203+ Confirmation Quotes For A More Positive You (Images)

These inspiring quotes serve as uplifting reminders of our potential and worth. They echo the beauty of self-belief, encouraging us to stride confidently towards our goals.

In moments of doubt, they stand as beacons of positivity, guiding us towards self-discovery and accomplishment.

Let these quotes be the melodies of certainty in the symphony of life, reminding us that our journey is one of growth and endless possibilities.

Confirmation Quotes

  • “Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.” – D. Elton Trueblood.

  • “Confirmation deepens the grace received at Baptism and strengthens us to live as authentic witnesses of Christ.” – Pope Francis.

  • “Confirmation is the sacrament that enables us to be rooted more deeply in the Father’s love and to be more fully committed to the life and mission of Jesus Christ.” – Archbishop Charles Chaput.

  • “Confirmation gives us the grace to profess our faith boldly and to live it with courage and conviction.” – Bishop Robert Barron.

  • “Confirmation is an act of faith, of affirming one’s beliefs and committing oneself to a life of service to God and others.” – Rev. William G. Storey.

  • “Through Confirmation, we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are empowered to live out our faith in the world.” – Bishop Daniel E. Thomas.

  • “Confirmation is not the end, but rather the beginning of our journey as disciples of Christ.” – Pope Benedict XVI.

  • “Confirmation is an opportunity to renew our commitment to Christ and to the mission of his Church.” – Bishop Michael F. Burbidge.

  • “Confirmation reminds us that we are never alone in our journey of faith, but rather surrounded by a community of believers who support and encourage us.” – Rev. John Bartunek.

  • “Through Confirmation, we are marked with the seal of the Holy Spirit and commissioned to go forth and share the good news of the Gospel with the world.” – Archbishop José H. Gomez.
  • Not all in this world are lucky enough to be bestowed with the blessings of God on this confirmation day
  • May God bestow upon you the best and shower his blessings over you

  • May you receive Lord Jesus’s blessings forever. Have a successful future ahead as you will step into a new life journey.

  • Today, on your confirmation day, I pray to the Almighty to save you from all odds and give you the perfect solution to every problem.

  • I wish you an excellent day to achieve the most significant milestone of your life. Have faith in yourself.

  • Wishing you a happy life, and may you get the best of the best blessings of the Almighty throughout your life journey.

  • Many congratulations. From now onwards, you will travel the path of wisdom connecting your soul with the Lord.
  • Every confirmation comes with a special confirmation prayer, and this time it is for you directly from the heaven
  • Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! On this most special day! Because it is the confirmation day
  • May a lot many wishes may come to you on this extraordinary confirmation day, and may all these wishes may delight your present and future with happiness and joy
  • May on this special confirmation day Jesus Christ bestow you with his blessings
  • May on the celebrations of this confirmation day, Jesus Christ come down and celebrate this day with you!
  • Profess! Profess! As it is the time for the profession of your faith and belief in the heavenly Lord. As the Lord has bestowed upon you the best you can deserve on this confirmation day
  • Make preparations for your celebrations on this confirmation day and also make yourself ready for your bright future
  • “Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.” – Max Lucado.

  • “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson.

  • “Confirmation is a sacrament of empowerment to witness and share Christ’s love.” – Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz.

  • “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

  • “The Holy Spirit enlightens the human spirit and strengthens us to live as disciples of Christ.” – Pope Francis.

  • “The Holy Spirit is the interior Master of Christian experience who shows us how to live the Gospel in the concrete circumstances of our lives.” – Pope Francis.

  • “Confirmation means accepting responsibility for your faith and destiny. Your parents and teachers have given you the tools you need to succeed. The rest is up to you.”

  • “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  • “Through the Holy Spirit we are restored to paradise, led back to the Kingdom of heaven, and adopted as children, given confidence to call God ‘Father’ and to share in Christ’s grace.” – St. Basil the Great.

  • “Confirmation is a call to mission, to witness to Christ in every aspect of our lives, with our words and our actions.” – Pope Francis.

  • Tighten your shoelace and pull up your socks, because there is lot more to come after this confirmation day

  • Everyone here wishes for this confirmation day, so feel yourself blessed and fortunate enough, thank Jesus for bestowing this day upon you

  • May Jesus Christ have a lot more for in his box of fortunes and happiness for you, just like the surprise he gave you now on by giving you this confirmation day

  • This confirmation day is the blessing directly from heaven sent straight by Jesus Christ and he is always watching you, so keep yourself always on the right path, distance yourself from the evils and wrongdoings.

  • You are the favorite of the Jesus Christ and hence, it is proved with this confirmation day, which he specially made for you

  • This confirmation day is not the end, but the new beginning for you in your life, so begin your new life with all your enthusiasm and keep your spirits and souls high
  • This confirmation day has opened a golden gate of new opportunities for you, so step in and rise up above the sky, act with all your zeal and prove it to all, your capabilities and you’re potential

  • On this confirmation, day assemble all, the best wishes and direct them on the path that makes your future the best one!

  • Hey! Congratulations it’s your confirmation day, I wish you all the very best for today, tomorrow, and for always

Confirmation Sayings

  • Difficulties may come and go, but how you overcame all of them, can be proved through this auspicious occasion of your confirmation day!

  • All your efforts and hard work finally paid you off, and so here are you with this confirmation day! A very big congratulation to you on this day

  • This confirmation day is the best gift one could ever wish or even wish of!

  • May Jesus Christ always award you with whatever you may wish for just like this confirmation day, that he gifted you as the best gift you could ever get

  • When someone asks me what I actually wish for it is the confirmation day 
  • Jesus Christ does not gift this confirmation day to all, but only to his children and to his dear ones, feel yourself to be lucky if you have been one amongst them today.
  • May this auspicious confirmation day bring with it the garland of new opportunities for you, that you can then wear and move ahead, filled with high spirits and zeal to act
  • Keep yourself away from the evil spirits and negativity, and always remember that there is no turning back after this confirmation day!
  • Distance yourself from the negative, and look forward, as now there is no turning back; new opportunities are waiting for you eagerly. I wish you all the luck and success on this confirmation day!
  • Make this confirmation day the best one and live all the best memories on this day because tomorrow, you will cherish them with a smile on your face.
  • The confirmation day party is the best part, so enjoy and have a lot of fun on this day.
  • Look forward to your new journey that is about to begin on this confirmation day
  • Thank Jesus Christ for all his support and for all his blessings upon you! Wish you a great life ahead of this confirmation day
  • I feel extremely happy and proud of you on this confirmation day! Wish you all the luck and love for your future
  • Sending you all my love and appreciation on this phenomenal confirmation day!
  • I have never been so happy and delighted as I am today because it’s your confirmation day!
  • I feel lucky and honored to be a part of your life today, and I wish to be the same forever; congratulations on this confirmation day to you
  • Hope you get the best in your life ahead, just like this confirmation day!
  • Some people may be jealous of you, but always remember that your effort, hard work, and capabilities brought you here today, so celebrate your confirmation day more than you celebrate a festival.
  • Leave them behind, who always pulled you behind, move ahead towards a better future, and have a new beginning on this confirmation day.

Confirmation Catholic Quotes

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Confirmation is the sacrament that strengthens us to live out our faith in the world.”

“Confirmation is not the end, but the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime.”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

“Confirmation is the opportunity to affirm and commit ourselves to the beliefs and practices of our faith.”

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”

“Confirmation reminds us that we are not alone on our spiritual journey, but are part of a larger community of believers.”

“Confirmation is not about perfection, but about progress. It is a step towards a deeper understanding of our faith and our place in the world.”

I am so happy about your confirmation moment.

May God bless you with special blessings from heaven on your confirmation day.

I was so thrilled about your confirmation. May the almighty bless you and protect you.

God will indefinitely fill your soul with abundant happiness spirit. All the best.

May God’s blessings always stay with you throughout your life. Best of luck.

Congratulations on your confirmation. Your most beautiful journey starts from here.

All the very best, and always believe that hard work pays off. Congrats once again.

This will be one of the most memorable days of your life because your bonding with the creator of the universe starts today.

I wish you all the good wishes and charm luck for your confirmation.

May your faith in God bless you till eternity. Congrats on your confirmation ceremony.

Have faith in yourself, and the result will speak for your achievement.

Although it might seem difficult initially, you will start the most awaited journey of your life. Congratulations.

May Jesus give you His best blessings always. Congrats on the confirmation.

Your new life journey will commence after so much hard work and patience. Many heartiest congratulations.

Finally, you have got your confirmation from Lord Jesus. A big congrats.

May this confirmation make you have a strong personality. Congratulations on your bright future.

You have got a chance to grow in your life again. I am so proud of you.

Congrats on your confirmation. This officially confirms your bonding with Lord Jesus.

Keep growing, and happy confirmation. I wish you the best future ahead.

This confirmation has brought so much happiness to us. Lots of love and wishes for growing.

This confirmation of yours has made this day extra memorable and unique.

Short Confirmation Quotes

I wish you a bright and light future since you have officially received your confirmation.

This confirmation moment indeed brings so much joy with it. I am sending my heartiest congrats.

This memorable confirmation day will bring you all the happiness that you deserve. 

Enjoy the moment of confirmation with all your heart.

May you get every wish of yours fulfilled. Have a great day, child.

I am sending you lots of love on the special confirmation day. Congratulations.

Oh, so finally, it’s your confirmation. I am so glad to see your personality growth.

May Lord Jesus give you all His blessings and love throughout your life. Congrats on your confirmation.

May you achieve great heights in your life. Happy confirmation day.

 Blissful confirmation ceremony. Lord Jesus loves you.

I wish you everything that you deserve. You are such a nice person. Congrats on your confirmation.

May you live a prosperous life. Joyous confirmation.

May you get all the positive energy from the holy souls. Lots of love for your confirmation.

You will always have God’s blessings in your life. Happy confirmation.

This wonderful day is truly memorable. Enjoy your happy confirmation.

Lord Jesus will always be your guiding light in your life. May you have a happy life.

Enjoy your confirmation day to your fullest

May God shower all its blessings on you on your confirmation day

Make this confirmation day the memorable one, and enjoy it to the fullest on this day

I wish you all the luck and prosperity on your confirmation day.

Confirmation day is the best day in one’s life, so make it the most beautiful and unforgettable

Confirmation day is a day of pride for all, so cherish this day, and make it memorable.

My hearty congratulations, to all on this confirmation day

Cherish this extraordinary day, and feel lucky for this confirmation day

Confirmation Quotes For Daughter

Your daughter’s confirmation quotes must represent how happy you are about the confirmation.

It should encourage their faith and develop their personality. Including some prayers and motivation, scriptures might do the magic for your confirmation quotes.

The confirmation quotes should be unique, encouraging, and inspirational. There might be some difficulty with the most appropriate confirmation quotes.

Here is a beautiful collection of confirmation quotes for my daughter. 

Congratulations, sweetheart, for your confirmation. May you have all the happiness of your life.

We hope this confirmation will make your mind and soul happy and take you on a world voyage where truth, kindness, and wisdom prevail.

Happy confirmation, daughter. You have made this day extra special.

May you be guided by holy angels in every step of your life. Best wishes for the confirmation, darling.

No pain and sorrow of the world can cause distress to you, my child, when you are bonded to the Almighty. Happy confirmation and congratulations.

Many-many best wishes for your confirmation, daughter. May you live a blessed life.

Lord Jesus will always be there, blessing you at every turn of your life. Excellent confirmation, darling. You will grow more beautiful on this journey.

I am so blessed to be a part of your beautiful confirmation ceremony. 

 Congratulations sweetheart. May Jesus’s choicest blessings shower on you constantly.

Happy confirmation day, darling. You are the best.

We are so proud of your confirmation, dear daughter. 

I hope you achieve all your success and achievements in your life. Happiest blessings for your confirmation.

Congrats, dear, for your confirmation. May your bond with the Lord Jesus remain forever.

Congrats to you on your confirmation ceremony. You are our proud daughter.

May God give you all the strength to accomplish your dreams. Happiest congratulations on your long-awaited confirmation.

May you be blessed with Lord’s guidance and blessings throughout your life. 

This excellent confirmation will help you to be stronger and walk along the righteous path. Happy confirmation.

On achieving this milestone, we pray that the Holy Spirit blesses you and strengthens your confidence through life.

May this confirmation brings you unlimited joy. God is always there to protect and bless you from all evil.

Confirmation Blessings Quotes

Getting confirmation is one of the best moments a faithful Christian can have. Inspiring the little souls in this authentic journey of life could show your act of love.

Your duty is to encourage your grandchildren and children through confirmation blessings quotes.

The confirmation blessings quote lifts the spirits and beliefs of an individual. Finding the perfect confirmation words to relate to the love of the Lord Jesus can be most challenging most of the time.

We are so proud of you for achieving this milestone in your life. May you be blessed with success in every moment of your life.

This confirmation day marks the beginning of your most beautiful journey with the Lord Jesus by your side. Happy confirmation.

May you get the strength to conquer all the challenges of your life. May you be filled with profound happiness in your life.

I am sending our best wishes for your confirmation. We are so proud of you, dear.

Congratulation to you on your confirmation. God will always show you how to fight all the odds of your life.

May the radiance of your wisdom sparkle brightly on every person you come across in your life. I am sending lots of love for your confirmation.

May Lord Jesus bless you with all His brightest blessings and be your savior in every dilemma of your life. Happy confirmation.

I am sending you the heartiest congratulations for your confirmation. I wish you all the success and enjoyment as you start your spiritual journey.

May you grow and learn every chance you get in your life. Have an incredible life ahead.

This confirmation is going to make a beautiful future for you. Best wishes to you.

I am so glad to be there on your wonderful confirmation day. I wish you all the love and luck for your future.

May this phenomenal confirmation day bring you a lot of happiness and delight. I feel so lucky.

New opportunities are knocking on your door. This confirmation day will bring you many happy memories, making you smile tomorrow.

A very big congratulation on your confirmation. I pray you all the best in all your future dreams and wishes.

May you be filled with peace and inspiration as you have received your confirmation. Happy confirmation.

Confirmation Bias Quotes

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anaïs Nin

“When we have an opinion and it turns out to be incorrect, our brains often actively suppress the memories that contradict it.” – Daniel Levitin

“The human understanding when it has once adopted an opinion draws all things else to support and agree with it.” – Francis Bacon

“It is the peculiar and perpetual error of the human understanding to be more moved and excited by affirmatives than by negatives.” – Francis Bacon

“Confirmation bias is the Achilles’ heel of the human mind.” – Yuval Noah Harari

“The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is the illusion of knowledge.” – Daniel J. Boorstin

“We love to expect, and when expectation is either disappointed or gratified, we want to be again deceived.” – Samuel Johnson

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“We are all at times unconscious prisoners of our assumptions.” – James Mattis

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman

“What the human being is best at doing is interpreting all new information so that their prior conclusions remain intact.” – Warren Buffett

“The human mind is so wedded to stereotypes and so distracted by vivid descriptions that it will seize upon them, even when they defy logic, rather than upon truly relevant facts.” – Daniel Kahneman

“We are all apt to believe what the world believes about us.” – George Eliot

“Our opinions become fixed at the point where we stop thinking.” – Ernest Renan

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