Community Service Should Be a Graduation Requirement for All High School Students

Many schools across the country have added it in their rules already that in order to graduate of the students of those schools, they need to complete a certain amount of community service which has been decided by their school. It is a very debatable and popular topic of recent time whether they should add it as an mandatory service or not. But this action has been met with disagreement from numerous groups who have criticized community service’s mandatory enforcement.

Supporters of mandatory community service argue that it will help in building leadership abilities in pupils and it will prepare them better for future jobs in which leadership skills are viewed as a valuable quality. It will also satisfy us as a symbiotic connection between the person who is receiving and the person volunteering that thing.

Moreover we can easily associate to the fact that involvement in community service will greatly help us to modify a person’s college application while delivering free, helpful services to the person who received the service. As per Analysis has shown us that on average, pupils pertained to in any type of community service graduate at a higher ratio than those who are not. 

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest men to ever live, is said that “Only a life lived for others are a life worthwhile.” This is obtained by seeking to enrich those around you with volunteering. It could be anything from cleaning the garbage up to giving companionship to elder people and disabled ones is a way to change the world for better, little by little.

But, it is nearly impossible for a single person to change the world to be a better place all on his or her own. There should be a continuous effort from all of those people who support and believe on this belie of Albert Einstein. Some people believe that the best ways to achieve these things are by the implementation of mandatory community service, through schools, charities or churches or through this kind of institutions .

 Community service is also very important for the development of students both character and academics, but some people think that there would be negative effects of this force full implementation of mandatory community service. The negative effects of forcing students to take a part in community service by deciding a fixed amount of it as a requirement for student’s high school graduation could offset the actual benefit of this. .

Only 17 percent of high schools out of all gave change of doing community service program, in the year of 1984. By the year of 1999, only in 15 years this number has increased from 17 percent to sixty six percent. Approximately eighty nine percent high schools out of all high schools had offered, and many directed to take a part in, a community service program. Now days Two thirds of high schools out of all require their students in all levels to take a part in the community service activities. But aren’t they taking it too far? What do you think,?

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