A Speech on Drinking Age in The U.S. Should Be 25

In the past few years, many studies have mentioned on the age that young people can be able to reach physical maturity and it’s not 18 or 21. It’s 25. A large number of scientists observed the effects of alcohol or drugs on the teens and young adults have established the statement that physical maturity, mainly regarding  the brain and nervous system of human body, does not happen until a person reaches the age of 25.

While a person is still undergoing the process of growing and developing physically, it’s true that the drugs or alcohol might have a more long lasting effect on the body than also when they are getting much  older. Also, when alcohol or drugs are used at the time of pregnancy, the bad effects on a growing baby can be very serious. 

Marijuana has a higher risk of asthma and many other breathing problems, lower verbal, memory and reasoning ability,  poor eyesight, greater risk of a heart problem.

Cocaine can be a cause of miscarriage due to the shutoff of oxygen to the baby, offering bigger risk of premature birth, smaller heads and brains,  also various defects to hearts, kidneys, brain etc..

Alcohol give problem to the babies like—Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder—a combination of  many symptoms, some of them can be physical changes, smaller brains, learning and many behavioral problems and problems with the heart, muscle tone and coordination as well.

If it’s true that people through the age of 25 are still growing, then it could be possible for alcohol and the drugs to have a more harmful effect on them than it does on the older adults. 

The young people used changing amounts of marijuana and the changes in their brains were tracked by the help of performing scans. Even the light smokers developed can have various abnormalities in their brains

No matter what the legal drinking can be, young adults should be informed what the risks that are waiting for them are. A person drinking alcohol, using various medicines they get from a doctor or illicit drugs deserves to know what they are getting as a result. 

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