pain! Use the pain from this breakup to rise and shine even brighter

-A breakup cannot pull you down! After all, you weren’t in love with her since you were born! A new “she” will come; go search for it!  

-Please note- Break up is not the end of life; it is rather the beginning of a fresh one! 

-While a breakup might really hurt, absorb the pain rather than begging your partner to come back! Self-respect matters!

-Wear a beautiful smile on your lips and let the world not know what emotions you are going through! 

-A painful breakup is better than being in a fake or one-sided relationship! 

-Burn the sad memories and flush them out of your life! 

-The world told me I was too good for you, but I never believed it, and now I am paying the price as you left me midway! 

Breakup WhatsApp message

-You have the option of ghosting. However, this is not the ideal option. It is far preferable to provide some explanation; at the very least, it results in a mature and occasionally amicable relationship. Still, sending a breakup text to your sweetheart might be difficult. These top breakup letters will thus enable you to end your union amicably.

-Hello, [Partner Name]. I hope you’re having a good day. I want to tell you something, and I’ve been thinking about how long we’ve been dating. I have a feeling things aren’t going well between us. Can we still be friends?

-[Partner’s Name], it’s been a pleasure getting to know you. You have made a significant difference in my life. I would never have learned to paint if I hadn’t met you. Unfortunately, we’ve grown apart recently and don’t talk as frequently as we used to. That, I feel, should be maintained. I’m sorry to state the obvious in words. I still hold you in high regard.

-“[Partner’s Name], I enjoy the moments we spent together,” she wrote. I’ll never forget it. I’ve always treasured those times and will continue to do so. Therefore, I’ve decided to allow you to complete your education and pursue your goals. You’ll probably be glad about it, and I’ll be happy too if you’re happy. I’m grateful that during our friendship, you made me feel unique. In any case, best wishes.”

-Considering that I don’t want to offend you, you are such a significant person to me. Nonetheless, I’ve had the impression that we’re not going to get along very well since Annie became your buddy. I want the best for you because I believe you deserve someone greater than me.

-It has not been simple for me to arrive at this conclusion, my love. Unfortunately, we are forced to split up against our choice, and I have grieved and will continue to cry over it. I wish I could do more I still adore you and will always consider you a friend. Best wishes in life.

Whatsapp status for breakup relationship

These are truly heartbreaking statuses. This is a collection for someone who has a shattered heart and will make you cry. This is when you are sad or heartbroken because you have deeply loved someone and your relationship has ended.

-If there is no happy ending, there is no end.

-The only thing informing me I’m still alive is pain.

-When I close my eyes, I see you, and I miss you when they are open.

-I’m not too fond of the moment when my rage turns to tears.

-I keep myself occupied during the day, and time passes. But I truly miss you at night.

Whatsapp status for relationship

A relationship is defined by how much you love each other, not by how beautiful you appear together. The best relationship status and Status might be amusing, sad, or charming. We have given all types of the finest relationship statuses and phrases, regardless of your relationship state.

-Because such moments won’t come around again, cherish them while they last in your relationship.

-“You should feel beautiful on the inside because you have someone who loves your heart, not your face; it’s a lovely connection.”

-“You don’t have to spend money on a relationship, but you do have to spend love, time, and honesty.”

-It is a sign of a true connection when you continue to support one another long after the storm has gone.

-“When two people genuinely want to be together and are patient, their connection becomes stronger, more beautiful, and amazing.”

Whatsapp status that will make your ex cry

Today, we’ll talk about social media postings or status updates that might make your ex envious. As always, we strive to make this an all-encompassing guide on social media jealousy. Therefore, as I mentioned, several distinct status updates or messages might frighten your ex.

-Treat your towel carefully since the section that washes your bottom will also clean your face tomorrow.

-I don’t dislike you, but if you were burning and I had a glass of water, I would drink it and let my skin glow for the sake of another guy.

-If I don’t pick up when you call, please wait; if I need to speak with you, I will call you back. But, unfortunately, I do not possess your kidney.

-If you have a comment regarding my life, please raise your hand. Put it over your lips now.

-You sometimes have to play the fool to fool the idiot who thinks they’re fooling you.

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