200+ Clever Status and Phrase to Share

People often look for smart status to update their WhatsApp statuses. Here are some of the best Quotes to check that you can put on your statuses.

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Clever Status and Phrase

  •  Life does not wait for the storm to subside; it learns to dance in the rain. 

  •  I am single because I haven’t found anyone worthy of me. 

  •  A true relationship is one in which we fight, love, and trust each other. 

  •  I am not alone, no one is perfect, and so I am not perfect either. I embrace my flaws.

  •  Find someone who can change your life, not your relationship status. 

  •  Sometimes silence is better than telling others how you feel.  

  •  Don’t be too optimistic. The lights at the end of the tunnel may be different trains. 

  •  Try and fail, but don’t stop trying. 

  •  No one is perfect; understanding is very important. 

  •  Your beauty dazzles me. To be on the safe side, I need your name and number. 

  •  If you expect the world to be righteous to you because you are righteous to them.

  •  My attitude depends on how you treat me! 

  •  I feel like Indiana Jones because you are the treasure I am looking for. 

  •  I don’t hate school; I just hate teachers, homework, exams, and getting up early. 

  •  Life does not wait for the storm to subside; it learns to dance in the rain. 

  •  Find someone who will make you a better person. 
Clever Quotes

Meaningful Clever Status for WhatsApp

  • When I feel clever, I sound better with my mouth closed

  • You’re either by my side or in my way.

  • If you are clever, you will never be a prisoner of your past.

  • Some opinions can never become a concern for the clever ones.

  • God is clever, and that is why we are born as humans.

  • You can’t eradicate stupidity, but you can become clever.

  • Perfection doesn’t require being clever. It requires your heart.

  • If you are clever, then nobody can make your feel inferior

  • A foolish man creates a problem, and a clever man solves it.

  • You can cleverly plan your future by overlooking the past.

  • He/she who is clever and has a reason to live will survive till the end.

  • Great achievement involves great risk, and risks shall always be taken cleverly.

  • Yesterday I wanted to change the world, But today I am clever, so I am changing myself.

  • Sell your cleverness to add gleefulness to life.

  • You can be bold, but you would be helpless without cleverness.

  • A stupid man’s opinion of a clever man can never be accurate.

  • If you can hide your cleverness, then only you become the cleverest one

  • A clever man thinks too much, and a foolish man doesn’t do that much.

  • More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness in this world.

  • I hope I am clever enough to use my time wisely.

  • He/she who knows themselves is cleverer than the others.

  • Sometimes genius is disguised as cleverness in our life.

  • It’s important to be cleverer than before, but it’s more important not to show it.

  • The people who hire you are clever, but you need to be cleverer than them
Clever Quotes

Smart and catchy Clever Status for WhatsApp

  • Seeing the world now, I believe we need a little less clever people
  • People should realize that minding your own business is a clever approach.
  • The sky is blue, and maybe I am being clever, but I like you.
  • Too much of showing how clever you are can make you the dumb one.
  • What will Zombie eat first? A clever brain or a dumb brain
  • I am not sure if I attract dumb people or if I am always the clever one

  • The older you get, the cleverer you become, unless you are a banana.

  • Be thankful for your cleverness, and be careful with your stupidity. 

  • Everybody is so clever now, and I am so sick of it.

  • I believe my determination can overpower my cleverness

  • Clothes can cover the man, and being clever can mold the man.

  • Your answer to a question tells about how clever you are.

  • People who are not clever try to be clever.

  • You can master your life only if you are clever.

  • You are never clever enough to know the evil you have done.

  • I am clever enough to confuse you if I cannot convince you.

  • Be a clever person to solve your own problems.

  • Only if you are a clever woman can you manage a clever man.

  • The cleverest liar will never give you a reason in detail.

  • To be clever in life, you don’t need to show it off.

  • It is hard to intimidate a woman who is clever.

  • I sometimes believe that to remain silent is the cleverest act.

  • I think being clever is good but being nice is important.

  • Your cleverness can help you to impress people.

  • We should never try to be clever just for the sake of showing off.

  • If you are clever enough, you do not need more than two words.

  • Be kinder and more gentle than clever.

  • If you are not clever, enough boldness won’t help you.

  • Cleverness never leads you to achieve wisdom.

  • Your cleverness helps you to conceal that you are clever.

  • If you are clever, you only tolerate cleverness and nothing else.

  • Be clever not just to win but to excel in winning with ease.

  • Being clever is serviceable but not sufficient for everything.

  • We must learn to be clever and not cunning.

  • If I could sell my cleverness, I would buy bewilderment in return.

  • Being clever is more important than just being brave.

  • I appreciate loyalty and kindness more than cleverness.

  • If you are clever enough, never think others are stupid.

  • Your cleverness is appreciated unless you start acting cruelly.

  • You being a clever person, can turn big problems into little ones.

  • Your tenacity is worth more than the weight of your cleverness.

  • Stupid people usually have weaknesses in clever minds.
  • Your eyes tell more than your mouth can ever tell. So be careful before you look at me twice.

  • If you try to talk behind my back, then you better be careful. You can only talk, but I can do it too.

  • Don’t try to act overly smart in front of me, and I can prick your bubble of overconfidence with my sharp tongue.

  • If you are trying to put me behind you, you have to learn to be fast and also need to be intelligent.

  • Don’t try to boast about yourself; if I started then, you would have wished to keep your mouth closed.

Clever status for WhatsApp

Looking for clever status for Whatsapp? Well, mate! Good news, we have what you want! You could be clever by uploading these messages to your status, and it can even make you look cool too! So here are a few clever statuses you could use which are clever!

  • People who laughed at me now want to laugh with me. Oh, how the tables have turned!

  • If you could hear my inner voice mocking you every time you try to stomp on me, you would cry.

  • You need to think before you start talking bad about me because when I have to step in, you would wish you were dead.

  • Be clear about what you want. Not everyone knows what they want, and not anyone knows that’s what they want.

  • Hopefully, you realize how much of a waste of energy you are and stop blabbering.

Tricky WhatsApp status

Do you want to look cool by uploading some tricky WhatsApp statuses? Well, we got your back, mate! You could use the below tricky WhatsApp status to throw people into the pit of confusion and seem clever!

  • Did you know that when your nose itches, it is that someone is thinking about you continuously? Or it might be you just have an itchy nose.

  • When your left foot is itchy, people say that you might soon go on a vacation. But it also might be you have your left feet itching.

  • A house can have two entries, for people to move in and for people to move out! But my heart is a house with no doors.

  • Tea can calm your mind, a nap can relax your body, and good music puts you in a better place!

  • Never wish to know what lies below the ocean and what lies behind my eyes.

Clever Quotes

What does clever mean?

Clever basically means when a person is quick in thinking and understanding things before anyone can even process things. Someone who is intelligent and mind calculative.

What should I put for WhatsApp status?

You can put anything you like on your WhatsApp status. You could put something clever, funny, a knock-knock joke, a riddle, or anything. 

How do I make my WhatsApp status unique?

You can make your WhatsApp status unique when you are the person who is creating something that can blow people’s minds. When you create something, it will obviously be unique.

A clever headline to attract attention

Did you know this will happen if you…………..? You would wish you had never watched this………… Why would anyone want to do this or even try this…….?

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