A Speech on “What We Do for Fun in My Family”

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (–) and I am from (—). I am here today to speak a few words about my family. Family is the most important and precious part of our lives that cannot be replaced. We are at our best when we are with our family. All families do things for fun. Some people go on vacations, trips, or maybe even sitting at home and watching television, maybe fun when the family is very close. I would like to tell you what we do for fun in my family.

Our family consists of my father, mother, elder brother, and younger sister. We are a bunch of fun-loving people who are always cheerful and loving no matter what the situation. Every day with them is a fun day for me. One thing we usually do for fun is our trip to our summer near the (—) beach. For me, it is the best place in the whole world. It is such a beautiful place and while spending our vacations there, we feel so relaxed and far from reality and life situations.

It is situated on the beachside and it adds to the beauty. It is a very calm and peaceful place with beautiful breezes from the sea from time to time. The house is beautifully designed with the best interiors. We have our rooms facing the sea and it is the best view to wake up to in the morning. We feel like we are in a whole new world when we reach there. It makes us forget all our school, college, and work troubles and enjoy together as a family.

In the mornings, we go surfing in the sea. We also have a boat and would take it to the sea and have a good time together. Sometimes we just lay there on the sand and get sun-bathed. We throw mud at the water at each other, build sandcastles, and occasionally go out to the sea to meet our fish friends.

The evenings are usually calm and quiet. We play board games,  dumb charades, card games and have wholesome conversations. We also go out for swims occasionally. The best part about the summer house vacation is that we do everything together and that makes us the happiest because our usual schedule is very tight and busy.

We never get to spend some quality time together as a family. I feel most houses need such vacations and getaways with their family at least once in a while. This is one of the best ways to bring good bonding to a family. It also helps relieve our stress and helps us be calm and relaxed. When we return from the small vacation, we are as fresh as new and will have a positive beginning in our academics as well as work. I would recommend such activities that families can do for fun. Thank you and have a good day. 

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