85+ Famous Design Quotes to Encourage Your Creativity

Specifications or a plan of how an object or system has to be constructed in such a way that it forms an object or a prototype is known as a design.

It is very important to lay a design framework before you put in any further plans.

It is not just about making it look a certain way but rather fulfilling the need of the moment keeping in mind all the details.

Here are some design quotes by some famous personalities. 

Famous Design Quotes

-Design is not all about how it looks, as some people think; it is a deeper kind of work. If you dig in, design is a funny word. – Steve jobs

-Designing is a way deeper than thinking about how it looks if you dig in deeper. But design is a funny word. – Steve jobs

-It is the only style that remains. Fashion fades with time. – Coco Chanel 

-Fashion might fade with time; it is the only style that remains. – Coco Chanel

-Your shoe defines your body language and the way you walk. A shoe is not just designed, but it is going to tell a lot about your walking. – Christian Louboutin

– If you want to do good business, make good design. – Thomas J Watson

– Good design will help you to do good business. – Thomas J Watson

Famous Design Quotes

– The primary condition of designing is to recognize what the real need is. – Charles Earns

– If you want to be good at designing, you will have to know what the actual need is. – Charles Earns

– How body parts fit together is what I keep in mind while designing the building. Each and every space of the building is well thought out with regard to how people will experience that space. Tadao Ando

– You require not only the element of truth in a design but also the assemblies of correct assumption and valid calculation. – Henry Petroski

– You need your page layout to look good and communicate well.  This cannot be simply done by any computer or a design program. – John Maeda

– What color does to a design is not add quality to it but rather reinforce it. – Pierre Bonnard

– Good designs are always accessible. – Steve Ballmer

– If you want to make a design good, you need to make it accessible. – Steve Ballmer

– While making a design, your foot is in two worlds, one is in the world of technology, and the other is in the world of humans, and the purpose of that is, and your work is to bring both worlds together. – Mitch kapor

– Designing is all about bringing both worlds together. One is the world of technology, and the other is the world of humans, and the purpose of designing is that your foot is in both worlds. – Mitch kapor

– The greatest reward will be executed in the design when it is in the best form and makes people feel happiness from that design. – Genevieve Gordee

– Happiness is not postponed for the future. It is designed for today. – Jim rohn

When there is nothing left to take away, that is when the designer knows that he has achieved this true perfection. – Antoine de Saint Exupery

– When there is nothing left to add is not when the designer knows that he has achieved his true goal. It is when there is nothing left to take away that the moment of true achievement. – Antoine de Saint Exupery

– Design addresses itself to the need and not to the greatest number or the specialist for the privileged social class. – Charles Earns

– Designers of lung tumors and anatomy, it is difficult for me to recover them. Erma Bombeck

– There are two kinds of people, one who gave up their goal of design at the last moment and the other who worked very hard in the last woman and achieved victory. – Herodotus

– The agenda of every meeting in every single department should be the design so critical it is. – Tom peters

– What makes a design good are the details. – Charles EIf

– If you want to make a good design, then focus on details. – Charles EIf

– There are women who love being a woman I designed for them. – Diane von Furstenberg

– My aim is to design for women who love being women. – Diane von Furstenberg

– Everything that is to do with the body I like to design is how much I like the body. – Gianni Versace

– I love the body; hence everything that is to do with the body, would love to design that. – Gianni Versace

– As much as men need bread and a place for sleep same way space, light, and order are needed. – Le Corbusier

– Everyone wants to change the course of action of the present situation into a preferred design. – Herbert Simon 

– Designs have a residue called luck. –  Branch Rickey

– A kind of personality should be taken into mind to design things. –  Marc Newson

– Good designers cannot be good everyday people. – Donald Norman

– There might be a style that I have, but I am not aware of it. –  Michael Graves

– Magic does not work. Experience, preciseness logical thinking is what make a good designer. – Niklaus Wirth

– Committee once designed a horse; they called it a camel. – Alec Issigonis

– The world is acting back on the US and designing us while we are initially designing a world first. – Anne Mary Willis

– There is a difference between art and design. A good design is all about peace. Nature is the best designer; if you look around, you will find perfect leaves, and all function well, whereas art is all about emotions. It is all about suffering and beauty, but mostly it’s all about suffering. – Diane von Furstenberg

– It can sometimes be difficult for me to explain myself, but I can make it draw it, or design it. – Brad Pitt

– Music is not produced by meet rather, it is designed by me. – Travis Scott

Famous Design Quotes

– the best thing about design is that it is so simple and yet so complicated it has no definition it is an art that has multiple definitions it is just a way of putting method and content together. – Paul Rand

– The way of putting method and content together can be called design, but the design has no definite definition. It is an art. It is something very simple and yet very complicated. – Paul Rand

– Proportion is all that matters when you take fashion as architecture. – Coco Chanel

– If fashion was taken as architecture, the proportion is something that would matter. – Coco Chanel

– The paradise of individuality Harsh the abnormality hobbies and humor are not as graphic design. – George santayana

– I never wanted to be a victim of how freckle designers are. It is like one minute you are in, and then the next you are out. – Tyra Banks

– I usually the things on my way to work or sitting in a Subway. Something is usually something out of context. I don’t have to go to exotic getaways like other designers to get inspired. – Alexander Wang

– When you make something intelligible and memorable to call it a good design, then you make something memorable and meaningful, you call it a great design. – Dieter Rams 

Famous Design Quotes

– Intelligible and memorable things make a good design, but it is memorable and meaningful things that make a great design. – Dieter Rams

– My main aim while designing my project is not to design it but to communicate it. I feel that my project should communicate its purpose very clearly. – Mike Davidson

– When I design something, I try that my project communicates with my purpose very clearly for me; designing is all about communication. – Mike Davidson

– The mean in of designing is to have an influence on people so that they can evolve globally, whether it is furniture or lifestyle. What is important is to have an influence. – Olivier Theyskens

– Whether you’re designing furniture or lifestyle, the main aim is to have an influence on people. Designing itself is all about influencing people so that they can evolve globally. – Olivier Theyskens

– When you are designing something that you are actually doing, identifying the human problem and executing the best solution design is all directed towards human beings. – Ivan Chermayeff

– Designing is all directed towards human beings’ venue designing, what you are really doing is identifying what the problem is and finding its best solution. – Ivan Chermayeff

-If my designing clothes is getting my attention at the end of the day I am fine with it, but being famous is not my aspiration to design clothes. – Sofia Richie 

-I don’t know about designing clothes because they make me famous at the end of the day. I do it because it is an aspiration for me I like to design clothes. – Sofia Richie

Famous Design Quotes

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