78+ Quotes On Education By Famous Personalities

Education is a path that always leads us to something good in our life. Today, this advancement in the field of science, medicine, or any other aspects has been made possible only because of education.

As a society, it is extremely important for us to keep on learning since education is not only concerned with our past or the present but also helps us to grow our future.

So, here are some of the most inspirational and motivational education quotes that will surely encourage you to learn new things every day.

Quotes On Education By Famous Personalities

-The base of education is more likely to be bitter, but it definitely yields sweet fruits in the end. –Aristotle

-The main role of education is to guide people in the right way, to enable positive and intensive thinking, and also teach you to think analytically. Improving character along with intelligence is the main goal of getting educated. –Martin Luther King, Jr

-If you invest more in your education, then you are likely to get more interest in it. –Benjamin Franklin

-At the end of your education, you will come to know about the result when you see the change within yourself. –Leo Buscaglia

-Your ticket to the future is your education, and others will get the ticket after they prepare themselves to go to the future. –Malcolm X

-Education is referred to as something that remains within you forever. Even after you have forgotten whatever you have learned as a kid in your school. –Albert Einstein

-Reading more frequently enhances your knowledge, increases your power of learning, and will also enable you to visit more places. –Dr. Seuss

-You must try to live your life as if you were to die the next day. And keep on learning to live incessantly. –Mahatma Gandhi

-Without proper values and education, it becomes a powerful tool to make a man a devil. –C.S Lewis

-The process of learning will remain as long as you are alive. –Kirk Douglas

-Filling a bucket of water does not define education. In fact, education is igniting the fire. –W.B Yeats

-You will grow more in the future if you become passionate about learning new things. –Anthony J. D’Angelo

-Education is not responsible for making your life because education itself is a part of your life. –John Dewey

-The main power of education lies in knowledge. It enables you to move forward in your life. –Kofi Annan

-A blind person is unable to read, and this is no less than a person who has no willingness to read. –Mark Twain

-Education can protect your freedom way better than an army. –Edward Everett

 -If you are willing to learn more, then your knowledge will be more than enough. –Henry Adams

-Education is the most important subject that must be made compulsory for all. –Abraham Lincoln

-More than half of the education is composed of encouragement. –Anatole France

-Becoming known to the world is the greatest thing that a man can learn. –Claude Bernard

-Education is nothing but the capability to be a good listener instead of becoming a short-tempered person with no confidence. –Robert Frost

-Education is not received by all. You need to be fortunate and diligent to attain an education. –Abigail Adams

-Your heart and mind should both be educated well enough. Otherwise, you will learn nothing. –Aristotle

-Nothing should stop you from getting educated. –Malala Yousafzai

-The dictionary is a like a poem that describes almost everything. – Steven Wright

-Survival is not compulsory, just like learning. –Dr. W. Edwards Deming

-Teaching does not help you to learn. It is the willingness to learn that helps you to learn. –John Holt

-It is better to remain a student always. Never ask too many questions so as to show yourself big every time, and also, do not acquire too much knowledge which will stop you from learning. – Og Mandino

-The best weapon that can be used to bring about a change in this world is education. –Nelson Mandela

-If a parent is gifted with a passion for learning. It will benefit their children as well. –Ann Brashares

-A library is much better compared to nations that are ignorant of almost everything. –Walter Cronkite

-According to me, education is a way of moving forward in life more than the ability of your inner soul. –Muriel Spark

-The gates of a prison close when the gates of education open. –Victor Hugh

-In order to be able to face the different situations of your life, you need to be educated. –Dr. John G. Hibben

top education quotes

-You will fail during the initial stages of learning, but that is how you learn. –John Hersey

-Your schooling should never come in the way of your education. –Mark Twain

-Education helps to improve the world into a better place to live in and make a beautiful community for all. –Marian Wright Edelman

-If you want to learn, you need to learn from injuries that hurt your self-respect. It makes the little children learn easily because they are unaware of their own importance at this age. – Thomas Szasz

-Treat yourself as a student throughout your life to keep on learning. – Conrad Hall

-The main objective of education is to show you the mirror that changes into windows. – Sydney J. Harris

-You need to educate your children and also let them educate themselves.  – Ernest Dimnet

-You need to learn a lot to be an artist.  – Ralph W. Emerson

-Education is all about learning the unlearned. -Mark Twain

-Men are always desired to know more. -Aristotle

-Education not only teaches you how to work, but it teaches you several other things to live your life. – W. E. B. Du Bois

-Wisdom comes mainly from learning and education. Your age doesn’t bring wisdom. – Anton Chekhov

-You can compare education to a bicycle. You need to continue pedaling to go forward in your life. – George Weah

-Make education your best friend. If you have learned, you will get respect everywhere. It will make you younger and enhance your inner beauty. – Chanakya

-Build a better future by educating yourself. – Elizabeth Warren

-If you educate a girl and show her the world properly. Then she will live the rest of her life without depending on anybody. -Jane Austen

-Educating just as a formal will allow you to make yourself a living but educating yourself will allow making a fortune. -Jim Rohn

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