Should Healthy People Donate Blood Regularly ? – Speech (500 Words)

Blood is an essential part of every human body. Today in this world more than 58 percent of people require a certain amount of blood transfusions or emergencies. Cancer patients require to have frequent blood transfusions throughout the treatment sessions.

Similarly, accident rates are also high requiring the immediate need for blood for patients who faced heavy blood loss. Blood is not a thing that cannot be artificially created to help their lives, so they have to depend on all those healthy donors who donate. 

A donation made by a single person could help at least three lives. So, it is important to support and spread around the words for motivating others to donate blood once in a while. There is no harm in donating blood once or twice a year if you are a healthy person, by doing so only has more benefits. Every time only healthy candidates are allowed to donate blood after undergoing certain tests to assure if they are fit to donate. Here are some points that put down why donating blood could make you more healthy and be beneficial;

A chance to look over your health conditions. As I mentioned above, a donor before donation has to undergo a few tests to get confirmation over their health condition like body temperature, hemoglobin level, blood pressure, pulse, and many more. Occasional blood check-ups might shed some light on our health issue before it might be too late. 

Lower risks for heart attacks. Studies show that more than 80 percent of heart attack risks could be reduced by donating blood once or twice a year. If the level of iron in our blood increases it could tighten up the blood vessels causing chances of heart attacks to occur. So, donating blood helps to reduce that level. 

Reduces harmful iron storage and cancer risks. A disease named Hemochromatosis, which is often called out a genetic issue is mainly appearing due to the higher level of iron in the blood. Donating reduces the excess iron stores lowers the risk of this disease as well as heart attacks, and liver diseases, and infections.

We often see cancer patients undergo a large number of blood transfusions at the earlier stages, it is said that the chances of curing are more. At the same time for donors, this could reduce the risk for cancer, as it allows the body to supply new blood and iron bodies. 

Helps well with our emotional and physical state. The biggest benefit is the psychological change we obtain by donating blood regularly. A self-happiness that we are saving someone’s life somewhere is always wonderful. It also reduces stress levels, improves our positive thinking, emotional well-being, reduces depression, and also helps us socialize well with many people. Volunteering for this beautiful cause brings a sense of joy and motivates us to stay active and work to make such camps reach a larger crowd. 

Finally, keep yourself healthy and others healthy with a few drops of blood you donate.

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