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Commitment is an awesome thing and commitment day, January 1st, is when you say your feelings to that special person in your life. You can even set-up an event to tell that person that how much they mean to you.

The commitment is for a long period. The commitment words, ‘I do’, ‘I promise’, ‘I vow’ are meaningful and are in use on commitment day. The commitment day was celebrated in 1960 for the first time.

The commitment day is the extension of the new year resolutions.  The commitment will end in romance and wedding.

Commitment day is the time to take that future step. Being in the relationship means much more than commitment. Whatever it may be. This day is exciting for couples who are in love with each other. Many of the couples decide to live in a relationship rather than at a wedding.

The commitment day is the ideal time to make the heartfelt pledge and make a lifelong commitment.

You don’t know how can you tell your commitment words with that special person? Here we have some ideas for you. We hope that this helps.

List of Commitment day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

-If I was there, I would have committed to you. Miss you. Happy commitment day.

– I am a day late for commitment day but I you all should know that  I’m in love with my new hat.

-Last weekend was great. Would you mind to make my next weekend so? Happy commitment day.

-Today is your day! Say I commit. I will be happy.

-You won’t want to miss this!  Yes, my commitment words.

-Little did I know then, that I had to come this way. We are the only thing stopping us. Just do it!

-The day he committed and said trust me, and I have no doubt anymore. Love you dad!

Do it yourself and no one else can do it for you. Happy commitment day for a fit year ahead.

-I was pregnant when I committed with this little guy.  He has been there for all Commitment Days!

– Can’t wait to see you today for those three commitment words.

-I’m committed to baseball and never gonna miss a tournament. Celebrating commitment day.

This guy can train me for this commitment day. I’m gonna enjoy it for sure.

-Love is a maximum commitment, not emotion. Happy commitment day.

-Student’s shortest commitment to the book, a day before exams!!LoL.

-Commitment is an act for a lifetime not a word for a second.

Love is sacrifice, knowledge and commitment. Wishing all a happy commitment day.

-Love is to give not only to take. I love you. I’m expecting a lifetime commitment with you.

-The limit to your impact is your commitment. I shall wait for you.

-Commitment to protecting the other person’s heart with the same passion you used to guard your own heart.

-Love is not alone. It is in the company of care, commitment, knowledge, trust, and respect.

-Sometimes the relationships end not because of the absence of love, but due to the lack of commitment.

-I promise that you will be mine always. Happy commitment day.

-Once I committed to you, I’m done. Nothing else matters.

-oohu..finally committed!

-Wedding? Impossible without trust and commitment.

-If the fitness doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

-Make an everlasting commitment with the person you love the most. wishing you all a happy commitment day.

-Yes, I do, he said. I said, Me too…

-Commitment Day was an invitation for those who God has sent to Love Church, Release resources the Lord has entrusted to us.

Hard work can’t be avoided when you pursue something great in life, my new year resolution, no I mean commitment.

I will be there for you no matter what. I promise.

He gave me a commitment Ring. I said No because I have you!

It’s Commitment Day and all that’s missing is you! I need you right here.

I’m scared of commitment because I don’t want yet another man to disappoint me.

-A dog taught me what love is and I’m committed to it.

-This kind of man a woman want to commit to. Happy commitment day.

-I couldn’t understand the language of love until I committed to it.

It is not necessary that a love commitment should end in a wedding. I commit to these lines!

-Friendship, love and commitment, both goes together in my life. Wish you all a happy commitment day.

Today is absolutely perfect day, My heart is happy, my mind is happy and my soul is happy. Commitment day wishes.

This day is all about making a commitment to yourself through health and fitness. This commitment should be lifetime.

– When it comes to commitment and sticking to one strategy , it is important to know the tips to be successful.

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment. I am committed to myself.Are you?

– A Long-term relationship is the goal of Commitment and results.

– My commitment to myself is real. I don’t know about you.

Each engagement ring is manipulated to the extent that is capable of being manipulated. Which means that the process of commitment works with nature and not against it.

Agape Love is the one which does not want any commitment but it lasts long, even after death.

You can’t expect big results with half-hearted commitments.

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