151+ Happy Summer Whatsapp Statuses And Messages

Summer brings loads of excitement for people with fascinating beauty and summer vacation opportunities, swims, and selfies. In fact, summers are fairly luring with bright, magical spells and light.

So, here we have come along with some refreshing hot summer words for you to share in WhatsApp status with your friends and family.

Unique Whatsapp Status for Summer

Summer is here. No class, No exam, and No rising up quickly! Yes!

This summer, nothing can hold me back from diving into my pool. 

You know, the bigger the summer will be, the more stimulating the fall will be. 

I desire to spend my entire summer vacation with the people who mean most to me – my best friends!

With the falling summer, our childhood is also falling. 

When people are happy, they don’t care if it’s summer or winter. 

Some of the best flipping-flopping memories I shape in summer. 

I dream of a summer that goes never fades away!

It’s summer, the time for me to get wandering outside and get some sunshine. 

My life shines through sunshine, waves through wild air, and swim through the sea drinking the shimmery rays. 

Hey, keep calm and enjoy the summer. 

In the depth of winter breeze, there is a ray of invincible summer lies that I found. 

August feels to me like the Sunday of summer!

I think the police should give the summer a speeding ticket.

My rejoiceful summer chases away the sorrow of yesterday.

My mother used to tell me not to look directly at the sight of the sun. Someone tell my mother, that’s where exactly the fun is!

Rain in the summer is like a tear from a happy soul. 

Forget the art rather than concentrate on ice cream and place it within your trust!

I wish the entire year to be like this always – always shining, always apart, always summer with ripe fruits to enjoy alone. 

My heart’s core content is the spirit of summertime! Bring it on!

We all should maintain warmth in our hearts like summer in the middle of winter.

Summer forever hums joyful melodies for itself!

The nights of summer feel like a thought of perfection. Always satisfying, always peaceful. 

It’s summer vacation, the perfect time to recharge and rejuvenate myself! Toddles!

Hey Sun! Trust me, you need to chill a bit! 

Dear sun, I love you to the Luna. Please come down!

Whatever we do to keep it, summer always flies always.

I wish this time the summer get pregnant so that we can enjoy a 9-month long vacation. LOL!

Summer is my forever state of mind!

When everything fails, summer vacation arrives. 

I must have freedom, sunshine, and a little wildflower to shine again. 

Best Summertime Status for Whatsapp 

The serene breeze with warm coast is enough to take me back to my childhood. 

Summertime is not when the weather is hot. Summertime is perfect when you have vacation and money on the port. 

Do you want to know why I love summer this much? Well, because this is the season that gets me through the freezing winter. 

The sun on the sand is drinking stream from my hand. 

Me (as a parent): I will pack my troubles up and send them off to the summer camp!

To me, a perfect summer is when the wind is blowing, the sun is glowing, the birds are chirping, and the lawnmower is broken.

Anyone, please take me away from my home. I need Vitamin SEA this summer!

I don’t have enough money for a summer vacation. I’m going to get drunk and hallucinate myself being on a coastal. 

I’m a summer girl. I love wearing my slippers, let down my hair during parties. I’ve got my girlfriends, now, who needs a boyfriend?

I think of the summer, during winter, autumn, spring, monsoon, every day, every moment. 

Hello, summer, come fast! I’m ready for you. 

I am so cool-spirited, but this summertime! Oh god, it makes me so hot!

I believe I can always earn money. So, I take summer vacations seriously and travel as many places as possible to make memories. 

Memories count – that’s what exactly I believe! Thus, I travel every vacation around the world. 

Please tell summer to stop being so hot! I’m so jealous, damn!

Every vacation, I create a new own story. 

This summer, I pledge to be so, so, so, super hot!

Summertime is the season when the mother earth spread her warmth towards its creatures. 

My school is waving me a sad goodbye this vacation. Dear school, don’t worry & be happy cause I won’t miss you at all. 

I find paradise in the summertime, lying down on the beach, perfect tans, peaceful night walks – perfect!

I love summer evenings the most as I can hear you buzz through the summer soundtrack. 

I wanna pledge to the authorities – please make summer vacations longer. I want some plentifully time to spend doing nothing. 

I wanna send you the season’s greeting with warm appreciation on this occasion of summer vacation. Happy holiday, dear!

Summer vacation is when you act single, drink double, and see everything triple!

When winter intensified, I learned there was a part of me lying secretly with an invulnerable summer.

For me, summer brings happy times with tropical sunshine. 

It is summertime, perfect days to visit Disneyland, have shots on the beach, and fun. 

Only the essence of the summer season can make me fall in love!

When the happy summer comes, I visit outdoor to find my besties with swimming pools with Orange earl iced tea.

Summer Sunshine Status for Whatsapp

If I smile and take a sip of coconut water instead of tequila with lime – It is summertime!

I feel God is kissing me with the warm sunshine. 

My summer vibes: Tan lines and good times. 

My entire life stands out in summer with a complete pack of fun at the beachside under the sun. 

Everyone should believe in going beach in summer like me. It truly rejuvenates you, guys!

Why my health insurance doesn’t covers my beach therapy? I mean, it is also essential nurturing for my health. 

I start off my summer days with sunny mornings, Green tea and mango splash, water fights, hot guys, party nights!

My summer starts with beach tan, summer fun, summer in and high school out.

Summer season is so romantic that I wanna dance in the shinning grass, letting my hair undone, wearing wildflower, with you!

Sun, sound, sand, sea, and friends – sound like a summer vacation to me.

Summer has filled my veins with sunlight and touched my heart with the meridian. 

I prefer being at home and enjoying my ice cream rather than go outside and waste a day. 

Ah, summer, what stamina you have! Only you can make humankind suffer like hell. 

Honest Opinion: Our life is like an ice-cream cone. We can only lick one day once at a time. 

I love waking up every summer morning. It feels fabulous how summer just wraps me up like a warm blanket. 

I love summer. During summertime, my hair feels soft; punches get aloof, breeze gets thinner, skin gets darker & moods become brighter. 

During summers, I dunno how, but my life gets better with loud music and longer nights. 

Why summer feels so mist, romantic, and exotic?

I can feel the fairy whiff of summer wafting with charm, spurring the blushing rose. 

I’m Miss Summer. I’ve come to lure you away from your mobile screen. Come dance with me, immersing your heart into my deep blue eyes. 

In every college, there is a love story that springs on the summer’s fresh green grass and dives into the deep dawn sea. 

A tree in summer is possibly the most remarkable wonder in nature. It’s a conceivable waiver of a moose warbling in spats. 

I love the warmth of summer as the sun shines and the wind softly blows here with green sod over. Happy summer!

Witty Summer Status for Whatsapp

The fun part of summer is, meanwhile, it’s perpetually summer some whither. 

If people say life is a journey, mark my word, my destination is the shore, nowhere else!

Hey, people, help me! The doctor said I promptly need Vitamin SEA, take me to the beach, hurry!

Summer means breaking the rules, ignoring your mind, and following heart, and do things that I couldn’t during winters. 

Tiny summer vacation is what I strive for the entire year!

Hey, Mr. Ocean, thanks buddy for making us feel humbled, diminutive, flavored, and inspired. 

They say the ocean is the reason that we have pungent taste in our life. Well, I think it is our sweat! :3

Let hundreds of summer come along – I will never get tired of this season. 

Summer is the time when my laziness finds its virtue. 

I say a number of things in summer that eventually I don’t mean in winter. 

Ice cream should be the official currency of love during the summer seasons. Is anyone listening to me?

A year without the summer feels like life without the meaning of Love. 

I feel such topsy-turvy during the summer season. Can anyone tell me what is happening to me?

You must move your hips and dance since the sun is reddening and the weather is mind-blowing.

Like the cloudburst in summer, my humor may scrub and calm the wind, earth, and you!

You know, I plan for my next summer vacation hard-core than the rest of my life tomorrow. 

Spring brings allergies, whereas winter brings the season of snow; autumn may fall, and summer comes with the worst!

I feel summer is delicious. Did I say I was picturing ice cream? 

Summer is the best! It brings the season of ice cream with uncountable choices of toppings! Yum!

Dear Sun, get a life, have some beer, relax and chill!

Can anybody show me the button to rewind the summer season?

Summer switch on my mood of irresponsibility.

I’m glad that I’m hot enough to compete with the sun’s hotness! 😉

Vacation is over already? No way! Again I have to remember those repugnant workdays. 

There is no such sunscreen that can give you the tan than sitting at the beach and diving in summer. 

Summer, summer, please come. I cannot wait for you any longer!

Summer vacation means 60 days of me getting bored! Gosh!

Poetic Summer Status for Whatsapp

Breathe the ocean, sense the sky, empower your heart and spirits to fly.

When in life everything fails, summer vacation comes to us to save. 

The summer infinitely shines in our hearts when the frozen breeze of winter comes and touches us. 

Oh, summer! You bring the light in the night that rests on sapphire sovereignty and makes our life bright. 

With the summer sadly going, there is a love story that it left unending behind. 

My tears in summer drop like an unhappy soul. 

I’m floating into a summer nap beneath the tropical shade of July, surrounded by distant thunder and drowsy-warm dreams of cicadae lullaby.

Summer comes and flies away. Do what your heart wants.

Summer brings unconditional love to the heart of a farmer who harvests soulful flowers. 

Summer brings lazy days packed with splish splash squoosh with sunlight, Popsicle, and ice cream with hard-core chuckles and smiles.

Let me drink the exoticism of the ocean and swim in the sunbeams. 

Summer means having fun witnessing the hot tropical sun. 

Meadow was shining diving in the sunlight, the month of June vibrated like a newborn butterfly!

I am bathing in the summer’s heat. 

Summer brings happy moods, fishing seasons, swimming, campfires, and passionate summer nights. 

Hey you, yes you! Your voice sounds in my ear like the soundtrack of the summer. 

During summers, life feels better with slippers.

Winter gone. Summer loading…

With the shimmery sun and sand, the most awaited season has begun. 

My vacations always end with great memories. Well, I am fortunate enough. 

Arise me up when the Season flowers.

Happy Summer Whatsapp Statuses And Messages

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