A Speech on A Family Tradition

I am here today to speak a few words about a tradition in our family. All families must have traditions that they regularly follow. I am going to speak about the Christmas tradition in our family.

Christmas is a very important celebration across the globe. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and it is a time of togetherness and happiness. In our family, all our family members will come to our house from different countries. I belong to a huge family and it truly is a time of togetherness as the whole family joins in the celebration. All my uncles, aunts, and cousins come to our house during this time.

It is the time when we become most excited and active. The cousins come earlier than the adults. We go Christmas shopping and buy the Christmas tree and decorations. My parents go to the butcher’s and the stores to buy the turkey and other items for dinner. The streets will be so alive and beautifully decorated. There will be beautiful choirs singing carols and people are so happy during this time. When everyone comes home, we start decorating the tree. During that time, we share stories and have a hearty laugh.

The elders in the family share stories about their childhood and how Christmas celebrations were during those days. Though we have heard most of the stories repeatedly, we listen to them as if for the first time because of how enlightened they become while sharing those.

After decorating the tree and the house, we make cakes and gingerbread. That is also a major source of joy for all of us since we do it together. As we have a huge family, we have enough people to make a choir. We go for Christmas carol rounds to different houses. We enjoy the most during these rounds. From every house, we get treats and lots of love. After that, we pick “Secret Santa” where we get the names of people to whom we are supposed to give gifts, without them knowing who is gifting them. We then go gift-shopping together and buy gifts and keep it with us. 

On Christmas eve, we go to the church to attend the Carol Service and meet all our friends. We go to the church early to help with the decorations. We also get a delicious cake from the church. At night, we come secretly to keep the gifts under the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, we wake up early morning and wish everyone with hugs and kisses. We then go on to the most awaited gift-opening session.

It is such a delightful event to see everyone’s faces brimming with joy. We go to church to attend the Christmas service. We then cook the delicious turkey and many other items including a variety of desserts. We have delicious food and enjoy the carols of people who come to our doors. We also play games and go out to the beautiful streets filled with snow and decorations. This is our Christmas tradition.

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