A Speech on Dumbest Thing I Did when I Was Very Little

Being dumb in our childhood days are pretty much like a package deal that comes within a child’s life. They do a lot of dumb things for absolutely no special reasons. Some of which even pulled out brilliantly and escaped too without getting caught. It can be fun, exciting, embarrassing and even scary, depending upon the situation in which it occurs.

Wondering what was the dumbest thing I did, well..

“Getting my little brother to fall into an empty water tank”

Siblings are considered to be the most annoying little humans who could exist in our universe, in spite of the grave annoyance, we never stop loving them. Most of us would certainly end up grounded by our parents; but we should accept the fact it was always fun, along with being stupid. The elder siblings would definitely know the taste of such hazardous pranks and long punishments. Let me say, this prank was never the one that was decided before it occurred. It all happened in a short matter of time. 

It was a pleasant morning, with birds chirping around, a small cool breeze blowing, but I was totally bored trying to skip time. That is when the idea striked, to play with a wide long wooden piece about 3 meter long that could be used like a see-saw on the tip of an empty water tank that was in our yard.

Poor little brother of mine had no clue of what was waiting for him, so did I. With all interest we both continued fixing the wooden piece properly on one of the sides of the rectangular tank, and decided that one would sit on the wooden half that is to the inside of the tank (it was an empty tank) and the other person on the other half that is extended to the outside. All set for the first trial. He was already sitting; but the very moment I sat, all I remember was my little brother being tossed into the tank hitting his chin so bad on the ground which apparently started to bleed.

I was shocked and freaked out knowing nothing to do, so I screamt for mom and vanished from my stupid crime scene and was only out in the light ones all the hospital drama around my home was a bit low. I surely did feel a lot bad, but this was genuinely an accident that happened because of my dumb idea. 

This incident is one among those memories that me and my brother share in common, something which always brings a laugh among us even after years; it is not always that we get a huge ball of cotton stuck to the chin. Funny right!!! 

There is a collection of such dumb events that took place in my life; but all together every dumbest memory we have is going to be the best ones to sit and laugh ones we all grow old. 

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