A Speech on All You Want to Know About Engagement

“I am engaged”

 It finally happened and now you have an engagement ring in your hand and you are getting married. From the engagement to the wedding the time will become a roller coaster you like it or not. There are too many thoughts are going around and yet feeling so overwhelmed that barely can do anything. If you are newly engaged the 1st thing you want to do is to tell your family and friends about is. Because after that you are going to very busy. Dress shopping to venue hunting is all needs to be just perfect. So before all the thoughts completely block your mind by overwhelming it lets start checking the boxes of immediate dos.

 Let’s call the family and friends 1st. unless you are planning to eloping or keeping it a secret for a while. You definitely don’t want them to find your new status on social media. So give them a call and celebrate the news with them. 

“Is that a ring on your hand?” is going to be the most common question for three to four weeks now. Your hand is going to be central of attraction so get your nails done. You can get a manicure if you want or if you are not a fan of manicure then make sure your hands and nails are clean. 

Crossing the bridge from Ms. to Mrs. And not informing the social media is not going to happen. Why not posting a ring selfie to tell the world that it’s official. And if you have picture from the proposal then what to think? 

Celebration is not all about virtual right? Let’s gather few family and friends and go for a dinner. An engagement totally worth a toast. After that don’t forget to get your ring insured. Yes I understand this doesn’t make any sense in this whole romantic situation but this can help in your savings in the long run. And if your ring doesn’t fit you go get it sized as early as possible. 

No, still not right time to plan the wedding. Let’s celebrate the engagement for two to three weeks after that you will get twelve or more months to plan everything. In this moment all you need to do is to plan a date as all venues get booked in advance. Think about the conflicts as well. 

Have a venue in your mind then after fixing a date book the place as soon as possible. And if still not sure about the venue. Do some research over the internet. Before booking a place make sure to think about the size and the budget of the wedding. You don’t want to spend the whole money on the venue only. Sort out your bridal party and gather inspiration from online about the decoration. After deciding all this meet the planner or vendor earliest.

 After all that it’s time to go for some shopping. Every girl has their special dress in their head already so all we need to do now finding that.

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