75+ Funny Christmas Card Sayings For The Holiday 2023

The Christmas season provides us with the opportunity to connect with other individuals and share our spirit as well as love.

For spreading some vacation cheer and expressing our emotions during this festive season, here we have taken a glance at some astounding and funny Christmas card sayings.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

-Every single of our best hopes and dreams is going to rise up on this Holy Day. May all of yours come true as well!

-Wish you a Happy Christmas as well as a prosperous and happy New Year.

-Take as much food as you like during Christmas!

-During Christmas, you are purchasing the gifts of this year with the money of the next year.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

-Refrain from borrowing any cash from the elves who always run short of money! Have a bountiful Christmas and merry everything!!

-May God bless you at all times and also during Christmas.

-Enjoy this amazing Christmas and all your stress will vanish!

-Here is to a happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year.

-Christmas becomes so special thanks to the hot chocolate, candy canes, and gifts. Have a blissful Christmas!!

-I hope that you are relaxing and enjoying during your holidays.

-I am overjoyed to have folks like you to send Christmas cards. I am really blessed this particular Christmas!

-We convey our best wishes for a prosperous holiday season while appreciating our association during the previous year.

-It is all about games and fun until the Naughty List is checked by Santa.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

 -At this time we can be assured of songs, cakes, eggnog, reindeer, laughter, carols – and definitely LOVE. Have a blissful Christmas!!

-Plenty of laughter.

-Let Love fill our hearts as well as homes gradually. May you find plenty of reasons for happiness in this fantastic season.

-This Christmas, may you get nothing but mirth and cheer from the Heavens.

-May you be surrounded by God’s love always and also during Christmas.

-May your spirits be renewed by the comfort of home as well as the closeness of buddies this Merry Christmas.

-May you be blessed by every wealth of life this coming year.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

-May you along with your loved ones be happy and joyful during this Holiday season.

-Peace on this planet and the best of wishes all through the New Year.

-Wish the season’s Greetings to everybody close to us, whether it is our home or yours, whether it is far or near.

-The Christmas magic will never come to an end and friends and family happen to be its greatest gifts.

-Best wishes plus warmest thoughts for a happy holiday season.

-Best wishes and warmest thoughts for a Happy New Year plus a Fantastic Christmas. May you always be followed by love, prosperity, and peace.

-We appreciate you heartily for your Business as well as Merry Christmas.

-We wish you a Christmas which is full of the warmth buddies, family, and fun.

-Once you lose having faith in Santa Claus, you will be starting buying garments for Christmas!

-Wish you a prosperous and happy New Year and also a joyful Holiday Season.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

-Wish you a happy New Year and Merry Christmas.  Thanks for providing me all the support this year.

-Have a cheerful Christmas and merry everything! full of love and gratified with wonder.

-Wishing peace, happiness, prosperity, and health for you as well as your near and dear ones in this New Year.

-Wishing you love, prosperity, and joy this Holiday Season.

-Does anybody have any idea where love can be bought? I wand told by them that it will be the best thing for presenting this Christmas.

-I think that Santa should try to lose weight this Christmas.

-Rudolph is drunk, and therefore, he has a red rose.

-I think it will be a sensible idea for Santa to employ giants rather elves so as to have a quicker production of presents.

-Kids used to be the carolers in the past. At present, I wonder why the streets are full of adult carolers.

-I think it will be a sensible idea for Santa to ride a plane rather than a sleigh so as to get to me quicker. On many occasions, I fell asleep while waiting for him.

-Is it a fact that Santa is extremely busy to find enough time for grooming himself? I think it is imperative for him to shave his beard.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

-Folks did not go to midnight mass for hearing mass, but to make their snores be heard.

-After buying the presents, I have requested Santa to bring you happiness and love!

-I am aware of the fact that your family happens to be dysfunctional. Nevertheless, Merry Christmas as well as Happy New Year.

-In case you are looking for me during Christmas, bear in mind to check the local pub!

-My only wish for Christmas is that you enjoy a merry Christmas!

-Christmas is celebrated only once each year. Merry Christmas!

-I fail to comprehend why people like saying “Mary Christmas”. It is actually the birthday of Jesus. We ought to say, “Jesus Christmas”.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

-Santa and Jesus have one thing in common and it is that both of them appear handsome in a beard.

-Santa is not going to retire since they go on raising the age specification for qualifying for social security.

-It is known to all of us that the most significant part of Christmas will be to spend time with family that is not that common otherwise. Then there will be an excuse for you to neglect your family for the remaining part of the year.

-Let us make a comparison of Santa and Jesus. Both of them know when you are good or bad. Both of them provide you with stuff. Both are able to perform miracles. Both of them are genuine Okay, at least one of them is genuine.

-I am not that creative and therefore I found the message of your Christmas card on the web and I do not bother much to write any Christmas card message to you.

-The concept of Santa Claus is correct. Visit individuals once every year. 

-Santa is extremely jolly since he is aware of the whereabouts of the bad girls.   

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

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