Dancing Is Your Secret Weapon for Happiness – Speech (623 Words)

When you are writing something, say a speech on dancing, preparing it to speak in front of a huge audience then remember that the most important thing to highlight here would be how dancing can keep your body healthy and make you truly happy, apart from blessing you with a good figure.

Centering on this point, you should prepare the entire speech. If you think you can use some help here then make sure to refer to this sample of mine as using it as a reference, you will be able to write yours smoothly.

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Hello everyone. Today I want to say about the importance of dance in our life.

Dancing is sometimes can be regarded as a recreational activity but is overlooked for activating the proper physical, mental, and social health-related qualities, thus decreasing its manifold importance.

We can describe dance as the basic and true form of communication and connection between the mind and the body.

Dancing can provide us with good cardiovascular exercise that we can perform anywhere without the limitation of going to a particular place or the help of any equipment. The physical exercise which we get from dancing can depend on the type of movements we are performing.

At the end of a long dancing lesson, participants have been able to stretch various muscles and execute some good moves with swiftness and balance. A long time out on the dance floor at a club or a reception can often result in an increased rate of the heartbeat for a long duration of time.

Dancing can be able to help in increasing our memory.

Doctors and many researchers have been trying their best for a long time to find some special ways to slow the cognitive decline seen in aged persons. Some of them are working on trying to keep them active, which would slow down their memory loss.

Researchers are searching for adults ranging from their 60s to 80s who are not assigned to the signs of memory loss or any type of impairment. Participants were assigned to some special physical activities, such as brisk walking, stretching the body parts and some type of balance training, or taking some dance classes.

At the end of the study, brain scans were done on all participants and compared with scans taken before the activities began. The dancers fared better and had less deterioration in their brains than the other groups.

Sometimes the dance movements help in our mental escaping process.

We’ve all needed a mental rest or break for some time to boost ourselves. Dancing can help in the escape of your brain needs. It is a helpful activity of being stuck on a screen and feeling at home.

In the process of dancing a series of rhythmic movements has been shown to the dancers to charge the secretion of endorphins, which have the ability to boost your mood.

In some cases, dancing helps in keeping the mind sharp. Some studies have shown that dancing as time passes helps in improving cognitive flexibility, which has the tendency to decline in the body and mind of older adults.

In some teenage females, a regular practice of some dance moves has positively improved and charged their mental health and good condition.  

Some dance moves help to maintain our balance and coordination, thus maintaining our good health.

Some special techniques taught in various dance classes have the power to increase body awareness and encourage good balance power. These techniques are not only useful for dancers but also for the sports participators who want to actively do well in the sports.

Therefore we can remain healthy both bodily and mentally with the help of some special dance moves.

Thank you.

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