151+ Famous Charles Darwin Quotes

One of the world’s most well-known researchers pioneered concepts about progression and society.

Noted that some people had read books in a variety of genres. English theistic evolutionists and geologists are known best for their contributions to the field of evolution.

Here is a renowned quotation from Darwin that sums him up very well. If I could go back in time, I’d establish a principle to read a few lyrics and hear music at least every week.

Famous Charles Darwin Quotes

“The noblest quality in a man is his love for any living things.” 

“My psyche seems to have evolved into a kind of device for extracting general laws from vast quantities of factual information.” 

I would have made it a rule to peruse some poems and listen to music at least every week if I could start over with my life.  

A man hasn’t learned the importance of life if he dares waste an hour of it.  

More often than not, ignorance breeds confidence: it is those with limited knowledge, not those with extensive wisdom, who so confidently assert that that or that dilemma will never be remedied by science.   

The most admirable quality in a man is his love for all other living things. 

If our institutions, rather than the natural laws, are to blame for the poor people’s suffering, then we have truly sinned. 

I don’t tend to follow other men’s lead blindly.

We are unable to solve the mystery of how everything came to be, so I, for one, must be content with my agnosticism.

We reach the pinnacle of moral culture when we understand that we need to exercise mental restraint.

An American monkey is much more prudent than most men because, after drinking brandy, it would never be touched again.

When humans realized that the monsters were inside of us, we quit looking for them under our beds.  

How effective a species has become at completing the tasks necessary for survival is the basis for intelligence.  

Blushing is the oddest and most human expression there is   

However, we must acknowledge that despite all of his noble qualities, a man still carries his humble origins indelibly on his physical frame.  

There is only one universal rule that ensures the progress of all organic beings: multiply, differ, let the greatest survive, and let the weakest perish.  

Animals also display traits related to social instincts that we would call moral in humans, such as love and sympathy.  

Throughout the long existence of mankind, humans (and animal kind, too), those who were able to effectively work collaboratively and improvise, have triumphed.  

We can allow the universe, or even entire systems of the world, to be ruled by laws, but we want the smallest insect to be created instantly by a special act. 

Charles Darwin Quotes

Nothing is harder—at least for me—than constantly keeping this realization in mind to verbally acknowledge the reality of the wider struggle for survival. 

The power of persistent fraudulent misrepresentation is great. 

Man only chooses for his benefit; nature only considers the best interests of the beings she is tending to. 

I can’t think of any good reasons why anyone’s religious beliefs should be shocked by the opinions expressed in this book. 

For the shield might be just as crucial to success as the dagger or spear. 

The best way to encourage liberation of thought is through the gradual enlightenment of people’s minds that results from scientific advancement.  


I have no fear of dying at all.

The organism that endures is not the one with the greatest physical or mental prowess. It’s the one who can adapt to change the best. 


It’s always a good idea to recognize our ignorance.   

In some cases, eliminating a mistake is a good treatment than establishing a new reality or fact.

The capacity to experience pleasure and pain, contentment and misery, is a basic trait shared by both humans and animals.   

By weakening the emotional side of our nature, the destruction of these tastes—for poetry and music—is a deficit of happiness that may also harm our intellect and, more likely, our moral character.   

We are only interested in the truth to the extent that our reason will allow us to find it; neither hopes nor fears are of any concern to us.

I truly believe that the entire topic is too complex for the human mind to comprehend. A dog could just as well make assumptions about Newton’s thinking. Let each man believe and hope as much as he can. 

Darwinism almost always results in a significant amount of Extinction of the less evolved forms of life and what I have referred to as Divergence of Character. 

Some of the greatest minds that ever existed have responded positively to the inquiry of whether there is an Originator and the Universe’s Ruler.  

Instinct is defined by its ability to be followed without reference to reason.  

We always take our time accepting any significant change for which we cannot see the preliminary steps.  

Death seemed to follow the native anywhere the Europeans had gone.  

However, as we shall see in the following, Natural Selection is a force that is
perpetually ready for action and is immensely superior to a person’s feeble attempts, just as the appears to work of Essence is compared to those of Art. 

A baboon expert would contribute more to metaphysics than Locke.  

Charles Darwin Quotes

A scientist should have a heart of stone and no desires or affections.    

Just visualize your wife relaxing on a couch with a good fire, books, and music in the background.  

The Conflict for Existence will now be covered in more detail.  

In conclusion, it seems that traveling to far-off countries can benefit a young naturalist more than anything else.  

I have often wondered if I hadn’t given myself over to fantasy when I felt a chill run through me.  

The universe has undoubtedly been worked on by one hand.  

Only by completely outlining and weighing the facts and assertions on both sides of each inquiry can a fair conclusion be reached.

It is hard to imagine a terrible, silent war raging beneath nature’s serene exterior.  

The question then becomes: Can the human mind, which, in my opinion, evolved from a mind no higher than that of the smallest mammal, be respected when it comes to such lofty conclusions?    

Any subject where human knowledge ends has a high level of interest, which is possibly heightened by its proximity to the domains of imagination.   


I have always believed that, with the exception of fools, there is a significant difference between men in terms of zeal and work ethic. 

However, a power station on the periphery of a desert is said to fight the drought for survival, even though it is actually dependent on moisture. 

Which person will live and which will die, which variation or species will proliferate, and which will decline in number or eventually go extinct depends on the weight of the remaining grains. 

Only under extreme emotional stress do Englishmen cry, in contrast to some regions of the Continent in which men cry much more frequently and freely. 

What despicable deeds spring from the lust for fame; this same love of the truth alone could never drive a man to attack another person vehemently. 

It is necessary to anticipate a harvest, however far off it may be, when some benefit will be realized. 

My entire theory could be disproved by such basic instincts as bees building a beehive.

I’ve said that there is a virtually flawless gradation in the thirteen life forms of ground finches, from a beak that is extraordinarily deep to one that is so fine that it can be compared to a warbler’s.

So, our descent is where our evil passions come from! Our grandfather is the devil, posing as a baboon.

The phrase “survival of the fittest,” frequently used by Mr. Herbert Spencer, is more accurate and occasionally equally useful.

How strange that anyone would fail to realize that every observation must support or refute a particular viewpoint in order to be useful.

Or, contrary to what one might assume based on appearances, she might choose the man who is least offensive to her rather than the one she finds most attractive.

One might compare the force to that of a million wedges.

We must take into account our lovely powers of discrimination, which we have developed through a long habit of watching ourselves when determining the extent of the differences between the races.

Charles Darwin Quotes

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