A Speech on “Negative effects of Racism”

Racial discrimination well knows as Racism is an important psychological stressor, which can make even normal people fall into negative physical health and psychological circumstances. Racism is a false belief or attitude or even some kind of an institutional arrangement made up by a few ethnic groups of people to denigrate another group of people in the olden days.

However, nowadays with this changing world, people are more liberal about their attitudes and behavior towards those from a different race. Now that proper rights to equality and rights against discrimination are given extensive importance. Despite this, very few still believe in these old attitudes and behave so strangely, thus creating disappointing and deficient health and social atmosphere. 

In the 19th century, racism was introduced among people to divide them in terms of behavioral traits, physical appearances (especially skin color, size of the body, hair color, facial form, and eye shapes), and in some rare cases financial status too. Though it is said it was created by determining the biological aspects, it’s widely accepted that this classification was made for social and political benefits.

This was to differentiate people from each other and based on that, create a line of order that determines who is superior to another. Later on, when this difference changed over, giving rights to the superior category people to treat the inferior people brutally. Any kind of racism could be the main source that could lead to a huge riot or mental instability. Yes, racism does have very few good reasons but has more negative effects that fall harshly over all of us. 

Back then, slavery was a brutal rule over the inferior race community. They had to face many sacrifices and struggles to reach where the mindset today has reached. Still, very few among millions, hold on to these old inadequate beliefs and treat those people whom they believe are from the low race poorly.

Racism could be diminished to a large extent by teaching the young generation from an early stage. The biggest negative of racism is self-harming and harming others along with it; both mentally and physically. It leads to negative health impacts such as depression and anxiety and also raises psychological issues like fear leading to low self-esteem and much more. Racism also has negative impacts on social and economical matters, thus limiting the success and development of their nations.  

In the end, no matter how much society tries to divide us into various races, we should realize the fact that we all have to interact with each other and live together on some level. Today all kinds of people from different races work in various fields, many talented ones have even conquered the hearts of millions of people around the world and so on. In every corner of the world, we can find different styles of beautiful people living together in peace and harmony.

Let us stay away from this barbarous classification called racism, and keep our social, economical, physical, and psychological healths stronger.

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