51+ Funny Thanksgiving Greeting Card Messages

Thanksgiving is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States of America. Most of the people wish each other on this day and thank them for their contribution to their life.

Every American in this day loves to have Turkey and makes sure that they get it cooked in their homes for the feast. While formerly, when the idea of thanksgiving was pitched, people found it ridiculous but with time it became one of the most important holidays for the people.

Here are funny happy thanksgiving greeting card messages.

-One of the forbidden laws is that you should never start your diet on Thanksgiving Day! You definitely do not want to miss out on Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

-Happy gobble Gobble day. Eat up all that you can on this Thanksgiving, it’s a feast!

-After such a sumptuous meal, the snooze fest is on I believe! Enjoy as you wish to on this Thanksgiving Day buddy.

-I pray to God that all the good things in life happen to you more often. Have an amazing Thanksgiving Day.

-Having a meal on this day is of wholly another level and you know what?? I’m already on the thanksgiving level now! Let’s wait no more and delve into the delicacies. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

-Not every person is blessed with friends like you! Thanks for making my life easier and happier. Happy Thanksgiving Day mate.

funny thanksgiving card wording

-Out of the many reasons that you have to be thankful, my friendship with you is certainly one! Many warm wishes to you on this Thanksgiving Day.

-I love the breasts served of Turkey! This being the main reason why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite seasons! Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving Day in advance.

-Though I’m far away from you now, I want to make sure that you feel the warmth of our relationship through this wish on the day of Thanksgiving. I thank you for all the love and support, have a great Thanksgiving Day.

– Be kind with the forks as you delve into delicious Turkey! Have a great Thanksgiving and make sure you invite me to the feast buddy.

– You are the reason why thanksgiving feels great. Not because you are a great friend but for the amazing dishes that you cook on the day. Hahaha! Awaiting your invitation and wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving Day.

– It’s all about caring and sharing and when thanksgiving day is here, I want to make sure that you know you are my reason to thank god forever. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

– Mercy not, there aren’t any turkey that is too beautiful so that they can be left! Hunt and cook the sumptuous turkey. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

funny thanksgiving card messages

– The only reason why I’m glad that Thanksgiving comes once in a year is that good thing should always be less or else we don’t value it! Glad that it’s here, Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire family.

– I know how hard you are gonna eat during this Thanksgiving. Please meet me once in advance so that I can see the slimmer version of you for one last time! Have a great Thanksgiving ahead.

– I hope you get a plump Turkey to fill your tummy with for this Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy the holiday to the fullest and have quality time with the people who make your life worth thanking!

– Do not be at someone’s place that has a lousy cook! In thanksgiving, it’s all about the feast. Get ready and cook your own Turkey and relish the magic of your hands. Have a great Thanksgiving Day buddy.

– While people are obsessed with the Thanksgiving dinner, for me the best part comes after it. The leftover and nap are what I look forward to the most! Have a great Thanksgiving this year.

– With people like you in my life, I have all the right reasons to thank my stars! Always be this way, you guys mean a lot to me. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

funny thanksgiving card text

– Have you ever observed the cyclical mystery in the two parts of thanksgiving? It’s all about the thanks and the giving after all! Have a great Thanksgiving Day ahead, enjoy to the fullest.

– Thanksgiving is such a mood booster! After all who can be on a dull mood after they have had such a delicious meal and a super relaxing nap!

– Thanksgiving is just the perfect precursor to Christmas. It sets the tone perfectly for the festive season to begin. Have a great and happy Thanksgiving Day.

– You are just that kind of friend who knows what I mean when I want a small piece of the treat! You are such a savior buddy. Happy Thanksgiving Day to my dearest friend.

– I wish you have a hundred reasons to thank god. Have a great Thanksgiving Day gentleman.

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