A Speech on How to Make a Marriage Work

Marriage is an important social institution. It is one of the most ancient, universal and indispensable part of society which has been in existence since the inception of human civilization.

Marriage is also designed to satisfy the biological needs, especially the sexual needs of the individual. As a social institution it enables two opposite sexes to live as husband and wife. It introduces men and women to family life and fixes certain obligations and duties in respect of children born of their union.

To make a marriage last longer we need to have a healthy relationship with our spouse. There are some proven essentials or characteristics that we need to follow to lead a healthy married life or to make a marriage work. You just need to make sure if you have all of these. They are – love and commitment for each other, sexual faithfulness, patience, forgiveness, honesty, trust, selflessness, good communication with each other, respect, freedom, responsibility, etc. These characteristics are very vital in a marriage. So you need to have these qualities in you if you want to make your marriage work.

Other than these qualities there are other factors that can help to make your marriage work. Such as –

i. Try and understand your partner’s needs:

With passing years one partner’s expectation from the other changes as well. The expectation of your partner in the first year of marriage would not be the same in the sixth year. Like instead of making breakfast, they might prefer you to make the bed or take care of your baby after you get up in the morning. These simple things can make or break a marriage.

ii. Your married life must be your top priority:

This attitude gives your partner a sense of importance and makes them understand that they have the right place in your heart. You will always be busy with some or the other work but putting other things aside and taking some time off just to talk to your partner or listen how their day went can help save your marriage.

iii. Keep your relationship fun with your partner:

People take marriage as an end goal. But unfortunately this is not at all the right thinking. Marriage is like an adventure which keeps on unfolding continuously. So it is very much necessary to keep things interesting between yourself and your partner and have fun. Small surprises always bring a smile. So, buying some flowers or chocolates may help keep the love alive between two of you.

iv. Always remember the reason why you got married:

With passing years some couples tend to forget the love they once had. These little things matter a lot. So try to remember those small yet significant things that made you fall in love with each other. Take out time to sit with your old pictures and rethink those times that you spent together.

v. Keep on giving compliments:

It feels really good to be appreciated by your own love. So if your spouse did something different for you, don’t forget to mention it and praise them for that.

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