A Speech on Laughter Is the Best Medicine

I am very today to be able to have the chance of discussing with you about the topic “Laughter is the best medicine”.

 ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is a very well-known proverb which means that laughter is the best process and medicine to get cured emotionally as well as physically. It is a natural health tonic to recover faster than other medicines. Laughter yoga is a mind-body exercise, which is always mentioned as a reliable therapy for depression, stress, anxiety and other numerous mental problems.

The ability to laugh happily is the best resource to overcome most of your problems which you have to face in your entire life. A good laugh always helps in reducing the stress and physical tension. It improves the condition of your body and the function of the blood and also increases the flow of blood in your body while maintaining your healthy condition throughout your life. This will help in protecting the good condition of the heart and many other diseases. Laughter also helps in increasing the energy level of your body that would keep you charged throughout the day.

 Humor helps in building the positive and confident attitude towards many different situations in our life and also helps in decreasing negativity. Negative attitude shall have negative effect on a person’s life and health while the positive attitude will affect one’s life in a positive way. Positive attitude is also very important to stay focused properly and to develop positive relationships within the entire lifetime. Sharing joy and happiness will always increase your delight thus increasing the good mental health.

There are many people in our world who benefit and recover from the laughing therapies. It replenishes and rejuvenates your mind and mood. It is the kind of exercise that improves our overall health of body and as well as the mind. It helps us flow of blood to our everybody parts and thus relaxing our muscles and prevent the release of stress hormones in our body.

Laughing exercises also helps the production and secretion of endorphins which makes you feel happy, relaxed and relieves the pain. It works as a wonder in reducing stress and depression. It boosts up your immunity and refreshed making you feel more energetic. It is also an activity that will help to develop your social health and connections with your surroundings.

Life is stressful these days but ignoring our health is not a good thing for ourselves. Therefore we must try to laugh as much as we can.

Like this a person should always continue to maintain his/ her positive attitude in life and keep laughing. You will spread joy and happiness everywhere as that is the one and only way you will feel joy from within. So stay happy all the time and spread happiness to everyone.

I give many thanks and good wishes to all of you for bearing with this speech of mine. Hope you all be in a good health as always. Laugh always and make people happy.

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