A Speech on Funniest Thing that Has Happened to Me

All of you must have had funny or embarrassing moments in your life. I would like to enumerate an incident that still makes me laugh to this day. 

This incident took place when I was seven years old. It was vacation time at school and I used to stay home alone in the mornings. There was an old lady living next door and she was short of sight. She could not identify people clearly, especially their faces, no matter how close they came to her. She could only recognize people if they told her their name. She used to take care of a boy two years younger than me, who lived two houses away from mine when his parents went for work.

One day, the boy had not come to her house as his parents were at home. They forgot to inform the old lady and she was waiting for him. When I got out of my house to play on the lawn, she saw me and mistook me for the boy. She yelled at me and asked me to come inside. As I was too young to understand what was going on, I got tensed up and quietly went to her house. She started scolding me for going astray and told me that she will be held responsible by the parents.

I got frightened by her voice and started crying. She tried to console me and made me do some chores in the house. I did not utter a word as I was very scared. All I wanted to do was run into my mother’s arms.

In the evening, she gave me some milk to drink. I never used to drink milk and I hated its taste so much that I would vomit whenever I drink it. I refused to drink the milk. She scolded me and told me not to start new habits. She forced me to drink the milk and after taking a sip, I immediately vomited on her. She began screaming at the top of her voice and called up the boy’s mother to tell her about her son’s misbehavior.

When she came to know that she had mistaken him for another child, she called her to come there and identify who I was. She came to the old lady’s home, saw me, and said that I was from the neighboring house and gave her details about me. Both of them had a hearty laughter. I still did not understand what was happening. By that time, my parents had come back after work.

The old lady and the boy’s mother enumerated the tale. All of them laughed together and henceforth all of them would make fun of me whenever they could. Though it was a horrifying experience for me at that time, now when I think about it, it is funny how I was so silent and bedazzled in that situation. This was one of the funniest incidents of my life.

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