A Speech on” Should Columbus Day Be Replaced with Indigenous People’s Day?”

Indigenous Day which is  still in many places often known as the Columbus day is celebrated to honor the Native Americans, but the other half continues to believe it’s a day to honor the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas which was in 1942.

Numerous number of the population still believe it is best to celebrate the Indigenous Day which is the right way to honor the Native Americans and recall their old memories on the culture and histories and not by celebrating it as the Columbus Day, which was to honor Christopher Columbus and his violent history of colonization he brought with him to the Western Hemisphere. 

Christopher Columbus, not only arrived in this community, he never came with peace. Moreover he came in with a lot of horrifying deeds like various diseases, different kinds of assaults and genocides to the Native communities. So, we should make sure that he is not a figure to be upheld with in this modern society. Why should we actually celebrate in his name when he has actually not found anything? For the Native Americans, Columbus Day has always been a hateful and hurtful day.

This day reminds them of the violent histories, for almost 500 years of colonial abuse over the natives by the European explorers who then settled here and claimed this nation to be theirs – a history of wounds that still stay fresh upon many of the Native Americans. Today, we all know the facts and truths about Columbus and his men who behaved incorrectly when they came into this continent. So, that is not something any of us wish to celebrate.

On the other hand, Indigenous Day is specially for everyone who are Native American. It is to celebrate the beautiful culture, food and art with all other people around and spread the knowledge filled histories and stories of our ancestors.

A day to remember the elders who lived here for thousands of years, who also had their own society, own political institutions and own cultures. It is important to accept the old, Indigenous root of our country which is now called the United States. This day helps us to appreciate many facts of which one is that we need to accept and respect that we live in the land which ones belong to someone else and it still continues to belong to them somehow.

We should be aware of the fact that many indigenous kids in the nation attending schools and colleges, would find it very painful to celebrate the day as Columbus day. A day that reminds them of the pain their ancestors experienced. So, we should never provide a national holiday for Columbus Day to celebrate over a reason that could actually hurt a certain population.

A bill was passed on October 10, 2019, where the D.C council voted to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Day, which is awaiting approval to make it permanent. In my opinion that should without a doubt be approved.

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