A Speech on Celebrate Diversity

“Unity in Diversity” should be a special and important experience that should be celebrated by everyone around the world. It is like a common thread that binds unique identities and behaviors together; and the beauty is found within its differences. This unity reflects a special beauty where the world becomes one piece of abstract art with many different pieces being combined, each piece has a significant role to play. This is the beauty that we humans should celebrate. 

Humans can adapt, absorb, and learn new things; and various diversities are opportunities and ideologies that every human can exchange, learn, share, understand, and converse to celebrate these differences and common traits. Following such an understanding and respecting other ideas, could lead us to a life filled with peace, love, and harmony. Here are a few ways through which we can enhance our ability to celebrate diversity.

  • Learn about other religions and languages. Finding out more about other religions will help us understand various cultures, traditions, beliefs, and histories of people in our country. Helps to learn about the society now we live in. Share your knowledge on different religions and pass this information onto others as well for a better understanding. Language is an important factor. Even with a few phrases of any language, one could understand that we care and are willing to communicate in their language as well.
  • Visit places, exhibitions, or museums dedicated to other cultures. We all take a break to visit new places, try making that to new cities or museums, see the artifacts and paintings, or learn more history about them mingling and discussing these new pieces of information.
  • Listen to music from different cultures, or watch international movies sometimes. Music is the best way to communicate or experience a new culture. Even if we don’t understand the language we can still enjoy the influences of it and provoke deeper emotional connection. There are several movie industries all over the world, portraying different kinds of culture and beauty. Watching movies could provide an entrance into even distant and faraway places. 
  • Have fun cooking and serve many friends. We all have been eating our meals all the time every day. Try to cook different food and experiment with various cultural recipes. Discuss with friends and families to learn or try new recipes. Have a home party and enjoy different meals on special occasions.
  • Try out new short games or sports activities from different cultures. Playing games is a wonderful pastime. It is also a mode of happiness and exercise for the mind and body. Learning a new game could bring people together. 
  • Learn new traditional stories from different cultures. To expand our knowledge of the world, we could try reading and learning old stories from other cultures. Several traditional folk tales are universal but spread some points of a specific culture.

In a world where people find differences in everything, let’s stay together and celebrate these differences to keep up the harmony.

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