A Speech on “Is It Better to Live Together Before Marriage or To Wait?

Moving in with your partner or cohabiting is never a bad choice; more than disadvantages it has always satisfied couples with more advantages that stop them from making the wrong choice or end up in divorce due to choosing a partner earlier without much knowledge. In my opinion, living together before marriage could be a good decision to maintain a healthy married life. 

Cohabiting at such an early age is a mistake, but in an appropriate age above 25 could be beneficial. It’s practically an age where both men and women focus on life seriously and take wise decisions for their future. More than 52 percent of the people follow and support cohabiting in the United States, and day by day it has been increasing. The most often disadvantage that involves what the family would say or the shame that one has to face in society has reduced rapidly and is still reducing nowadays. Here are few fun perks on why cohabitation is a better choice before marriage;

Gives a better understanding on what married life will be with your partner. Marriage is not just about the romance, it’s also about the hardships of life that both of them face in a day to day manner. You pretty much have a boring life daily, and with a partner, you get to be boring together and experience the fun behaviors and explore opinions and ideas and much more. You get an opportunity to cross the honeymoon period and see life with it’s seriousness and then tie the knot to a fine new beginning.  

Helps to find out if your living habits are compatible. Practice over the lifetime of living together under the same roof is always a major benefit. Helps to realize each other’s tolerance level as well as the peaks of getting upset in various situations caused due to the differences between each other. Helps to maintain or understand easier ways to adapt and balance each other’s behaviors, habits, and time schedules in an early manner.

Learns to share Responsibilities, Chores and keep track of spending habits. Married life is a huge responsibility that is a necessity which has to be followed or tried to adapt by both of them. Being strangers and not knowing much of each other could make it hard to blend in. Sharing household chores like cooking, laundry and cleaning or sharing other responsibilities like budget management, running errands and working together could be learned much faster and could be for a good new start after marriage. Handling money which includes saving, negotiating and spending for right things could be learned when spending more time together.
Acquire and insight on each other’s sexual desires. One of the important parts of married life. Through spending more moments together, both will end up sexually intimate everyday, if they like. Each would learn to respect and value each other’s sexual tastes and find a good balance in terms of the frequency for a good sexual life.

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