100+ Life Experience Status for WhatsApp That You Love

We all have sailed through the pleasant and unpleasant waters of life and our experiences have enriched our souls and evolved us for the better.

Our experiences define our present. If you are looking to express your life experiences in your WhatsApp statuses here is a list of WhatsApp statuses for you.

Life Experience Quotes For WhatsApp Status

-Life has vast terrains of happiness and sadness but that’s what gives me life experiences.

-I am drawn to challenges; they give me thrilling experiences for a lifetime

-My life experiences weren’t all pleasant but they made me a lionheart. 

-I love the fits life throws at me; those are parts of my life experiences.

-Time is giving me a hard time but this is a part of my life experience.

-I have grown so much, thanks to my life experience. 

-It’s beautiful to be deeply touched by the experiences of life. 

-There are a few people who give you the experiences of a lifetime.

-I don’t feel busy with anything, I am just here to experience life. 

-True shades of people have given me hardest of life experiences. 

-Just wish I could count my years by life experience that created an impact. 

-Loving my mother is a profound sensation and an experience of a lifetime. 

-Collecting my scattered self for experiencing life in a better way. 

-I have spent a lot of time in pursuit of love, that’s my life experience.

-Chocolate cupcakes are giving me the experiences of a lifetime.

-Life experience is the greatest source of knowledge.

-Life experience allows you to make good decisions and bad decisions make you experienced.

-What others see as a failure is a life experience that I needed.

-Life is only real when it is lived and experienced

-Your life experience should have stories to tell not things to show

– Everything seems unreal until you experience it in your life.

-Some life experiences will move you and some will live within you

– Life experiences irrespective of being good or bad is nothing short of a collectable

-Even misers put aside their life experiences as their savings

-Everyone should practise the art of learning from life experiences

-We all make mistakes and that is the most constant life experiences ever.

-We can’t deny that every life experiences makes us grow

-Hold onto change because with change comes new life experiences

-Every life experiences are there to turn you into who you are.

-Life has issues to resolve and lessons to learn and more experiences to enjoy.

-More than materialist temptations go for realistic life experience

-A mind shaped by Life experiences can’t go back to its old ways

-Thousand thorns of events come together and make one life experience

-The value of our life experiences lies not in seeing boldly but on seeing wisely.

-Maturity and a greater clarity of vision comes with life experiences

-Experiencing something in life is better than nothing

-By living and experiencing life, you get to reborn

-You can either die of excitement that life provides or let boredom kill you.

-Get lost completely in your mind and play the tape of your life experience

-We only live once but if you experience it like life is, then once is enough

-You can’t hold onto everything in life, so experience it.

Catchy WhatsApp statuses on Life experience

-I measure my life not by the tears I shed but by my life experiences.

-Your character is built strong with the experiences of your life.

-Our life experiences help us to understand our opportunities.

-My life experience says usually innocent faces are deceiving.

-When you meet your life courageously you have a lifetime experience.

-My life gave me incredible experiences to cherish.

-Be it good or bad but you will not stop experiencing life.

-Try to conquer your goals to experience life.

-Life is very complicated, experience the best of it.

-You gain lifetime experiences from your defeats.

-If our lives were predictable then we would not achieve any experience.

-Unless you experience life you will not attain anything in real.

-Never underestimate the power of the experiences you get in life.

-Your life experiences will be the best investment in your future.

-You achieve greatness through the experiences of your life.

-With your life experience you not only make income but also make an impact.

-Some of my life experiences are undeniably good.

-Life gives you the most helpful experience for your evolution.

-Focus on your life experience and you will have hundreds of paths opened.

-Every experience that life gives you helps you grow.

-Your life experience helps you turn your wounds into wisdom.

-The experience you get from life turns out to be your best teacher.

-Everything is temporary but your life experiences are permanent.

-To solve your greatest problems you need experience in life.

-It is not schools and colleges but a life experience that gives us the best lesson. 

-Don’t keep waiting, start experiencing your life.

-Learn to judge people from the experience you get in life.

-You are the richest man if you have plenty of life experience.

-Life looks pretty simple unless you experience some failures.

-I don’t regret my past it gave me a life experience to deal with my future.

-To be a good teacher you have to have some life experience.

First Time Experiences In Life Quotes

-First experiences are like command performance. You have to be at your best, even if you are not. – E.L. Konigsburg

-Your first step in making something happen is deciding what you want. – Unknown

-First impressions are the most lasting. – Proverb

-You never know what lies ahead of you on the road of life. It’s best to take the first step with an open mind and a smile on your face. – Unknown

-The first time you do something, you just do it. After that, you do it with knowledge. – Unknown

-The first time you take risks, you’re scared. The second time, you’re scared and excited. By the third time, you’re just excited. – Unknown

-The first time is always the hardest, but that’s what makes it an adventure. – Unknown

-The first time you fail, you learn something new. The second time, you become more determined. The third time, you succeed. – Unknown

-The first time you try something new, you might be scared, but it’s the first step to discovering your true potential. – Unknown

-The first time you’re rejected, it hurts. The second time, it hurts a little less. By the third time, you’re used to it and can take it in stride. – Unknown

-The first time you step out of your comfort zone, it’s scary, but it’s also the first step to personal growth. – Unknown

-The first time you experience true love, it’s like nothing else in the world. It’s the one thing that makes life worth living. – Unknown

-The first time you take a chance, it’s scary. But the more you take, the more you realize that you’re capable of achieving anything. – Unknown

-Life gives different experiences to all, value each of them.

-My unique life experiences are my biggest strength.

-The life experiences my parents shared with me helped me overcome failures.

-The best source of knowledge is your experience from your life

-Until you change your thinking life will keep giving you certain experiences.

-I learned from the experience of my life that people keep changing and that’s ok.

-There is no worse sorrow than life giving you a bitter experience.

– Sharing my life experiences with my students will help them in life.

-Your experience from life helps you let go of people.

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