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Cool brother quotes

Brothers are guardian angels in disguise.

Nobody annoys you like a brother; nobody protects you like a brother.

Brothers don’t tell you they love you; they pull a prank on you.

As brothers, we know there is nothing in the world that we won’t do for our sisters.

Brothers have a way of reminding you of your roots.

It feels good to know that you will always have your friend – a brother.

God couldn’t come to protect you, so He sent you a brother instead.

Big brothers might not always give you a hug, but the choke slam is their way of telling you they love you.

Bro is a gender-neutral word for anyone who means a lot to you.

Who cares about problems when you have a brother to take care of them?

That’s the thing about brothers, they don’t say it, but they will always be there for you.

As a big brother, I take great pride in scaring my sibling’s bullies away.

The younger brother always pays for the actions of the younger brother.

It is nice growing up with a brother you can trust in your life.

Brother means best friend, no matter how annoying they can be.

A girl may grow up to be sixty, but her brothers will still treat her like a little girl.

Brothers are both troublemakers and protectors.

Nothing can stop a brother from hurting those who hurt his sister.

A brother is the first friend you make when growing up.

Big brothers are superheroes without colorful capes.

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Big brother WhatsApp status

A big brother is like a mountain that stays strong even when there is a storm going on.

The big brothers are Tom, and they treat younger brothers like Jerry, but Tom and Jerry are always together.

If I could pick my favorite frenemy, I would always choose my younger brother.

Even if I could choose my brother, I would always choose you.

It may not feel like it, but the greatest gift your parents can give you is an annoying but loyal brother.

It is both strange and comforting how little brothers grow up but still stay the same.

As a big brother, you can’t afford to show your siblings that you’re scared too.

Big or small, brothers always take up the role of protector.

Imagine having a friend for life – I do; I have a brother.

Brothers don’t tell you when you need to sneak out of your house for a party.

Don’t mistake sibling rivalry for real rivalry; a brother will break your nose if you hurt his siblings.

Nobody tells you fairytales about the princess’s brother protecting her against the bad dragon.

For brothers, having a sister means you have someone to love and irritate at the same time.

Why do we call our friends bros? Because we know that bros will be there even when we have a fight.

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best friend brother quotes and Status

A brother can pull on your pigtails, but he will break the nose of anyone who tries to do the same with you.

There is nobody like a brother; there is no buddy like a brother.

Imagine having a friend for life – I already do; I have a brother.

Brothers don’t tell you how they’re falling apart.

Fighting with brothers is the biggest part of your childhood memories.

The greatest peace you will ever experience is when you get a hug from your brother.

All men may break your heart, but your brother will always be a constant by your side.

If you have a brother, you know all about WWE moves.

They won’t say it, but your younger brother is really happy when you act like a bodyguard.

I am one of the luckiest people on earth because I have a big brother to take care of me.

I was both troubled and a troublemaker because I had a brother.

Don’t you just love those unofficial WWE matches you played with your brother?

Being a brother means you have to be there for your sister no matter how badly you’re fighting.

No, I cannot help you if you hurt my little brother.

Nobody is weirder than a brother.

Your brother may not be by your side, but they will move heaven and earth to protect you.

Only a brother can understand your loneliness and confusion about adulting.

I know my siblings better than anyone in the world.

There is no treasure in the world like a brother.

You might not know it, but a brother also wants his sister to be treated equally.

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brother Whatsapp status

No, I don’t have an original personality; I stole it from my cool brother.

If you have a brother, you didn’t have a lonely childhood.

Brothers are always trustworthy when it comes to important things in life.

A brother will steal your snack but protect your heart against scoundrels.

My New Year resolution as a brother is to irritate my sister as much as possible.

Imagine having a brother, oh sorry, a bodyguard for life.

A serious fight with your siblings hurts more than a breakup.

There is nothing better than a little brother, and there is no one better than you.

Nothing can stop elder brothers from bullying and protecting their younger siblings.

Little brothers are the strangest creatures on earth.

My best toy is my brother.

No, you may not mess with me; you have to go through my brother first.

Brothers will sleep through a cyclone but are the first person to wake up if their siblings are in trouble.

It is nice to know that you have a brother you can rely on whenever things get tough.

I am the drunk and disorderly one, so my sibling can be the perfect child.

Only brothers can understand when you hide your real feelings from your parents.

No matter how annoying they are, your brother is your role model.

You never feel safe with any man as you do with your brother.

The first friend you will ever make in your life is your big brother.

Brothers wrestle with you, but it’s just their way of hugging you.

Nobody in this world knows me like my brother.

Your brother may not act nice, but he is still the only man who will make you feel comfortable and at peace with yourself.

Coming home to your brother means coming home to fights and happiness.

Your brother may break your nose, but he will also help you hide a body.

Brothers are the biggest pest on this planet, but they are also necessary.

Let’s be honest: you can’t live with a brother; you can’t live without a brother.

Nobody but my brother could prove so well that we descended from monkeys.

The men we love are called brothers.

Never a dull moment with a brother in your life.

A brother is the reflection of childhood past.

Your best enemy and your best friend is your brother.

As a brother, I will always annoy you, but nobody can protect you like me.

Best Brother Status

My brother is Iron Man, as he, too, made sacrifices to protect me.

Brothers can literally communicate through their eyes.

Fred and George, Zack and Cody – some of the best characters in the world were brothers.

Brothers don’t shake your hands; they pull a prank.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your brother is anything less than a friend.

If you hurt my siblings, you will have to fight me.

Who said you couldn’t love your enemy? I love my brother.

With all his pranks, I know that my brother has a special place in hell reserved for him.

Brotherhoods are all about survival and kinship.

Don’t wish your brother on brother’s day; pull a prank instead.

I know my brother is my first and forever friend.

Not having brothers means living a dull life.

Brothers are annoying but lovable.

Nobody can replace a brother in your heart.

Brothers are a reminder that your childhood was awesome.

Can’t go a day without irritating my brother.

Pulling a prank on your sibling is the greatest feeling ever.

Nobody understands you better than a brother.

Let’s be honest; your brother is your biggest misery and your greatest support.

My brother can frustrate me, but he also makes me the happiest.

I will do anything to protect my siblings.

Your parents may not be proud of you, but your brothers are.

My brother is my biggest strength and my greatest enemy.

Nobody makes friendship better than a brother.

My brother is the biggest support system in my life.

I can’t live a day without annoying my siblings.

Big brothers don’t tell you how happy they are for you; they wrestle you.

My brother acts like an angel in front of my parents, but he is the devil incarnate.

He may not feel so, but I know my brother better than he knows himself.

I may not wish you on brother’s day, but I do love you, big brother.

Life would be a dull bore without a brother teasing you.

My childhood memories consist of 20% watching cartoons and 80% getting chased by my brother.

WhatsApp status brother

Brothers are much better than friends.

Your best friend may leave you, but your brother will never do that.

Nobody takes care of you like a brother.

Only a brother will take care of you when you’re facing the worst crisis.

No success is sweeter than the success of your younger brother.

Imagine having someone to lean on while growing up – that’s a brother for you.

Growing up with brothers means you know you’re going to grow up tough.

You cannot choose your brother, but you can choose to make his life miserable.

Your brother is the biggest supporter of your life.

My brother is the first male friend I made in my life.

Thank you for protecting me, big brother.

We might say we hate our siblings, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I have many friends but no one can take the place of my brother.

Yes, I didn’t choose my brother, but if I got the chance, I would still choose you.

All sacred books teach you about the importance of a brother.

The bond between my siblings and me can be rusty, but it is not broken.

Can there be better role models than brothers?

Brothers truly treat you like an equal.

Our siblings stay with us throughout our personal stories.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day; your brother will make it worse.

Brothers are better than friends because they don’t get to leave you.

I didn’t always share my toys with you, but I will always share my happiness with you, brother.

Brothers may be annoying, but they are always there for you when you need them.

No matter how much you try, you can never find a better friend than your brother.

The best thing about brothers is that they never judge you.

Brothers are the best and the worst part of your childhood.

Even if your friends leave you, your brother will stay by your side.

As a brother, my first priority is teasing my sister.

Brother WhatsApp status

Nothing gives me as much pleasure as fighting with my sister.

I won’t admit it often, but my brother acts like a guide.

I know that I will do anything to protect my siblings.

Your siblings don’t realize how much you need to sacrifice as a big brother.

My parents don’t know how thankful I am to them for gifting me a brother.

My childhood was happy because I had a little brother to play with.

I don’t know how I would function without my brothers.

If you need to get out of a party, call your brother.

Nobody gives you better or worse surprises than your brother.

My brother is the silliest and the best man I have ever known.

Brothers know you better than you know yourself.

You may think you look ugly, but your brother knows you look ugly.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, just give your brother a call he’ll know what to do.

My brother is the biggest source of inspiration for me.

Parents think big brothers are a bad influence on younger siblings and they are not completely wrong.

Don’t tell my brother, but I have always considered him to be an influence.

 I have learned more from my brother than I have learned from school.

Nothing compares to the joy of having a brother take care of you.

My brother is my greatest strength, my worst enemy, and my closest friend.

I know my brother can be annoying, but I would never exchange him for anyone else.

Brothers know how to make you laugh on your bad days.

My brother told me the worst stories, but I’ve never had so much fun with anyone else.

I can’t imagine growing up without a brother’s pranks.

Having a brother means knowing you have the world’s most annoying bodyguard for life.

I can’t imagine my childhood without my brother.

As a brother, my first job is to become a second parent to my siblings.

If I know my siblings can depend on me, I’ll know I am a good man.

My siblings are the only people who really know what’s going on in my mind.

My brother may fight me to death, but he will also fight for me to death.

I can’t live without my siblings, no matter what I say.

Be the man your siblings want you to be.

Brothers can see you through a bad day.

I can’t imagine living without my siblings.

My brother is my worst nightmare, but I would not change him.

You can’t really be cool without stealing your brother’s hoodie.

Growing up, I knew my brother would never leave me alone.

It is difficult to get intimidated by life after I’ve fought with my siblings.

You get thick skin once you grow up with your brothers.

Sometimes having a brother is like having your greatest support for life.

I may not always appreciate them, but I know I’m proud of my siblings.

It is never just sibling rivalry; it is war.

Why we end up fighting I’ll never understand, even though I know my brothers will always be there for me.

My childhood was 50% fighting over the TV remote and 50% playing cricket with my brother.

A brother is more than family: it can only refer to the closest of friends.

Brothers in arms or brothers in the flesh, you know they will always have your back.

My childhood was filled with WWE matches with my big brother, but I won’t have it any other way.

I can’t imagine how people go their whole lives not talking to a brother; I wouldn’t last a minute.

Brothers don’t wipe your tears, they give you a reason to fight them so that you feel like yourself again.

Brothers don’t stop trying to get back at you, even if you’re fifty with rheumatism and arthritis.

I don’t think I have ever found a better confidant than my brother.

I can’t imagine my childhood without the presence of my siblings.

Can anyone love you more than a big brother who protects you throughout your life?

I don’t understand how some siblings go through life without fighting each other: no pranks, no teasing, no jokes.

I wanted a pet so badly that my parents gave me a brother.

The only person I know who will never desert me is my brother.

Don’t you just love it when you have a tough day, and you can come home to your brother giving you a big hug?

Can I go a day without teasing my siblings? No. What kind of question is that?

As a big brother, it is my duty to pull epic pranks on my siblings, so they have someone to look up to.

My brother loves me, but he loves his smelly socks more.

Imagine not having a sibling tagging along with you or calling you big brother: so boring.

Can someone ask my sister to return all the hoodies she has stolen from her big brother?

As a brother, you need to know when your sister is having a bad day so you can make it worse and enjoy the show! 

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