243+ Hawaiian Phrases, Proverbs & Sayings From Mahalo to Aloha! (Images)

Hawaiian Phrases, often referred to as “Olelo No’eau” in the native language, are a cherished aspect of Hawaiian culture that encapsulates the spirit and wisdom of the islands.

These profound and poetic expressions reflect the deep connection Hawaiians have with their natural surroundings, their ancestors, and their unique way of life.

Rooted in a rich history of oral traditions, these sayings convey the essence of aloha, a word that embodies love, compassion, and harmony.

In this exploration of Hawaiian Phrases, we will delve into the heartwarming wisdom and cultural significance of these phrases that continue to resonate with both locals and visitors alike.

Hawaiian sayings

-Adore everyone you notice, including yourself.

-I wish our affection lasts forever.

-I offer my fondness to you; you offer your fondness to me.

-Distance is avoided by affection.

-Fondness offers life within.

-Fondness is like a purification dew.

-Happiness is in the voice of affection.

-Allow us to fall in love all over again.

-To respect.

-Be delighted.

-Try to attain the greatest.

-Unraveled by the water are the fronts of the blossoms.

-There is existence in a gracious reply.

-No sympathetic action has ever lacked its prize.

-No mountain is so high it cannot be climbed.

-It is normal for individuals to act affectionately.

-A gentle individual steps cautiously so as not to harm others.

-Make every condition, place, and person better than you gave up.

-The past of Hawaii is possibly noticed as a tale of arrivals.

-The beautiful line of islands that lies attached to any ocean.

-Hawaii is heaven-born of flame.

-I think Hawaii is the most valuable gem on the planet.

-A kid acts like those who raised him.

-A short line is used by a fisherman of the shallow sea; a fisherman of the deep sea uses a long line.

-A full cruise assisted him in reaching.

-A decent surfer will not get greasy.

-A soul as large as a bungalow.

-I’ll treat is like a Creator that destroys his boss.

-All information is not educated in one academy.

Great Hawaiian sayings

-All energy earns from within.

-A specialist is identified by the altar he creates.

-Have patience. Avoid giving up too easily.

-Be appreciative of what you possess.

-Continue to perform well, and happiness will surely come down to you.

-Rushing of the tides in different ways.

-Never permit crimes to get beyond trickling.

-Never fear task; fear inactivity.

-Usefulness is the measure of certainty.

-Stability flows where awareness goes.

-In the native tongue, there is existence; in the native tongue, there is expiration.

-In giving efforts, one gains knowledge.

-Enviousness belongs to the unpleasant.

-Pleasure is in the voice of fondness.

-Understand the difference between little currents and big currents.

-Proficiency is earned in many academies.

-Existence is in language; expiration is in language.

-Little job, little profit.

-Live your existence while the sun is still glowing.

-Fondness is worn like a bouquet through the winters and the summers.

-Adore one another.

-No breadfruit can be surpassed when the choice stick is too small.

-No canoe is courageous on a rainy day.

-No action lacks compensation.

-No one is harmed by committing the good thing.

-No job is too big when accomplished together by all.

-Not a single youngster of Kohala departs empty-handed.

-Now is the time of energy.

-Examine with the eyes. Hear with the ears. Do not open your mouth.

-One spokesperson is enough.

-Settle in your drop of the paddle.

-Rains often follow the woodland.

-A person who talks about inferiors doesn’t have them.

-Attempt to attain the greatest.

-The uncomfortable individual always smashes the board in driving on the surf.

-The probability is in the past.

-The quality of the taro is reckoned by the fresh plant it generates.

-The incredible night that gives, the incredible day that ruins.

-The development of affection is the essence of the heart.

-The land is supreme; man is its assistant.

-The spots of the leopard can not be changed.

-The existence of the land is immortalized in morality.

-The reward goes to the sharp one.

-The blue is very steady. All are relaxed.

-The puzzles within me are noticed through Aloha.

-The location first, and then the house.

-The superiority of the Kingdom is immortalized by righteousness.

-The eyes of heaven are stars.

-The beliefs of the land are protected by the youngster.

-The planet is what you believe it is.

-There are no barriers 

-There is existence in a peaceful breath of wind.

-Life exists in the rain.

-Small is the flower, yet it smells the fields around it.

-Behave toward an individual who comes in tenderness with tenderness.

-Associate to go forward.

-Step softly along the road and avoid touching anything; avoid looking in areas you shouldn’t, or else the Creator will be made.

-See, and you will understand the process of doing it.

-Watch your effort, and never allow things you can notice to lead you into a problem.

-See, observe. Assist others and receive assistance. That is the household way.

-When fondness is conveyed, fondness should be returned. Bitterness gives no existence.

-You are a leader because of your individuals.

Hawaiian Proverbs

The land is a chief; man is its servant.

All knowledge is not taught in the same school.

Turn the hands upwards to the knowledgeable ones.

In speech is life; in speech is death.

Strive for the summit.

A canoe is an island; an island is a canoe.

Strive for excellence.

Love of the land.

Food and water are shared together with love.

In language there is life, in language there is death.

When there is peace, the albatross lands.

Work on the heart first, then on the house.

Care for the land.

The Hawaiian language shall live.

Taro plants thrive in the bitter waters.

Rubbish that satisfies one’s desires.

Go to the source.

A fertile land.

Here I am, here you are (we are here together).

Hawaiian Words and Phrases

Aloha – A common greeting meaning hello, goodbye, and love.

Mahalo – Thank you.

Ohana – Family, including extended family and close friends.

Pau hana – Finished work, the end of the workday.

Hana hou – Encore or one more time.

Moana – Ocean or sea.

Makai – Towards the ocean or sea (used in giving directions).

Mauka – Towards the mountain (used in giving directions).

Lanai – A porch or balcony.

Lei – A garland or necklace of flowers.

Hula – A traditional Hawaiian dance.

Kaukau – Food or to eat.

Pupu – Appetizers or snacks.

Ono – Delicious.

Mahi-mahi – A type of fish, also known as dolphinfish.

Pono – Righteousness, balance, or harmony.

Mano – Shark.

Kapu – Sacred or forbidden.

Hau’oli – Happy or joyful.

Nani – Beautiful.

Kamehameha Day Quotes

“May the energy within you be as powerful as a Kamehameha wave.” – Mystic Sage

“On this Kamehameha Day, unleash your inner strength and conquer any challenge that comes your way.” – Spirit Warrior

“Just like the Kamehameha, let your spirit surge with power and break through any barriers in your life.” – Zen Master

“Harness the energy of the Kamehameha to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.” – Celestial Sage

“As the Kamehameha wave breaks through, let your determination break through all limitations.” – Eternal Seeker

“On Kamehameha Day, may your spirit soar high, just like the energy unleashed in battle.” – Infinite Warrior

“Channel the essence of the Kamehameha to manifest your inner strength and resilience.” – Martial Arts Guru

“Like a warrior charging a Kamehameha, charge into life with courage and determination.” – Master of Chi

“Let the Kamehameha Day remind you to tap into your hidden potential and unleash it upon the world.” – Enlightened Soul

“May your spirit be as unyielding as a Kamehameha wave, crashing through challenges with unstoppable force.” – Harmony Master

“Harness the power within, like a warrior summoning a Kamehameha, and create your path to victory.” – Mindful Mentor

“On Kamehameha Day, may your inner energy be as boundless as the strength of the legendary warriors.” – Ki Channeler

“As the Kamehameha surges, let your determination surge, breaking through all barriers in your journey.” – Flowing Spirit

“Channel the spirit of the Kamehameha to manifest your true power and illuminate the world around you.” – Balance Keeper

“Just as a Kamehameha wave overcomes all resistance, let your spirit overcome every obstacle in life.” – Energy Sage

“On this special day, may the force of the Kamehameha inspire you to conquer your fears and challenges.” – Warrior Poet

“Unleash the Kamehameha within, and let your energy radiate like a beacon of strength and resilience.” – Soulful Sage

“May Kamehameha Day be a reminder to tap into your inner power and face life’s battles with unwavering courage.” – Zen Warrior

“Just as the Kamehameha wave leaves an impact, let your actions leave a lasting mark on the world.” – Enlightened Being

“On this Kamehameha Day, let your spirit roar with the intensity of a warrior unleashing their ultimate technique.” – Universal Master

“Embrace the energy of the Kamehameha and let it fuel your journey towards self-discovery and growth.” – Zen Guardian

“Like a skilled warrior commanding a Kamehameha, command your destiny with focus and determination.” – Martial Arts Visionary

“On Kamehameha Day, may your inner strength be as unyielding as the legendary warriors who wield this powerful technique.” – Champion Spirit

“Let the spirit of the Kamehameha guide you, as you harness your inner strength and face the challenges of life.” – Mindful Master

“May your spirit be as relentless as a Kamehameha, breaking through the barriers that hold you back.” – Spiritual Warrior

“As the Kamehameha unleashes raw power, may you unleash your true potential and create a life of purpose.” – Ki Master

“On Kamehameha Day, let the energy of the legendary technique inspire you to be the hero of your own story.” – Soulful Sage

“Channel the energy of the Kamehameha to create waves of positive change in your life and the lives of others.” – Harmony Seeker

“Just as the Kamehameha is a culmination of power, let your actions be a culmination of your inner strength and wisdom.” – Eternal Warrior

“May your spirit be as indomitable as a Kamehameha wave, crashing through challenges and paving the way for victory.” – Zen Philosopher

Hawaiian Sayings About Life

“E aloha kekahi i kekahi.” – Love one another.

“I ka wa mamua, ka wa mahope.” – The future is in the past.

“Pupukahi i holomua.” – Unite to move forward.

“E hana me ka ha’aheo.” – Work with pride.

“Eia ka lā, eia ka lau.” – Here is the leaf, here is the day.

“Mālama pono.” – Take care and do what’s right.

“Ua ola loko i ke aloha.” – Love gives life within.

“He ali’i ka ‘āina, he kauwā ke kanaka.” – The land is chief, man is its servant.

“A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale.” – Dare to dance, leave shame at home.

“Nāna iā Hawai’i.” – Look to Hawai’i (cherish what you have).

“Holo i ka ua.” – Run in the rain (embrace life’s challenges).

“I ‘ole ka pilina mai, ho’okahi ka ‘olelo.” – Without relationship, there is no communication.

“Hana ka lima iā ho’okahi.” – Work together as one hand.

“A’ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka hālau ho’okahi.” – All knowledge is not taught in one school.

“Nānā ka maka; ho’olohe ka pepeiao; pa’a ka waha.” – Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; shut the mouth.

“He ‘olu, he loa’a ka malu.” – Be patient, and you will find shelter.

“Ua ho’i ka ‘āina i ka pono.” – The land has returned to righteousness.

“E ola mau ka ‘ōlelo Hawai’i.” – May the Hawaiian language live on forever.

“Ku’u home o Kahalu’u.” – My beloved home of Kahalu’u.

“He mea ma’alala, ke kanaka o ke kai.” – Remembered is the person of the sea (one who is skilled and experienced).

Funny Hawaiian Sayings

“Aloha nui loa (Love you very much)… but not enough to share my shave ice!”

“E hana pūpu‘u (working together) – unless it’s a potluck, then I’ll just bring napkins.”

“In Hawai‘i, we say ‘No worries,’ but we still stress about traffic on the H-1.”

“I’m on Hawaiian time, which means I’m always fashionably late.”

“Why did the Hawaiian chef go broke? Because he lost his spam account!”

“Da grindz stay broke da mouth!” (The food is so delicious it breaks your mouth!)

“Hula is the art of making your hips tell lies about your age.”

“When it rains in Hawai‘i, we call it liquid sunshine.”

“Why did the coconut go to the luau? It wanted to get shredded.”

“Island life: Where ‘Don’t rush, be happy’ is the official motto.”

“Life’s a beach, and I’m just playing in the sand.”

“We don’t tan; we rust.”

“My grass skirt isn’t short; I’m just long-legged.”

“I don’t need therapy; I just need the ocean.”

“My aloha shirt is my superhero cape.”

“I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.”

“Why did the gecko apply for a job at the hotel? He wanted to be a bellhopu‘a.”

“I don’t always surf, but when I do, I surf the web.”

“The only time I run is when the poke bowl is ready.”

“Living in Hawai‘i means never having to say, ‘I’m cold.'”

Hawaiian Phrases About Love

Aloha ʻia ʻoe – You are loved.

Ke aloha nui – Much love.

Nā puʻuwai aloha – Hearts of love.

Kuʻuipo – Sweetheart.

Aloha au iaʻoe – I love you.

Hānau ʻia ka haku aloha – Love is born.

He lei aloha nō kaʻu – You are a beloved lei.

Pūʻuwai aloha – Loving heart.

ʻO ka mea nani ʻoe – You are beautiful.

Hoʻi hou ke aloha – Love returns.

Pupu aloha – Love letters.

ʻO ka haliʻa aloha – The fond memory of love.

Nā puʻuwai kāhiko – Ancient hearts.

ʻAʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia – No task is too big when done together (a saying about love).

Lei hoʻoheno – Cherished lei.

Kāna hou i ke aloha – Renewed in love.

ʻIke ʻia ka punahele – Recognize the beloved.

Ua ʻike nō iā ʻoe ka haliʻa aloha – The memory of love is known to you.

He lei mīkini – A machine-made lei (a playful way to say someone is your perfect match).

Ka ikaika o ke aloha – The strength of love.

Hawaiian Sayings About Family

“Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.”

“A beloved child is the heart and soul of the family.”

“Love is in the family.”

“Family is there in times of need.”

“United as one, like the branches of a tree.”

“Family welcomes you with open arms.”

“The family of love calls.”

“Family is life anew.”

“The family is the gem of the home.”

“Your family surrounds and supports you.”

“The family cherishes the language.”

“Your love is endless.”

“Look to the roots of the family.”

“Family is the foundation of life.”

“Love and laughter make a family.”

“In the embrace of family, we find strength.”

“A loving family is a treasure.”

“Family is where the heart finds its home.”

“Ohana is a bond that can’t be broken.”

“Cherish your family, for they are your greatest gift.”

“In the family circle, we find our greatest joy.”

“Ohana is not just blood; it’s the people who love you.”

“Through thick and thin, family stands by your side.”

Hawaiian Sayings About Love

“I love you.”

“Love begets love.”

“Keep honoring one another.”

“Let your love be shown in your deeds.”

“Love is a lei that adorns the heart.”

“Love accompanies the traveler.”

“Love brings joy to the heart.”

“Love knows no bounds.”

“Love is a precious treasure.”

“Love is the key to happiness.”

“Love is like a gentle breeze.”

“Love is the essence of life.”

“Love is the greatest gift.”

“Love is the light of the soul.”

“Love makes the world go round.”

“Love warms the coldest of hearts.”

“The heart knows where it belongs.”

“True love lasts forever.”

“With love, all things are possible.”

“You are the love of my life.”

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