Speech on “Should the Government Spend More Money on Developing High-Speed Rail Lines and Less on Buildings?

One of the two main aspects for the development of any country is; Fast and Safe transportation. Everything in a society that works toward the success of a nation like education, healthcare, business etc all of this is linked with this aspect called transportation. Buildings are often coming up day by day, but this is never a solution for heavy traffics and road accidents.

We as citizens should focus on how our lives could be made easier and faster in order to run along with these fast moving changes. A traffic block or an unexpected accident could never happen that would be the reason for our work delay or family’s downfall. So, yes the government should spend more money on developing high-speed railway lines for better and smoother transportation. 

Railway transportation has managed to have more factors in terms of developing our country through trades and also reduced traffics. These have indeed saved a lot of time in people’s everyday lives.

Rail transportations comparatively cause less damage to the environment than the one caused by roadways like increase in air and noise pollution in the world. Due to it’s an advantage to carry a large amount of people and goods at one time itself when compared to the few in a normal vehicle could decrease the amount of road vehicles on the road avoiding a large traffic and difficulties for those people who have genuine reasons to travel by road.

Shuttle trains are provided to make life more faster, they keep traveling throughout the day and night for many rounds up and down the track. They even travel faster than the public buses or private cars. 

Some of the main cities do not have rail stations, and so making more rail lines should be a must in those places for better transportation. Connecting each city with a railway line could make it easier for people to reach their stops as early as possible and for those who are new in town could find it simple to follow basic instructions to reach their destinations. 

Population around the world is increasing day by day. Thus, the number of vehicles they buy also are increasing. This is altogether making everyone’s life hard to move on a daily basis. We rarely find a person that doesn’t own a car at least. So, if people take responsibility to reduce this kind of heavy traffic on the roads by travelling in trains. The government should make sure they build up more railway lines in those cities where the populations are at the peek. 

Railways are going to be the future transportations of our world and a better investment over these could never go wrong or waste. It’s more logical to invest on faster and dependable transportation systems than the older transportation facilities by the government. With the changing world, filling up with higher buildings, more businesses and more people, the nation should maintain and set easier and faster modes for transportation.

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