A Speech About Training and Development of Employee

Good morning everyone and I take immense pleasure in welcoming you to the annual event of our company. Today, I have taken it upon myself to talk to you all about the impact of training and development on employee job performance. After recruiting and selecting the right person for the job, most organizations fail to provide the employees with continuous and comprehensive training programs that will further contribute to the development of the employee job performance.

Most companies follow a basic process of first recruiting potential employees to the program and then selecting the ones that prove to be the most desirable fit for the job. After the selection of the right employee, the employer can provide the employee with training which can be either on the job training or off the job training.

The most common method of training would be the on the job training and this gives the employee an opportunity to learn while performing the tasks. After providing the employee with the initial training, they are assessed for their performance in the coming days.

This assessment is pretty crucial as it determines the scale of the employee’s job performance. Once the assessment is done the employer can identify the gap between the desired goal and the achieved goal and this where the continuous and comprehensive training program, that I mentioned earlier, comes into the picture.

When an employee falls short of achieving the desired goal, it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the employee is provided with the necessary training that enables them to perform better and to improve their overall job performance. Even though the initial orientation program is important for the efficient induction of the employee into the workplace, the training that is then provided throughout the course of the employee’s work duration in that company ensures the steady growth of that individual, which eventually results in the growth of the company that will also prove beneficial for the employer.

Training and development are two sides of the same coin as they go hand in hand. When an employee is provided with the kind of training that is necessary for their growth, it will eventually lead to their overall development which will finally reflect in their job performance.

The global space is very dynamic and fast-growing, and this puts more pressure on the need of continuous training for employees as it is necessary for them to be in pace with the changing technologies and ideologies to adapt to the growing work environment.

The employer should always aim at having a holistic approach towards the development of the employee and should not only be concerned about the output that is received from them. In conclusion, the impact of good and effective continuous and comprehensive training programs on employee job performance is quite powerful, and when the training programs are aptly designed and timely provided they will prove to be fruitful not only for the employees but also for the organization.

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