A Speech About the Culture of The United States

Good (—). I am here today to give you a brief speech about the culture of The United States of America. The US culture is chiefly of Western origin but is also influenced by various other cultures like s African, Native American, Pacific Island, Asian, and Latin American people and their cultures. It also comprises of its unique social and cultural characteristics like music, social habits, dialect, art, folklore, and cuisine. Its is known to us that people from various countries all over the world migrate to the US and therefore the country has diverse ethnicity and race. 

The United States has its European roots from the  British settlers of colonial America during the British invasion. The British ethnic group contributed to the major social and cultural mindset and attitudes that evolved into the American character. Jeffersonian democracy was a foundational American cultural innovation, which continues to be a core part of the country’s identity. The cultural affiliations a personal within the US may have commonly depended upon socio-economic class, orientation, and a mess of demographic characteristics like religious background, occupation, and ethnos membership. 

Although the US has no official language at the federal level, twenty-eight states have passed legislation, making English the official language. Indigenous languages of the US include the Native American languages, which are spoken on the country’s numerous Indian reservations and at cultural events.

The national dialect is considered to be American English, which itself consists of diverse regional dialects, but has some shared unifying features that distinguish it from other national styles of English. There are four large dialect regions within the United States. They are the North, the South, the MIdland, and the West. Several other smaller dialects include those of New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston.

The Americans highly appreciate and give importance to art and architecture. Museums in Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. began to possess a booming business in acquisitions, competing for works as diverse because the then more modern work of the Impressionists to pieces from Ancient Egypt, all of which captured the general public imaginations and further influenced fashion and architecture. Painting within the US today covers an unlimited range of designs.

American painting includes works by the painters, John Singer Sargent, Georgia O’Keeffe, and illustrator, among many others. Architecture within the US is regionally diverse and has been shaped by many external forces. U.S. architecture can therefore be said to be eclectic, something unsurprising in such a multicultural society.

Theatre, Literature, Music are also flourishing in the US. Television is a primary mass media in the US. Education is and has been majorly provided by the government and the US has a literacy rate of around ninety-nine percent. Among other developed countries, the US is one of the most religious countries. The US national motto is “In God, We Trust”. The majority of Americans address themselves as Christians. Americans observe national holidays on special American historical, traditional, and national patriarch days.

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