A Speech on “My Favorite Item of Clothing”

Well, I like you to keep me posted with the latest fashion trends. Mostly, I like all kinds of clothing, whether it can be traditional, western, or even sportswear and so on.

It depends on what occasion or place I wear it to. Currently, mid-length skirts, striped shirts, and off-shoulder tops are popular. 

Interestingly, it is usually the dark-colored, plain, long wears or tunics and cute floral dresses that are my favorites and keep me comfortable.

I always had a thing for jackets, too, the ones with at least 1 or 2 pockets, only just to avoid getting a small bag or a pouch to go along with the dress I wear.

Even though seasons also matter with what we wear, I prefer and love wearing casuals that look beautiful and standard that go along with all kinds of occasions and days. 

I love to choose the right kind of clothing within the short period of time I spend in a store. Usually, As I walk through the store, I observe a wide variety of styles and colors everywhere.

Trying out new dresses of different kinds and colors is kind of my ideal pastime while shopping. My best selection of clothing was the ones done with my friends. They suggest the best out of my favorites.

Some of the clothes are not even worn many times, so I eventually donate them to some non-profit organizations. 

A perfect piece of clothing does not mean just the dress or the tops we wear; it is all about the other accessories that we wear along with it. I love choosing the right piece of neckpieces, earrings, and bracelets that would match my wear.

The perfect clothing can not only just make you look good; but also make you be bold and assertive. It shines a completely different effect on oneself.

Interestingly, the fashion sense nowadays is a lot similar to the ones in the 1990s. It is fun to wear the same kind of fashion with a few changes, even after 20 years. A cute knee-length dress with a cool jacket is always my favorite.

I receive a lot of praise from my friends whenever I wear them, which makes me feel confident. It can be the perfect dress for all kinds of seasons when worn with the perfect accessories. Still, fashion keeps changing, so I make my choices sometimes.

Clothing, for many people, is generally a way of hiding our nakedness; but for a lot of others, it can be a medium of communicating, expressing emotions, a way of leaving a mark or a message. Some hide behind expensive or poor clothing. Some share good vibes and feelings with each other through clothing.

For some, it may even be a form of protection, luxury, or a cover, just like a mask. That’s fine because, whether we say it or not, whether we are paying attention to it or not, and whether we are conscious about it or not, clothing will always have something to say.

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