A Speech on Homeschooling Produces Better Results than Public Schools

Globally, homeschooling has been restricted or banned from many countries. In the US today, about 2 million children are homeschooled; with an annual increase of 5 – 20 percent. Like every matter, homeschooling also has it’s benefits and disadvantages; still it has proven to be the best way to learn and score well. Studies show over 20 thousand children scored well with higher marks for school and SAT tests by just homeschooling right from a very young age.

Learning is not meant just to score good marks in yearly examinations, it is the foundation to build better intelligence and demand to gain more knowledge; and homeschooling has overpowered the general education system with few advantages.

Learning at their own pace for faster progress with more emotional freedom. With a one-on-one tutoring technique, a homeschooler learns individualism in learning and will not be emotionally or intellectually dependent like the public schools. Thus removing a lot of stress that they might face in a normal classroom like – drugs, bullying, being excluded or all the other social pressures. It leads them to be more independent, boosted self-esteem, more happier and emotionally mature grown-ups.

No homeworks, but more practicals. A childhood without the homework pressure is the best of all dreams in a child’s life; it also helps reduce the struggle a parent goes through to complete impossible and lengthy homeworks. Here the children are more directly involved in the learning process; more practically performing in each of the new topics leads them to more experiments and discoveries. 

Social Isolation is a myth; also more time with family. There are a lot of opportunities for children to do extra activities with other kids. They make many friends during other fun classes like music, swimming or gymnastics, for example. It completely depends upon the parents whether to isolate or socialize them. Parents can decide the learning hours and when to take holidays. A perfectly planned educational break can also be a means of learning through parks or museum visits or even field trips. This could bring a perfect balance between leisure and learning. 

Children with special needs are served with special care. Sensitive way of teaching works well with kids who need more attention. Various kinds of behavioural and psychological disorders can be treated to a certain extent when homeschooled properly with care. For example, an ADHD child has to suffer all sorts of harm and obstacles, if he is not given proper attention and support. It requires more time and patience for the parent to try on various interesting techniques to get these children to love learning; it might even get messy most of the time. 

Although there are more benefits and disadvantages related to homeschooling, the above points would provide us enough information on how it helps a child and produce better results. Homeschooling can be sometimes stressful, but it’s also enriching; it’s not meant for every parent, but the ones who take a step and devote themself to their children would always gain better output.

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