A Speech on How to Create a Successful Brand

Good (—) ladies and gentlemen. I’m (—) and I will be giving you a speech on how to create a successful brand. A brand is a unique identity that distinguishes one product from another. Every brand must have a distinguishing name. Creating a brand or branding is an important stepping stone in starting a business. As Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon said, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

To build a brand, first, you have to do some market research. You need to identify your target audience and cater to your product and its marketing to their needs. You have to be clear about your business. Let people know that you are confident about your business and your product. You need to convince people as to why your product is unique and worth buying, considering the market competition. Consider a SWOT analysis and find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business possesses. Convince people that quality is your priority. 

The next step is to build an appropriate logo and design for your brand. People tend to remember logos, taglines, and designs and make distinctions of quality out of it. Your logo must be unique and should hold value. It should be visually appealing and must be imprinted on your business cards, buildings, stamps, etc.

The colors and templates should be used wisely. The tagline must define your business in short. Have a brand strategy, as a blueprint of how you want people to see your brand. Make a set of rules, policies, guidelines, and document it. This will let people know what are the things you value and will trust your business to invest their assets. Your brand should have a personality of its own and you should let it shine and stand out in the crowd. You need to let people know why your brand exists, what are your products, and how you are planning on selling it.

You then have to integrate your brand with your community. Choose a medium of communication, tone, and language which suits the personality of your brand. Make an emotional connection with people. Share your stories and experiences which led you to the creation of this brand and what all you experienced in this period of brand creation. An important step involved is advertising.

Be it whatever medium, written, broadcasting, or new media, advertising is important to gain proper reach and attention. Proper advertising helps you introduce your brand to the world. Today the best platform for advertising is social media. Through creating, pages, hashtags, paid, and unpaid promotions, the brand can have fame and recognition among people, especially youth. 

One thing to keep in mind is to not copy your competitors. Keep your brand authentic and maintain consistency and brand identity. Make your brand memorable and worthy. When your customers give you recognition for all that your brand stands for, consider your brand successful. 

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