A Speech on How to Choose Your Friends

 Relationships with friends or friendships are like elevators; either they will bring you up or take you down. Every connection is not there to be a long-term connection but we hold on to them sometimes and form a toxic relationships that expired years earlier but we are just not ready to let it go because we still may be have some emotional bond from our side but if it is not mutual between two people than there is no meaning of it.

This is why we should and it is very important for us to make the right choices regarding relationship or friendship. Here is few secrets way to choose the right one:

If you are focused enough and want take you life or career or anything a level up then you should choose to hang out with those people who are already on a level up than you. By Doing this you can expand your mind more and to greater possibilities. It is OK to feel comfortable with people who are same as you.

However, in order to become the one you want to now and then you need to take a good to step outside of your comfort zone and spend time with friends who can expose you to those things you are not that familiar with, and you will get new information of the higher level of living. You should value these friendships, because is a way how you could advanced yourself easily.

Choose friends who have similar values with you. Diversity is surely a great thing in many ways, but when it comes to the values and beliefs we generally have it’s best to keep the root of friendships with same minded people instead of diversity.

If you have a friend who and you have common goals is very important. You can work with each other because you both have same goal, you can be partners of a new business, you can push each other, can encourage each other and this will make your friendship more strong. 

It is better to choose friends who gives you strength, motivates you and encourage you to do good things instead of those who like to discourage people with their negative word and my advice is everyone should stay minimum a mile away from them because negativity has more power than the positive things. It could affect you instantly. Like if someone says “this is not something that you could do” or “I don’t think you can do this”. These kinds of thoughts are very dangerous and Don not ever chooses someone as your friend who has this kind of mindset.

Friends are a big part of our life and can influence us variously so choosing friends that have a thirst for knowledge is a good idea. Life is all about learning, the more we learn the more we grow advance. So to be with someone who has passion to learn new things will definitely affect you and it will encourage you to become more knowledgeable.

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