136+ Engagement Cards Sayings For Every Emotion! (Images)

An engagement is a relationship👩‍❤️‍👨 between two people who want to get married. It is the time between the marriage proposal and marriage.

During this period, a couple is said to be betrothed, engaged, or intended to be married, or simply they are said to be engaged.

The future groom or husband-to-be is called Fiance, and the future bride or wife-to-be is called Fiancee.

The period between the engagement💍 and marriage is known as the courtship period. The duration of the courtship period varies. 

Celebrate the journey of love and togetherness with our enchanting collection of Engagement Card Sayings.

Share your warmest congratulations as they embark on this wonderful adventure, and let your words be a source of inspiration and positivity as they step into a lifetime of cherished memories and unbreakable bonds

Engagement Quotes

-“May you both be blessed with lifetime happiness.”

-“Wishing you a lifetime of joy, fun & happiness.”

-“Wishing you all the best as you both are planning to spend your life together.”

Engagement Cards Sayings

-“Congratulations on your wedding engagement.”

-“Congratulations on your new journey together.”

-“May you have happily engaged life further.”

-“Congratulations on this sweet occasion of your engagement.”

-“Heartiest congratulations to the beautiful couple.”

-“May your joining bring more joy in your life.”

-“May the love between you both never ends.”

-“Wishing you both a lifetime of love.”

“-All the best with your marriage plans and for the future.”

“-Through the storms of life, your love becomes more strong.”

“-May all the fortune favor your relationship.”

Engagement Cards Sayings

“-May you love and be loved in return.”

“-May your true love stories never have any endings.”

“-It’s so great to find an annoying person for the rest of your life.”

“-It’s great to find a person you can annoy for the rest of your life.”

“-Never laugh at your choices; you are one of them.”

“-Appreciate each other’s choices since you are one of them.”

“-Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning.”

“-May your love paint a beautiful picture of what love really means.”

“-May your love set an example for all the other husband-to-be and wife-to-be.”

“-May true love always exists between you both.”

“-A man without a wife is like a man without a life.”

“-A life without any engagement is like a life without any enjoyment.”

“-A man without a wife is like a vase without a flower.”

“-May your love remain precious throughout your life.”

 â€œ-May your love remain young always.”

“-May the love persist even when you are old weeds.”

Engagement Cards Sayings

“-Two Souls, True Souls.”

“-Two Souls, One Heart.”

“-Two Souls, One Life.”

“-Everyone can catch your eye, but only one person can catch your heart.”

“-Really happy to hear the news; you guys make a great couple!”

Engagement Cards Sayings

“-We are so excited for your both. Have a great life ahead. Congratulations!”

“-Congratulations! Here’s to your long and happy life together.”

“-Congratulations on getting hitched.”

“-Can’t wait to celebrate with you. Wishing you all the best for the future.”

“-Happy Engagement! Can’t wait for your marriage.”

“-Cheers to the newly husband-to-be and wife-to-be.”

“-We are really happy for you both. Wishing you all the best for your engagement and beyond.”

“-We are so proud of you both getting engaged to be married without any unexpected pregnancy.”

“-Congrats on your engagement. We are waiting for the open bar i.e., your wedding.”

Engagement Card Sayings

“-Congratulations, and don’t forget to keep calm….”

“-Congratulations, and enjoy the time between you now and the time when reality smack you in the face.”

“-Congratulations on settling for someone.’

“-Jail and the big nail are entering your life together. Wishing you all the best.”

Engagement Cards

“-There are two ways of getting jailed. One is to commit any crime, and the second is to find someone and get hitched. Congratulations on choosing the latter.”

“-Engagement is in rhyming with Imprisonment. But don’t forget, it also rhymes with Entertainment. May you enjoy both!”

“-I am so happy for you and your ring, I mean your Fiance…”

“-Congratulations! I am so happy for your both. (Maybe 80% happy and 20% jealous)

“-Go and make your life beautiful staying together.”

“-Love one another and stay happy in your life. It is as simple and as difficult as that.”

“-You both are made for each other. Never question that!”

“-Wishing you a great life, great love, and great success in your life together as a couple.”

“-You both deserve a lifetime of love together.”

“-Let’s celebrate on taking the best decision of your life.”

“-Congratulations on finding someone to talk with.”

“-Congratulations on finding someone who will at least listen to you.”

“-Wishing you a lifetime of sex…Oh, happiness and success too. (That is important too).”

“-Congratulations on finally getting someone to love officially.”

“- ‘Engagement’ is the best synonym for ‘Busy.’”

“-We are glad two weirdos like you both finally united.”

“-Congratulations on your engagement! We are waiting to sob at your wedding.”

“-It seems you both are finally serious about each other. Congrats!’

“-Congratulations to the couple whose wedding I really wanted to attend.”

“-Here’s to the love and friendship you both share.”

“-May you bring the best happiness in your life as a couple.”

Engagement Cards

“-True happiness is in remaining true friends even after getting hitched.”

“-I know your love will remain as long as our friendship stays.”

“-Glad to be the third wheel of a couple.”

“-Love and happiness to both of you on this special day.”

“-I am so excited for you two and more excited to be a part of your wedding journey.”

‘-Congratulations on your engagement. I can’t wait to enjoy the coming days with both of you.”

“-Engagement is refreshment, and wedding is satisfaction.”

“-I am so thrilled to enjoy the occasion with both of you.”

“-You two make a great couple. I am so excited to watch you getting hitched.”

“-Congratulations on making it official.”

“-Congratulations! Now officially, you both can go out for a movie together. And no need of last corner seats.”

“-May god bless you all life’s happiness and love’s joy.”

“-Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is forever.”

“-Finally, we saw you both exchanging the rings. Congratulations.”

“-God bless you both on this day with a lifetime of shared joy and happiness.”

“-God has poured out his love for both of you.”

“-Always expect something better is coming for you.”

“-Accept life with what and how it brings for you.”

“-May you live a happy life together.”

“-May your love be prolonged and never-ending.”

“-Wishing you all the success on this special day of your life.”

Engagement Quotes For Him

  • Love each other the most, as love is the remedy to every pain.
  • Hoping that you receive all the blessings of the Heavens.
  • May god shower all the blessings over both of you
  • Nothing else matters when you love each other
  • Stay happy and blessed, and have a great life ahead
  • May all your life be full of love and happiness; stay blessed.
  • Love each other to the fullest and be the perfect companion to each other.

  • May your relationship live long.

  • Happiness may fill your life of you both with a lot of colors and beauty.

  • Love makes life beautiful and life becomes more beautiful when you find your perfect partner, stay blessed.

  • Life is like a journey make it lovely with your perfect one.

  • May God fill your life with the colors of happiness and love, and may you both be blessed with each other.

  • Love has its complete meaning in one’s life after you find a companion who is perfect for you! Have a great journey ahead.

  • You both look perfect with each other; stay together forever and ever! May god bless both of you, pretty souls!

  • I pray to God for all your happiness in life.

  • God has sent you both together on this earth, so always be together and be beside each other in every moment of happiness and sorrow. May god shower his blessings on both of you!

  • Raise a toast for the togetherness of this beautiful couple!
  • I pray to god that you both make the happiest pair in the world! Stay blessed together

  • I pray to god that you both may get the best in life! Wish you all the luck in your new journey

  • Life is meant to be shared with the one who is your perfect partner. Now it’s you both; share all your happiness and sadness with each other. Hoping you receive Heaven’s blessings!

  • Togetherness is always meant to be celebrated. It’s your day, so everyone raises a toast for this beautiful couple!

  • Wish you both all the luck in life, and May you both achieve whatever you may wish for! Stay blessed with each other!

  • Make each other’s life beautiful with lots of colors and happiness! Hoping you receive Heaven’s blessings!

  • You two beautiful souls were made for each other forever and ever! Stay blessed forever!

  • May god bestows on you both all the luck and happiness in your life, and may shower on you all the colors of joy!
  • The perfect souls have come together! Toast must be raised for them! Hoping you receive Heaven’s blessings! 

  • Always be the support of each other! Stay blessed in life! Raise a toast for this cutest couple in this world!

  • A perfect partner is always a perfect support in life! Be the one for each other and always stay happy!

  • When you find a perfect partner for yourself, you find yourself happy and content, calm and complete; when you both have found a perfect one for yourself, then always be behind each other!

  • Love is what one always needs in their life, and now when you have found the love of your life, keep each other smiling! May God bless you with all the luck and joy in your lives!

  • May God gift you a box full of love and luck in your lives! Stay happy and stay blessed!

Engagement Quotes For Her

Perfect partner is the source of the perfect life! And perfect life is the gift of god! So you both are blessed with god’s gift.

I raise a toast for your togetherness! Stay blessed with all the luck in life with each other!

All the luck may come to you both and make your life happy and colorful!

You both were made a pair by god, and you are thus bestowed with heavenly luck and fortune! May the divine bless you with the best in your lives!

The best couple you both make together, and I raise a toast to the engagement and togetherness of this best couple

Your togetherness is not completely celebrated till I raise a toast for you both! Cheers to your togetherness!

Blessings for you from my heart, which is full of affection and love for you both! The perfect couple should be blessed with everything perfect in their lives; I pray for all the luck for you both!

May all the fortune be bestowed by god over this beautiful couple! 

Be thankful to god, who made you both for each other and fills your lives with lots of joy and happiness!

engagement day toast sayings

This engagement of my friends is the day of love and is meant to celebrate their togetherness! May God bless them with all the fortune in their lives!

The engagement day of you both is the day to mark the beginning of your new journey in life together with each other! This day should be celebrated with a raised toast for them!

The essence of love is care and support! Be the caring and supportive one for each other! Stay blessed with all the happiness in life!

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