304+ Halloween Quotes And Sayings To Stir Your Inner Witch (Images)

Dedicated to the remembrance of the dead, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st every year. People wear Halloween? costumes and go around the city asking for a trick or treat.

Embrace the thrilling spirit of Halloween with our collection of Halloween Quotes and Sayings! Let your imagination take flight as spooky tales weave their magic?.

From eerie encounters to mysterious delights, this charming assortment is sure to cast a spell of excitement?.

Delve into the unknown and relish in the spine-chilling fun. Embrace the darkness and find joy in the frightful festivities. Get ready for a hauntingly good time this Halloween!

Halloween Day Quotes

-“I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”— Evan Peters

-“It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus!”— Max

-“Halloween was the best holiday, in my opinion, because it was all about friends, monsters, and candy, rather than family and responsibility.”– Margee Kerr

-“Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.”— Steve Almond

-“The farther we’ve gotten from the magic and mystery of our past, the more we’ve come to need Halloween.”— Paula Curan

-“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”— L.M. Montgomery

-“Halloween was confusing. All my life my parents said, ‘Never take candy from strangers.’ And then they dressed me up and said, ‘Go beg for it.'”– Rita Rudner

Halloween Tombstone Sayings

“Here lies a ghoul who lived for the thrill.”

“In memory of Count Dracula – Fangs for the memories.”

“RIP: Resting in Perpetuity.”

“Witches be crazy.”

“Gone but not forgotten… just haunting.”

“Death is only the beginning.”

“I warned you I wasn’t good with directions.”

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, now I haunt your dreams.”

“In loving memory of our dearly departed sanity.”

“Resting in the embrace of eternal darkness.”

“Gone to the other side, seeking better Wi-Fi.”

“Here lies a zombie – life was tough, death is tougher.”

“I’ll be back… if you dare to summon me.”

“Ashes to ashes, bones to bonfires.”

“In memory of a real scaredy-cat.”

“RIP: Rest in Pumpkin.”

“Boo! Gotcha!”

“Sleeping with one eye open… and it’s glowing red.”

“Here lies a trickster who played their final prank.”

“Gone haunting, but always watching.”

Here are a few fun Halloween tombstone sayings that you could use:

-Here lies Johnny; he put up a fight. He tried to run but didn’t make it through the night.

-R.I.P. Frank N. Stein. He tried to bolt but couldn’t get away.

-Here lies Jane. She’s just taking a little nap.

-Rest in peace, Old Man Jenkins. He was a real party animal.

-Here lies Bob. He was a real scare-dy cat.

-I told you I was sick.

-Here lies Betty. She lived fast and died young.

-Here lies Dave. He met a monster, and it wasn’t pretty.

-R.I.P. to the one who couldn’t run fast enough.

-Rest in peace, Old Lady Smith. She was too scared to live any longer.

Samhain Quotes

“As the veil between worlds grows thin, we honor our ancestors’ wisdom and guidance.” — Unknown

“In the dark of Samhain night, we find the light within.” — Anonymous

“Samhain is a time to let go of the old and welcome the new.” — Witchy Wisdom

“In the cauldron of Samhain’s fire, we transform and rise anew.” — Luna Moonshadow

“The spirits of the departed walk among us on Samhain’s eve.” — Isabella Raven

“Embrace the darkness, for it is the womb of rebirth.” — Raven Grimassi

“On Samhain, the ancestors whisper in the rustling leaves.” — Selena Fox

“As the wheel turns, we honor the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.” — Doreen Valiente

“Samhain is the time to confront our fears and let them go.” — Starhawk

“In the harvest’s final breath, we find the seeds of the future.” — Cassandra Eason

“On this sacred night, we dance with the spirits of our ancestors.” — Samantha Moon

“Samhain reminds us that death is not an end but a transformation.” — Phyllis Curott

“In the stillness of Samhain, we listen to the whispers of the past.” — Scott Cunningham

“The darkness of Samhain holds the promise of a brighter tomorrow.” — Silver RavenWolf

“With gratitude, we honor those who came before us.” — Raven Digitalis

“Samhain teaches us that every ending is a new beginning.” — D.J. Conway

“The bonfires of Samhain light the path to inner wisdom.” — Caitlín Matthews

“On this night of magic, the spirits of nature join our celebration.” — Deborah Blake

“Samhain is a time to release what no longer serves our souls.” — Judika Illes

“In the darkness, we find the spark of our own divinity.” — Christopher Penczak

“Samhain’s energy stirs our inner cauldron of transformation.” — Diana Rajchel

“On this night, we walk the edge between the living and the dead.” — Kerr Cuhulain

“In the shadows of Samhain, we discover our hidden strengths.” — Ellen Dugan

“As the seasons turn, we honor the eternal cycle of life.” — Lady Sabrina

“On Samhain, the veil between this world and the next is gossamer thin.” — Mickie Mueller

“The spirits of the land rise to bless us on Samhain’s eve.” — Kate West

“In the embrace of Samhain, we find the power of transformation.” — Raven Wood

“Samhain’s magic awakens the inner witch within us all.” — Dorothy Morrison

“On this night, we honor the wisdom of our ancestors.” — Patti Wigington

“As the wheel of the year turns, Samhain reminds us of the beauty in both life and death.” — Raven Grimassi

Happy Halloween Quotes

-Lizzy Brown was famous for dancing in the Graveyard, is lying now under a gravestone.

-A guy with scarface and a mean mind is lying under 6 feet and will come to meet you in Halloween.

-Though the person named Ima Rotten, it was said that (s)he was shopped until dropped.

-Deanna died by the skin of a banana. Though it was not the food inside the skin which can be the cause of her death but it was the skin itself that make her fall on the ground, and she died because of it.

-Ruby Scagg has to zig, not zagged.

-Thomas Small, who lies under the gravestone, submitted all his things to the church.

-A person named Bea A. Fraid asked to be very afraid from the underground of the gravestone.

Funny Halloween Tombstone Sayings

-The lady Agi Tate died and wrote on the gravestone that she shuts herself up right now, but his husband Dick Tate asked from his gravestone about the name of the next boss of their family.

-Someone wrote on the gravestone that falling down into a never-ending pit would kill him due to starvation.

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-A person died by stinging a fishbone into his throat, and the situation forced him to sing a song for an angel.

-Another person wrote on a gravestone that you are standing on my head, and it makes me feel pain.

-Someone wrote that he said that he was sick.

-A person named Fred and his family drew a skeleton on the gravestone and wrote that it is Fred’s body that is sleeping underground.

-Someone said that he died because of not forwarding that message to 10 people.

-Jonathan Blake died by stepping on the gas rather than stepping on the brake.

-Someone wrote on the gravestone that his mother loved his father, who loved women, and one day, that person got caught by his wife in the swimming pool. Now it was the body of that husband. 

-Another one wrote that the person loved bacon, but his wife and children also loved it.

-Someone is asking to complete the jokes and taking him out from the gravestone.

-Clyde was very happily leading his life, but when he tried to take milk from a bull, then he died.

-A person said he had nothing further to say.

funny tombstone sayings

-Another person wrote that he would be very happy if he could see you inside the wooden box.

-Someone wrote that he will sleep in peace until you’re reaching out to that gravestone.

-Another person asked not to laugh because the next number could be yours.

-Scotty Fife died because of fooling around with Marshal’s wife.

-A gravestone was shaped like a pancake because that lady’s husband’s title was the pancake.

-Someone wrote hehe on the gravestone.

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Funny Halloween Gravestone

-A person asked somebody if that person is happy or not right now.

-Someone wrote that it sucks to be himself.

-Somebody wrote oh no.

-A person wrote the virgin.

-Somebody wrote hoes.

-Another person draws a middle finger.

-Someone wrote beer.

-Somebody wrote a poem like,

tombstone sayings

-Another person wrote ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and 1234567890.

-Someone wrote to not touch his stuff because he is in the stage of reincarnation.

-A person wrote they once were where you are right now. So, likewise, your next destination will be like them and they are asking you to get prepared for that.

-Someone wrote a simple bye.

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-A person wrote that he never voted for republicans and did very little for them. So he died because of that.

-Someone wrote Jonathan Fiddle went out of tune on 22nd June.

-A person wrote that he died because of a cough and cold and went underground by going inside a coffin.

Halloween Gravestone Sayings

-A guy named William Gunder died because of his own mistake, and now he is inside the coffin six feet underground.

-Someone wrote that he/she would return every Halloween eve.

-A person wrote that he is not resting in peace inside the coffin.

-Someone wrote by sleeping inside the coffin, he is gradually getting rotten.

-Somebody wrote oops!

-A person wrote he is immortally challenged.

-Somebody said he is resting in pieces.

-A person wrote, under this gravestone, inside the coffin, my wife Doth is sleeping and he was also sleeping by her side.

Short Halloween Quotes

– Choose a costume as dark as your soul. Happy Halloween!

– Choose a costume that you want to be without your inhibitions. Happy Halloween!

– It is Halloween! Eat, drink, ask for treats and scare people. 

– Why wait for Halloween when I can scare people with just my looks? 

– May your day be scary and not suck as a vampire does. Happy Halloween!

– May you have a scary and spooky day! Happy Halloween!

– Halloween is that one day when you take your demons out for a treat. Happy Halloween!

– Halloween is that one day when you Take your evil side for a treat. Happy Halloween!

Scary Halloween Quotes

– I suppressed the evil side of me the entire year. On Halloween, I take it out for a treat. Happy Halloween!

– I have an evil side. I only show it on Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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Check our funny halloween tombstone sayings.

– Halloween tells you that it is okay to be evil once in a while. Happy Halloween!

– Halloween tells you that it is okay to be scary once in a while. Happy Halloween!

– Halloween tells you that it is okay to have a demon side once in a while. Happy Halloween!

– It is Halloween; I am allowed to be a little witch-like I am all the other days. Happy Halloween!

– Only on Halloween am I allowed to be scary and be witchy; I do it anyway the entire year. Happy Halloween!

– Let us go out on Halloween together. Just bring your own broom. Happy Halloween!

– Let us go on a date in the air. Just bring your own broom. Happy Halloween!

– You and I can fly together. Just bring your own broom. Happy Halloween!

– You are scary and sweet at the same time. Happy Halloween!

– The dead may rise tonight to spend Halloween with you. Happy Halloween!

– All you have to do is look scary and ask for a trick or treat. Happy Halloween!

– Wish you a spooky Halloween. Happy Halloween!

– Hope that your Halloween is super spooky! Happy Halloween!

Cute Halloween Quotes

– May your Halloween be full of witch-hunting, and may you don’t get hunted. Hoping that your Halloween is super spooky!Happy Halloween!

– May your Halloween be full of ghost hunting, and may you don’t get hunted. Hoping that your Halloween is super spooky!Happy Halloween!

– May your Halloween be full of broom rides in the sky, and may you don’t get hunted. Hoping that your Halloween is super spooky!Happy Halloween!

– You might hear bats flying and terror screams tonight. The dead may walk on roads rising from their grave. Happy Halloween!

– The bats may fly, and the dead may walk again on roads rising from their graves. All you need to do is decide, trick or treat. Happy Halloween!

top halloween Quotes

– May your Halloween be full of magical memories, and may you don’t get hunted. Hoping that your Halloween is super spooky!Happy Halloween!

– May your Halloween be full of pumpkin carving, and may you don’t get hunted. Hoping that your Halloween is super spooky!Happy Halloween!

– May your Halloween be horrifying and scary, and may you don’t get hunted. Hoping that your Halloween is super spooky!Happy Halloween!

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– May your Halloween be full of goosebumps and witch-hunting. Hoping that your Halloween is super spooky!Happy Halloween!

– May goosebumps spread through your skin, and seep into your veins and soul. Have a scary and terrifying Halloween. Happy Halloween!

– May your day be full of chills, thrills, and drills. Have a scary and terrifying Halloween. Happy Halloween!

– May your tonight be full of chills, thrills, and drills. Have a scary and spooky Halloween. Happy Halloween!

– May your night be full of horrifying people and getting horrified back. Have a scary and terrifying Halloween. Happy Halloween!

– May you eat lots of candies tonight in cold blood. May you have a scary and spooky night! Happy Halloween!

– We are serving cold blood and streaming frogs tonight. Hope you will enjoy the meal. Happy Halloween!

– Today’s menu is cold blood and steaming hot frogs. Hope you will enjoy your meal. Have a great Halloween!

– Put on your cape, and pick up your wand. Ask whether trick or treat. May you have a scary and spooky night! Happy Halloween!

– I may kiss you, but I am a vampire tonight. How about biting? May you have a scary and spooky day! Happy Halloween!

– May your Halloween be full of vampire bites and broom rides. Have a great spooky Halloween. Happy Halloween!

– The candles will blow out. Darkness will prevail. Ghosts will walk down the street, and witches will hail. Happy Halloween! 

– The blubs will extinguish. Shadows will reign. Ghouls will walk down the street, and witches will hail. Happy Halloween! 

– The lights will shut down. Darkness will predominate. Ghosts will walk down the street, and witches will address them. Happy Halloween! 

– The candles will blow down. Shadows will abound. Spirits will walk down the street, and witches will acclaim. Happy Halloween!

scary halloween quotes

– It is Halloween; it is the night of witches and ghosts. It is your night! Happy Halloween!

– May your evil side have fun tonight with ghosts, witches and vampires. Happy Halloween!

– Your demons might find a soul mate tonight plus lots of blood-soaked candies as well. Happy Halloween!

– It is time for your demons to roam around freely and get accepted. Happy Halloween!

– Your demons might find friends tonight. Happy Halloween!

– I took my demons on a treat on Halloween night, came back home with a lot of friends. Happy Halloween!

– Let your demons out tonight. Talk to them, maybe they require a little healing or maybe just a little fun here and there. Happy Halloween!  

Scary Halloween Quotes

Hi! Accept my ghostly greeting, dear!

Halloween greeting from a witch.

Have a nice Halloween, and hope blood will gush out from your throat…greetings from evil.

Do you dare to wish a witch a happy bloody Halloween?

Happy Halloween! Have a terrifying evening!

Welcome to the party… as you enter, you will be petrified by the surprise.

Halloween greetings from Frankenstein monster! Hope this year I can tear you into two pieces.

-Look! This evening is reddish… there would be bloodshed this year on the party floor.

-Hey dear! This year your pure blood will be my wine.

-Hope this evening your blood will be in my goblet.

-Nothing is tastier than your blood! I love the taste as well as the amazing texture.

-I will take your heart out with love and eat this raw.

Scary Halloween Quotes

-Beware, innocent human… loch ness monster is behind you.

-Hahaha! I love to see innocent’s blood spilling.

-Monster would like your eyes with French salad and some mayonnaise.

-Devil will garnish his plate with your head… and some slurpy juice from your brain.

-I will like to eat your slim tongue.

-Blood patches are decorative to me.

-Here comes some fresh human flesh…

-Human brains are saucy.

-Here comes your death with my spell.

-Have a spooky night… and mind it, there is a monster under your bed.

-Don’t believe in everything… your own shadow may be a ghost hiding.

-Come through the dark alleys… monster is waiting there for you.

-Hope this year, the pumpkin devil can break your spine.

-Happy Halloween, brother…may the ghost haunt you forever.

-I saw an evil is searching for you this night… so don’t dare to sleep tight.

-Come into this haunted house… and have the spookiest party in your life.

-Mind every time you move through the dark alleys, the monsters are approaching for you…

-Witches are soaring in the sky…cauldron is on the high flame… black cats are crossing the roads before you… mind its Halloween night…

-Enjoy the potion made from fresh blood… enjoy Halloween night.

-It’s Halloween…everyone’s gravestones are carved.

-The sun makes us sick… we get nice to sleep under the stone-cold gravestone… dare to meet us in this Halloween.

Scary Halloween Quotes

-Hey buddy! This is a Halloween invitation… please visit our graves.

-Be aware… be afraid this evening; it’s Halloween.

-Pumpkin monster wants your head… happy Halloween, petty human.

-I want to taste your blood and check whether you are sweet! Halloween greetings!

-Knock! Knock! Devil is awaiting at your door… He is going to tear you… then will devour you.

-I want your body parts to be served on my plate… I will also love some sauce on it… greetings from monster!

-Be afraid this year… the devil is approaching.

-Something is hiding behind your door… don’t dare to see him… have a spooky Halloween

-Wish you a good night full of dreamy sounds.

-Eat, sleep and haunt at night… Halloween greetings from a witch!

-Don’t dare to come… vampires are waiting to suck your blood.

-Listen to the frightening sounds under your bed… ha ha ha!

-Wish you a night of frights.

-Pumpkin devil wishes to see your skeleton… so be alert and wait for him.

-I want to savor your liver this evening.

-Skeletons are dancing in the graveyard… come here and have a nice party evening… fresh vampire-sucked blood will also be there as a drink.

-Have a blood-sucking holiday evening!

-Enjoy the fright night this year on Halloween.

Spooky Quotes and Sayings

Spooky Quotes

-Nothing can ever be more spooky than a devil’s dream.

-I prefer to be mysterious to others rather than being spookier for them, for they don’t know me.

-When we say that our friends are devils, my friends mean it and justify their very title every time.

– One should never get anyone on his nerves if one is not aware of the spookier side of the other person 

– These devil dreams are more spooky than those I can actually take 

– Spooky movies are my favorite ones because they frighten me every time

-Scary movies are always my favorite ones

– The ones who want my company have to watch scary and frightening movies with me

– If you really want to be friends with me, then you have to watch scary movies with me

– The spooky ghosts can never frighten me because I am brave

– Dare You to say a word against me and see the spooky side of me

– If you really want to see the spooky side of me, then just dare to say a word against me

– You should be scared of me when you say a bad word about me

– My message to all those who think bad for me is just that I can turn spooky and frightening for them any and every time

– My worst side is spookier than my good side, so your actions will decide what I should show you 

– Spooky side of me is something you would never like to see

– Always remember that you find me sweet if you are sweet to me, but I can be even more scary and spooky for you if you ever disgrace me or even think of hurting anyways

– Be cool. Be spooky. Be scary. 

– Everyone has their own spookier side along with their good side

– If you be good to me, I will be good to you as well, but if you are bad to me, then I will be spookier for you, and then you will see a ghostly side of me

– Always remember that I can chill you and your blood with the spookier side of me

– Always keep that in your mind that I can be too unnerving for those who ditch me or hurt me anyways

Spooky Quotes

– Someone who will once see the scary and spooky side of me will always beware of me

– Always remember that once I get offended with you, you will get frightened of me, seeing my spookier side

– Be mysterious. Be spooky. Be scary. Be frightening. Be unnerving

– I am the mysterious one; one could never understand me easily nor will be able to see the spookier side of me

– Always remember that those who speak less or don’t interact with others are the spookiest ones 

– I am not mysterious or spooky for those who make me smile, treat me well, and always be on my side

– I may be offended if you ever hurt my closed ones too, and it is then you will get to see the spookier side of me

– One should always be scared of him/herself, rather than being the scared one in their life

– Always keep in mind that it is always fun if you be the scary one in your life rather than being the scared one in your life

– Always remember that everyone has ghosts and monsters inside them, so be careful of all around you before you pass any offending remark to them

– Oh! Now I understand why the hell is empty because we can find all the devils and ghosts on this earth 

– Hey! Tonight is to be spookiest of all as today is the Halloween day 

– Always remember that Halloween has been my favorite since my childhood, the day I can bring out the spookiest side of me, the scary side of me

– I always see something haunting and ghostly in the moon’s light

– If you are not close to me, then you may find me scary and spooky because this is the way I am

– I can be haunting for those who don’t know me well

– I just love that Halloween day because I can use that day legitimately to bring out that ghost and monster in me in front of this world

– I like Halloween day because on this day, I can actually give a face to those monsters and ghosts who are there inside me

– Always remember that one will be afraid of me every time that person brings any kind of discomfort to me

– If I feel that discomfort with you, you will never like to see my spookier side, so always be careful of whatever you do

– It is always good to have a spookier side in yourself; it keeps uninterested people away from you

– Always remember that I can be unnerving for you if you ever think of causing any damage to me or hurting me anyway

– Always remember that you will always feel restless if you see the spookier side of me

– Keep that in mind that I can make everyone agitated with the spooky side of me

– I can be a nightmare for those who be bad to me

– Dare you to be bad to me and see a frightening side of me

Spooky Quotes

Halloween Inspirational Quotes

-Skeletons are revealing themselves, removing the gravestone on them… feed them with fresh blood and human flesh! Have a nice Halloween.

-Have the scariest Halloween this year… the party will be at my house… only dead walkers are welcome.

-Zombies are waiting at your door… enjoy this Halloween dancing with them.

-How about the feast we will have in the graveyard on Halloween?

-Bones will be crumbled… fleshes will be torn… hope you enjoy the scariest  Halloween this year.

-Night comes with dark powers. Be aware of the witches… who are hunting innocent humans.

-Owls are screeching… witches are out there at night…don’t dare to come out.

-Skeletons don’t have hearts… they will tear and destroy you.

-Devil’s cry will chill your bones…have the guts to come to our party.

halloween wishes messages

-Witches are having a party at the back of your house. Watch out, my friend!

-Have the guts to come to our party… we are partying with freshly seasoned human flesh.

-Evils are going to poke your eyes this night… believe me, they would love the juice inside the eyeballs.

-I’m waiting for your coffin… come and enjoy a nice eternal sleep.

-Don’t dare to sleep tonight… witches are on the watch.

-Black cats will be prowling tonight, and skeletons will come on the road, thirsty for human blood… happy Halloween.

-Pumpkins are gleaming… enjoy this fright night.

-Hope you find some comfort this night at this shiny cozy grave…

-Spookiest parties are going to be thrown around the graveyard…come to our house and enjoy the scariest night.

-This Halloween night is going to be so terrible that your heart will come out through your mouth, and the devil will enjoy your saucy little heart.

-Scariest is the most beautiful… do come to our graves.

-Beware of the darkness… monster is waiting for your flesh.

-Pumpkin monster is eager to smash your head. Do come to our house this evening. Enjoy the spookiest party and devil’s special menu.

Halloween Quotes For Instagram

“Trick or treat, Instagram fam! Let the haunting begin!”

“Double, double, toil and trouble; post something spooky on the double!”

“Witch-ing you a spook-tacular Halloween!”

“Creeping it real this Halloween!”

“Something wicked this way comes… to your feed!”

“Ghouls just wanna have fun! Happy Halloween, everyone!”

“Don’t be a scaredy-cat, join the Halloween fun!”

“Spells, chills, and thrills – it’s Halloween time!”

“Boo-tiful night for some haunting adventures!”

“It’s October 31st – time to embrace the darkness!”

“Halloween is all about the candy and costumes!”

“Let’s pumpkin spice things up!”

“On this eerie night, beware of the things that go bump in the night!”

“Grab your broomsticks and fly high on this bewitching night!”

“Happy Halloween, my ghoulish friends! Stay spooky!”

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, it’s time for Instagram Halloween fun!”

“Halloween is a state of mind, not just a day!”

“Squad ghouls! It’s time to embrace our spooky side!”

“May your Halloween be full of treats, not tricks!”

“I’m just here for the boo’s and treats!”

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